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Hemorrhoids are the swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus. Two of the most common types of hemorrhoids are external and internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are those that occur outside of the anal verge (the distal end of the anal canal). They are sometimes painful, and can be accompanied by swelling and irritation.

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Guys.....I am new here but I have been suffering with these hemorrhoids for about 1 month. NOTHING I tried has helped. Ice/heat/creams/you name it if it was OTC I have tried it.

Then I came here.....someone on the Anusol post mentioned it. I googled it and Amazon had it. ( I had never seen it sold locally) I bought it and it came yesterday and it was IMMEDIATE relief.

Now I know I sound like a walking advertisement....and I guess I am doing that.....cause if you guys are hurting anywhere close to as bad as I was.....you will love me for tellin you about it.

But I had never heard of it or seen it until I red that post on here.....and I am soooo very thankful that I did.

2 days now....no pain/itching. Now I don't know if they are shrinking any, but I sure feel MUCH better. It hurt me to walk yesterday at this time.




I got Nupercainal yesterday. I tried it yesterday and this morning I had pain like you wouldn't believe. I don't know if it is because of Nupercainal or because I was dehydrated even though I had more than 8 glasses of water, but if it works for you that's great. I wish I could find some relief.

I personally don't suffer from hemmorhoids, but I know close friends and relatives who do, I will have to mention Anusol as a way to get rid of hemmorhoids to them! This was a very interesting and informative post, thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear that it is offering you relief, and that there are many options available (even ones from around the world and online) that are easily accessible to people. This forum is very cool, and I like that it brings people together to improve lives. I love reading what people have to say, and I have learned a lot from the people on this site. Thank you to all those that have posted their experiences and recommendations, and continuing to make this a great site.
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