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exercises that don't interfere with a catheter

After being inactive for so long I recently started walking in order to get some exercise. However, to avoid backache I have to hold in my tummy muscles and this causes pain from the catheter. Has anybody found exercises they can do without causing problems?



swimming, horseback riding, and yoga are three of the lowest impact exercises I've done throughout my life and nothing effected my 2 VP shunts.

I've had a programmable shunt for about 4 years, and I do fine with track, cross country, and marching band. Basketball is also pretty good.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I find running etc difficult due to having one leg slightly longer than the other, which did lead to me having a surface hip replacement 3 years ago. Financial constraints also rule out any 'paid for' activities at the moment. I will just try to keep up the walking and do some gentle exercises at home to strengthen my core muscles - but thanks anyway guys.
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