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Heart attack is a serious, sudden heart condition usually characterized by varying degrees of chest pain or discomfort, weakness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and arrhythmias, sometimes causing loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death and scarring of the local heart tissue.

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when should you worry about Heart Rate?

I been taking my blood pressure and with it comes along Heart rate with the monitor we purchase last month.

Since lately I have been having worsening Angnia I decided to check daily my blood pressure.

I found that I am having a little higher blood pressure and my heart rate to be maybe on the low side.

for instantces: 156/86 60 heart rate
156/97 64 heart rate
130/91 59 heart rate
138/97 55 heart rate
117/88 55 heart rate
128/95 61 heart rate
these are done daily last week.......
I do take BYSTOLIC blood pressure pills 5mg
I do take Crestor 40 mg
I do take my advair 250/50
I do take asprin daily
mostly I do have pain pills and probably forgetting something else I take.

I have chest pains almost daily and they are lasting most of the day into the night and stop and then come back some time last week they gotten worse.

NO I don't have a cardo any more....I have to find one and My PCP is not seeing me over a stupid thing or at least their front desk people aren't giving me apts.....long story....short is my husband doctor was in same office, left a couple of months ago and the same office is being mean to my husband doctor according to my husband doctor telling his story about what happen to the med's the Wal greens didn't fill...
OK yesterday I try to get apt and was given one until the gilr found out my name then said I coudln't have apt.

so I guess the doctor is dropping me???? who knows something we must of said to my husband doctor....about the office.....
one of the girls came over to the new office must of said something is all I can tell.

so I guess I need to find another new doctor.....right.

so why am I asking all of you........because you are smarter then the adverage bear....me being the bear....not sure what to do
lame I know.

ok angnia will go away for me with my NITRO pills.

Thanks and sorry for long post......just need some advice





I do not know what pain pills you are speaking about but many of them can elevate your BP.


Ruth----I have trouble keeping my heart rate below 100. Any exertion causes it to go up to 140-150. YIKES!! While my heart rate goes up, my oxygen saturation goes down too low; then my blood pressure is too high. I do believe that normal resting pulse should be around 80; but this can vary. If you are in very good physical condition, it is easy to have a "resting" heart rate in the 50-60 area.
Next time you get into any doctor, ask about a heart rate of 60. That is low if you are very fit and just resting.

Hello Sally,
What happens when you are excerising? like walking around? I hope your are ok.

I hear ya with the oxygen level changing with your heart rate, blood pressure. Same here.
I notice this yesterday first time I never put it together.

Me well I need to loose weight!!! It's hard now with my illness. I walk up n down the stairs that is about my excerising now days..

Thank you for answering my post.

IHow are you doing I hope still good at your new place
still liking it a lot ?

thank you again for writing to me.


Hello Jesus ,

thank you for answering my question.

I take not everyday only when I need it for pain...I could take it everyday if I have that much pain....beleive me3 I do have those days.

Makes since what you told me about effecting my BP.....just didn't think about it until you said.....
OK what I have is Hydrocondone/ 7.5mg/325mg
I try not to take it as little as possible.

When I was ion the hospital last year with my last angogram I had low heart rate it sent off bells and bought the nurses to my room....I look at them and wonder what is happening? they were I guess expecting something else then me sitting up in bed?

How are you doing lately Jesus? What you been doing lately?
I am happy to see you too.


Hi Bee,
Why don't you call some MD offices in your area and ask if they are taking new Medicare patients (I'm assuming you have Medicare). You should be able to find someone within a few phone calls. You don't have to tell them anything about your previous MD or why you are leaving. If they ask just tell them you are ready for a change in health care providers. I would be helpful to the new MD if you take a copy of your medical records from the your old MD. Also, I suggest you take all your medications with you on your initial visit.

As with most things, sometimes you just need a change. This may be your opportunity to make a change for the better.

Hugs and prayers,

Hey Pam

I was worried because of the fact this new Nuro doctor didn't tell me nothing about giving me these pills. I get a call from Wal greens.
med's ready. ??????
Then I ask what are they for? who which doctor? etc.
So I look them up and it says a lot of bad stuff it could happen.
Anyway I saw how it says...............don't take these pills if you are on Hydrocondon......well I take this pain pills......

So I go back to Wal green and ask if anyting I have is ok with the newest pills.....they said yse................well what they didnt' know is I found on line how it states NO to Wal Greens...about taking Hydrocondon.....
So I don't take they are both a type of pain med's. I am doing ok the way I am....

Thank you doctor for NOT TALKING TO ME FIRST!!!! And why don't they ever read the forms they make us fill out....if he did why didn't he talk to me about these pills before Rxing them for me????

Anyway............then I get this newest of messes and right in the middle of chest pains............am afaird to go for help thinking they will make fun of me....my PCP did last month.....making a comment about how long it was since I ran to the ER......stupid doctors.

anyway yes I am getting out the book and just pick a couple of doctors and I have to wait to get a hold of the medical insurance I have thru the state and approving first.
And then calling to get apt.

I can do this. I know I can. I was just wondering if I should of gone to the ER. I guess.....I was thinking ......stupid to think.

I try reading things about all these blood pressure stuff. didnt' help me. just made me wonder.

Well so I put it out there wish I didnt' bougher you guys....sorrry.

I know what to do. thank you pam for your advice.

I dont' want to be looking crazy at the doctor or er...so that is why I was using your group to see what to do.

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