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Heart attack is a serious, sudden heart condition usually characterized by varying degrees of chest pain or discomfort, weakness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and arrhythmias, sometimes causing loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death and scarring of the local heart tissue.

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Is anyone on a 5 or 10 mg dose of the above and experiencing a cough as a sideeffect? If so, how are you dealing with that? Or did your cardiologist suggest an alternative drug?



Hello Holden C,

Absolutely, dry cough is prevelent with Altace. I also am on a beta blocker Carvidolol which is especially annoying. I was on both lisinopril and carvidolol an ACE Inhibitor and Beta blocker, but had some renal issues and I was switched to the 10mg Altace (Rampiril) 2 / day As far as controlling BP they are incredible. Care should be taken to wean up to therapeudic doses and not to miss a dose coz the shock to the system is very symptomatic with extreme hypotension < 80 Sys and 40 Diastolic if resumed after just a couple days off of it. I speak to this from experience. I went and purchased a BP monitor manufactured by "Omron" at the local CVS. Cost < $90.00. I monitor regularly and record trends and saw incredible strides in BP control thaty recently I was given the go ahead to cut both Beta Blocker and Ace Inhibitor by 1 / 2. BP increased slightly but that is to be expected. I am still around 105 / 58 still. Good question Holden.

Best Regards,

Just Joe

Hi Holden,
After my heart attack, I was discharged from the hospital on ramipril (Altace). I was also on a beta blocker (metoprolol), a statin, plavix, and aspirin. After about 2 weeks, I developed the infamous Altace cough. After several days of the hacking dry cough, I called my cardio, and he said that my bp was low enough that I could d/c the Altace, especially since I would be continuing on metoprolol. After about 5 days, the cough subsided.

Holden, are you also on a beta blocker? I hope you can get some relief regarding your cough. I don't recall seeing you on here before, but I don't want to click on your profile again to see the date you started on DS, because I don't want to lose what I've written here. If new to DS, or to our heart attack support group, welcome.


Hmmm... Altace(Ramipril?) I am on 10 mg/ day, yup dry cough but not as bad as few months ago. Will we always be on this type of med?I read a little about it. Does not really seem too dangerous?


Hi Marv,

On this med forever? No not necessarily. Meds are a fair medical intervention until you stableize and actually improve your circulatory system. HDL increase LDL decrease. Cardio vascular improvements, smoke cessation, stress reduction, diet etc. These are all the things we can do to get us back to the "Apple a day Keeps the doctor away" sort of thing. It is differeent for everyone. Look at Sue, she was real aggressive with her turn-around and remains one of our banners children at coping and managing the correct way and has even been novel at times at her approach.
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