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Heart attack is a serious, sudden heart condition usually characterized by varying degrees of chest pain or discomfort, weakness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and arrhythmias, sometimes causing loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death and scarring of the local heart tissue.

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Veins too small

How many probably would be women, that might of been told you have small veins?
I have that problem, when they did my stint back in 08, they could only go so far and they did stint LAD just below the y in the vein.

Since that time I have been experiencing many chest pains never knowing for sure if they are "real" well they are to me, the person experiencing such things.

What I found out thru my last Heart doctor was I probably and she knows since she has been inside my heart 3 different times...that I have the same small veins they have trouble always with trying to put in an IV that i have the same veins around my heart.

I been reading about this on line....found interesting things.....

In fact I also found which if you were a women might already know maybe? That they do treat us women diffently then men.

The articel I just read was from healthcentral....on cholesterol
in big bold letters what caught my eye was the words,
It was from http://www.healthcentral.com/cholesterol/news-265302-98_pf.html

It talk about Angiography identifies arterials blockages but not narrowing of the arteries, which in women is a common result of high cholesterol. you got to read on the full story.

If you like, of course.
sorry I am having computer problems and couldn't do the blue link so you could just click on it.


IF interest you I hope you search for this I have those type of problems with smaller size veins etc.

thank you all



Hi Bee,

Sorry to hear about your small veins. Hmm ,I did a little research a short while ago about the differences in women and men regarding the detection and onset of heart disease. What I found interestting was that women of premenopausal age had the arteries of an 18 year old athelete but during peri-menopause and full onset menopauase that these conditons change rapidly and catch up to where a male arteries have already shown cardiac distress for some time. Also the HRT that treats and thwarts menopausal type sypmtoms seem to put women at a greater risk of heart attack during these changes in life.

Whether these differences are significant in your discussion post, I cannot speak to intelligently becuase I have not studied enough to know the mechanisim which make the differences in male and female heart related issues different but so common at the same time.

Cassie speaks of narrow arteries but not of narrow veins in her cardiac conditions. I don't know if you were including all cardilvasular vessels in your post. But what I can attest to is, that my narrowing cardiovascular system has been gradual over a long period of time which is evidenced by my secondary collateral growth around my many occlusions. That women, seem to experience rapid onset of artherioslerosis occurring suddenly during and post menopause is scary in that the warning signs are sudden and many times may not be recognized as cardiac issues and can become often fatal. They could also be a blessing because a woman may know something is quite arwy sooner than men given the sudden onset of cardiac related symptoms. Men may get used to the gradual degradation of our circulatory systems, over time, by just merely slowing down to compensate for our systems demise over longer periods. Either way it still advocates better life style choices at an earlier age no matter what sex we may be.

Thanks Ruthie. Good thought provoking article. You sound real good today.

Love you,

Just Joe

I have 2 stents,one in the RCA and one in the LAD. I was told by the cardi. that I have a total blockage in a very small artery/vein that they were unable to stent. He made it sound like mine was not in a critical location but I am also proof that it does happen.

I think we don't here much about arterial veins is because our coronary arteries are terminating arteries: meaning they have a definitive path and then terminate. Our bodies other atrerial network find their way back to the vena cava through an osmosis like diffusion where O2 and othe vital nutrients supply our requirements. If you look at a simple diagram of the heart it shows a major arterial network that have specific paths to certain areas of the heart and then stop.

One never here's of stents in the heart's veins do we? I believe because the blood return through the venal network is so minute and intricate that even if one path is blocked, the blood will somehow finds its way back to the vean cava throught the pulmonary syten to be oxygenated again and then again repeat the cycle. So I was just confused as to the term narrow veins.

I do do know the venal system in the lungs is very extensive as that is where oxygenated blood is diffused through our bronchii and alveoli to allow these major vessels to allow the exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen and other expulsants. That is why we all here that Pulmonary embolisms are life threatening just as artherioschlerosis is life threatening to our coronary systems.

But I am learning everday from reading all these posts.

Best Regards,

Just Joe

Hi desertbee,

I found that article quite interesting. Thank you for sharing that. Hope you are doing well.


That article it is from 2006. Since that date, microvessel desease it is, I think well known. The reason that it is not detected in the angyogram is becase the problem it is not in the main arteries but in the small ones that run inside the muscle to irrigate the whole thickness of the miocardium.

Besides been associated with cholesterol, diabetis and metabolic sindrome are known to contribute to it.

There is a surgical treatment but, in many cases there is a very invalidating condition that produce allmost permanent anginas.

BTW, as Joe pointed out, there are no veins in the miocardium, the blood goes directly inside of the heart.



Thank you for the info. That was very helpful too. Even though the article was back in 2006, there was info on there that I did not even know about or think about. So I found it quite interesting. I learn something new everyday whether it is from articles or from responses.

Hope you are doing well.


yes true all you say here and i want to thank you all for all you contributed it was enlighting to me as well.

Yes but you see my doctors I have now don't know, don't think,,,,,which is better one....or don't care which is sad....
but little is told to me....it could be I'm not able to ask the right questions to get the correct answers.

So I have to do my own researching you see....and of course when I was told this by my other heart doctor it was actully another PA in her office I really saw....and it was a doctor on duty in the hospital at the time that gave this enlightment to me.

So whom ever or what ever is the blockage it is better to know why instead it's always in my mind.....

I do have chest pains lately I try not to tell anyone it's usless to do.

if they do think it is either arartery/veins I guess it is just that a guess ??

I see all to open eye that if I was a man they might not think so quickly that it is in my head...and might do more studies...I feel this strongly....
because I am not treated by any of the doctors I have seen....

Like my PCP said to me maybe going to 3 or 4 doctors for a one time visit maybe got me this? I don't know maybe they do think alike or act alike or trade information a like?
All I know I am treated like I am a leperd....

So I do what this other doctor I see who isn't doing nothing I mean nothing...no testing nothing....yes this is true....he doesn't think since it almost now 2.5 years ago my last ango and he goes by what one doctor said it was normal.....and doesn't look further then that report....it doesn't matter what I having going on
blood pressure up and down...they just gave me another pill.

now with my medicade ending in 3 days.....what do I do now?
I have my medicare card starting in June...but until then I have nothing...our state cuts us out because we don't have small under 18 children....because I got a raise of a few dollars.
this is true.

So I got a few extra pills from a few of my doctors to tie me over...
but I won't be able to afford to go to hospital at all.
Unless I pass out I told my husband don't even think of taking me.

Yeah right.....i am not as bad as most of you with your heart conditions....but I feel lost right now....
everyone in my family died of heart and stokes.....besides other deases too.
I have dieabetes mild....when I am put on pedinsone I then get shots for my diabetes...it makes it go out of control.

So what else...lets see I have written too much sorry it's too long

I give up for get it...

No Bee,

Don't give up. Instead, now this is just a suggestion, what can Bee do to improve her health situation. Attitude maybe, distraction in forms of meditation or other spiritual means? But Don't give up.

Frustratiing, absolutely. Sometime our frustrations come from not hearing what we want to here. Or we don't here that there is an easy fix so you can go on enjoying that fantastic Arizona Sunset.

I feel in your case there seems to be so much going on a one time that the doctor's are not sure how to treat you and you seem like a difficult case which is easier to placate than to dig in and work with you and your husband.

Yes it is obvious that you, well we all don't, have the medical backround to know what perfect mixture of tinctures will suffice in improvong your existence. The insurance situation, infuriates me. I think I would love to be a radical right wing lawyer who would at one point of his carreer see someone perish bcause his insurance wasn't adequate to save his life, even though right in the next room we had a machine that wasn't in use because it wasn't allowed to be used to save that person's life because he renedered only a partial premium on his insurance policy, or Aetna covered it but Blue Cross didn't. Boy I loved that movie "Ein Brocovich" what F***ing Balls and committment to a cause. Who will carry our banner?

Answers? Hmmm. Seems Europeans and Canadians don't seem to deal with the same issues, yet they have a greater instance of preventive medicine and proactive patient involved responsible care. I can't see this getting any better real soon. It would take Trillions of dollars to change our current susytem. Money we need to Blow up Iraq and N. Korea. F*** Em. Lets concentrate our energies at home for a change and make a damn difference. Man I wish I was 20 Years old again and had the drive and energy to rally here. It seems to me like we need to take a personal responsibility and make change happen.

If we just sit back and allow our big corporate entities to fight to keep healthcare premiums low which allows for this pick and choose sort of health care, then little will change.

I have never had a problem with getting proper health care. I demand it in a way which challenges their moral fiber and I play to their ego's (Major EGO's) to invoke their services. I research where they stuidied, why they chose thier field of expertise and then challenge them to prove to me tht they are worth the COST OF THOSE EDUCATIONS AND REPUTATIONS THAT THEY HAVE EARNED. This isn't a "pro bono" type gift. This is a knowledge based gift of life that they can afford us. They can allow us to live to fullfil God's purposes. Let science continue to advance but also have compassion on those in need who can't afford or can't obtain the proper level of care to have that "educational and professional reputation" earned and there self touted talents save us. And I speak of you Dear Bee.

My continued prayers to you in your quest and courage,

Just Joe

All I can say is thank you for your comments I understand how you feel, I thought of going down town and sitting in my scooter with a sign...but then I can't get my scooter out of the car by myself now...and I can't stand for long, so I am a mess.

I don't know what is really wrong with my body....I'm find but my body isn't.
I was several weeks back at the MDA clinic at Barrows Neur Hospital where they were testing my muscels....I had another EMG tests.
They put these pins into my legs and hands and my back....you know they stick them in because I saw where I bleed onto the sheet after wards.
I couldn't feel them putting these pins into me not at all....when they turn up the dial to shock my muscels....they didn't move.
When they tape the live wires on the skin not into the muscels like the other I do feel some of it and it hurts like hell being shock.
I just hate it.
But they don't under stand the doctor who was a Neuro doctor why I my body doesn't tell my muscels to move????
The other doctor came back in and wanted to see....she also couldn't believe that my body didn't kick in and move my muscels.

I haven't heard anything they were going to study this....like they never saw what I have before.....?????? is my thinking...when my body confused the hell out of the guy....I was glad it was over.
But true I can't feel being stuck or the elect. pluses being sent into my muscels....not at all.
I couldn't see so I don't know where they were all put....I had my husband holding me down when they shock me on the skin.

Well got me thinking maybe because our heart is a muscel it might be effected as well...they wouldn't go any higher with the shocks then my lower back.

I also saw and RA doctor on FRiday he had me do a mountain of blood work and as I was going over to the lab to get them done I try to read the lists of things being tested for and I try to look up the words on my cell phone....
Well it looks like he is looking for RA, but he is having several tests being done for Syogen's......
I never heard of that until I look up the name.
I do have dry mouth, and last year or the year before my eye doctor told me I had dry eyes....etc.
who knows it could be my med's causing it right.
I also learn that you might never find out if you have that diease because I guess it is hard it doesn't show until you have it at lease 6 years. great huh.

Well...........so just add these things to everything else then you can see how I am confuse and not sure about things..

I am not sure all the people telling the state I need long term insurance might of been also MDA as welll.....
That day they told me my right foot has drop as well....also the phy. threapist at the hospital when I fell down there thought it as well.
So Joe this is one of those things that they don't pay for....I purchase the left foot drop brace and it looks like I got to buy another one for my right foot now too.
I been to several doctors who said I had drop foot....

OK..........so I wonder and I did ask why dont' they just do a gene study on me...it might give them clues to what is wrong? maybe?

Well thanks again..........I love it when you told me you would protest for me....I am not alone here there are lots of us like me living here going thru simular problems with the states going bust....
I really do understand that.....but there is got to be someway to get us help?????
you would think.
Well the guy today from long term who does the financing part call and did it over the phone....he already had all my stuff about how much I get from the government....so that is what it is....and I don't get too much so I do quaified in that repect....they just have to have me sign some papers and still even though they have the stuff I still have to send proff once again anyway....now that is waste to me.
Oh well....I do anything almost anything....haha
Now all i have to go thru is someone coming out and they have to see I can't do things....
Well that isn't too far because I can't I am loosing more and more strength in my muscels and I fall down.
I also have these other issues as well....

Well I know this isn't anything to do with my heart or it might be?
until they stop studying me as a ginie pig at MDA....maybe they will tell me what or which one of their dieases I might not have lets hope ok.

So that is it..........
thank you so much for your support you Joe are a star in my book

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