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Heart failure is a condition that can result from any structural or functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the heart to fill with or pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body. It is often undiagnosed due to a lack of a universally agreed definition and difficulties in diagnosis, particularly when the condition is considered "mild."

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CHF & MS Plus Cardiomyopathy

Hello to all . I'm new here. My name is Sylvia. I'd like to share my horrible experience and see if anyone else is going through what I have .
I got diagnosed last year around June 2011. They told me a unknown virus ate my left ventricle away and I needed a pace maker asap.
I got one put in on July 28 Th 2011. My incision site still hurts like all hell! CONSTANTLY!!!
I also have MS, was diagnosed about two years ago. Like that wasn't enough right ? lol , now heart disease.
I'm constantly tired !
my faction rate is at 15 % oh and BTW i'm 38 yrs old.
Obese and also bipolar.
God just gave me a good deck ahe? It's over whelming to think , I could die at any time.
I've cut out all salt and caffeine. I try to eat right , but i'm a emotional eater.... DAMN SUBWAY !
I have the horrible edema under control now with a med called Zaroxolyn and lasix combined.
I'm always scared that I'm going to die , even though I have a pace maker / defibrillator in me.
The thing is when they put the pace maker in, and tested the difubulater , it wouldn't work, it took them 15 trys to get it going.
i ALMOST DIED ... so how dependable it is now I have no clue.
so yeah...I can't exercise because I have no strength between the CHF and the MS...
I just don't know what to do anymore....
sorry for my ramblings , but that's what is going on with me , plus more , but that's just a list of meds I take to survive...
Any suggestions? advice? Any would be more than welcome !
Thanks for reading and God Bless !
Always Sylvia ~



Hi Sylvia
Welcome to the group.
You are not alone - sad to say.
I have cardiomyapathy - and was at 10 ef.
The heart gets re-shaped from the cardiomyapathy - not eaten away.
So you can re-shape it back over time - but it takes a lot of owrk.
You must cut the sodium more - go to fresh fruits and veggies. Always have some protien with them to adjust your system to them - and that will melt the fat away. - NO pasta, breads, or cereals. Extremely limited dairy, NO cheeses, and extremely limited processed sugars.
You can do it - I did it and I hate veggies and fruit.
I have severe sciatica, and stenosis of the spine.
I also had asthma, copd, emphysema, and bronchitis - I have knocked them mostly out now.
I also have cancer in my spine now.

I am only mentioning the other problems I have to show you that there are others fighting the battle with many other problemns too.

you need to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and do a lot of cardio
start very slowly every time and build up. You can do it. It is the way to fight this problem. I used to go and pass out some days. Other days I would go out to the car and sleep for a while after the work out.

passed out so many times in the first gym - i finally changed gyms - very embarrased.

get to it hun - it will make you feel so much better.

And always after the work out - go home and put legs up for a couple of hours to help the heart to catch up. That is a must.

hugs, ttfn, Raoul

hello You really need to exercise my friend..

I'm sorry I never replied . My MS has been acting up badly... so not really into anything.
I give u props Raulby! You've done what I need to do and keep putting off.
NO more procrastinating!
I will call the psychical therapy TODAY and get to exercising with it being safe and under medical control. for now.
I need to change so bad, have to change for my life. It;s so hard!
I have the no caffeine under control, I do the no salt with no problem.
Just need to lose weight badly!
Good food these days are very $ but IDK anymore... it;s my life in the balance...
Thanks so much for both ur advice !
If it wern't for the last relpy I woulsn't have seen this ...
so tyvm to cbhattarai!
I needed a kick in my ass ..lol
Always Silky ~

Hi Hun
Yes , the exercise is very important.
And you might benefit from going on the paleo diet. You can check it out by googling it as ,,,,recap paleo diet.

Hugs, Raoul

Make yourself a favor and next time in the dr. insist that he order a Vitamin D and Vitamin B1 and B12 values in your blood.

Ms and bipolar disorder as well as metabolic syndrome (obesity) can be related to deficiencies of them.

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