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Heart attack is a serious, sudden heart condition usually characterized by varying degrees of chest pain or discomfort, weakness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and arrhythmias, sometimes causing loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death and scarring of the local heart tissue.

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Advice needed...

My mother had a heart attack that was diagnosed a week later. She has very high blood pressure. They sent her home with medications she should have been taking for awhile.
We are making an appointment with the heart institute here in az, my question is, what should I ask the doctors, what tests should be done, what do we do in the mean time?

I'm a 33 year old single mom of two with autism that is currently suffering from depression and severe anxiety( this happened before her heart attack) I need to make a plan to save my mom, I need her to be ok, I want to do everything in my power to help my mom, thank you all, god bless....



I would ask how sever the heart attack was and how much damage was done. I would also ask what her Ejection Fraction (measures the function of the heart) is. They should do an echo cardiogram and a ultrasound of the heart. This group here on DS is the Best. They will help you with any questions and support that you need.
Rich the Elder

Thank you richie, I'm terrified beyond belief. My parents have been married for 50 plus years and if something happens to my mom my dad will not make it.

Hi just,
Rich's suggestions are spot on. Those tests will tell your mom how her heart is doing right now. Two other things to ask about are diet and exercise. The cardio will let her know what kind of exercise and how much to start out with. Also, they can help with a heart healthy diet. One other thing I would add is to ask about cardiac rehab. It did me and many others here at DS a lot of good.

Depression often comes on strong in the aftermath of a heart attack. Please be aware and make your mom aware of how common it is. This will help her and your family deal with it.

Post often and ask as many questions as you need. Encourage your mom to join, too.

Hugs and prayers,

Hello Justletmebe,

I am the spouse of a heart attack survivor so I am unable to give you information about the tests and what questions to ask. Others can and have given you excellent advice on the tests and questions.

I would suggest asking your mother what you can do to help. I would also suggest that, to the largest extent possible, that you join her by taking part in her exercise program and eating the same diet. This will help her feel as though she isn't alone. It will give you more of a perspective on what changes she is going through, it will give you more ways to share, and it will also be good for your health.

As others have mentioned, watch out for BAD (bitterness (anger), anxiety, depression) these seem to come along with a heart attack. Also, don't neglect yourself. You have also been through a trauma. If any of the BAD symptoms seem to come on and linger, talk to a physician and get some medication to help both you and your mother through the changes that you need to make.

The group on DS really helped me and my spouse Minor7th through some rough spots. This group really offers good advice and support. I am glad that you found the group and would encourage your mother to join also.

Keep posting so that we know how you are doing.


Thank you, I don't live with my mom so it might be hard for me to really influence her diet. I have been personally going thru a lot lately with anxiety depression my kids autism and then this happened.I'm worried my crisis put too much stress on her. I'm trying to stay strong with my problems in order to help my mom. This is the most trying time in my life and I don't think I can make it if something ever happens to her. I guess I just gotta take one step at a time. Thank you for being there.

Hi "justletmebe"

When I had my heart attacks they did all kinds of testing & procedures, each time it was the heart specialists that suggested which needed to be done. I am sure the doctors will lead you through the procedures. Sounds like they are working on helping your loving mother on the road to recovery. What a gift she has in you.

If I can give you any advice it would be "to ask questions" when you don't understand medical terms / diagnosis / treatment............"knowledge is power".

You have quite a plateful of challenges in your life, I pray you can find strength and calmness in your journey. God Bless and a great big HUG.

Well all great suggestions so far. Blood work is real important. CR-p NTproBNP, troponin. Cholesterol et. Echocardiogram,sonogram, 16 slice discection is new and very accurate. But attitiude depression and a faith in a higher power will see incredible results. Easy on the smoking, alcohol, eating a strict heart healthy diet and cardio rehab. The better she feels the better she will feel. Familiy support is key in the depression and helping her back to the new her. Convince her she id=s a heart attack survivor and not a victim. She made it. 1 in 2 don't. There's a special reason she did. So exciting to find out what that is.

Best Regards,

Just Joe

Hi justletmebe (cool name),

I hope you're Mom is having a very good recovery, and that you and she are getting the answers that will help you all move forward the best you can.

People gave you some great info about how you can help your Mom.

Now, about you . . . it does sound like you have your hands full with quite a bit of stress. I see your worry that that stress affected your Mom, leading to her heart attack. There are soooo many things that affect heart health, and I'm sure your Mom's heart attack, like those of the rest of us here, was caused by a variety of factors. If she was feeling stress about her worries for you, so be it. That's what families, and especially we Moms, do, isn't it? You can't feel guilty about it. I do encourage you to look into additional supports you may be able to get to help you with your stress level, whether counseling/therapy, support groups, help through the school system or your religious group, etc. You need to do everything you can to stay strong and well, so you can be there for your Mom and your whole family. Please keep us posted.

Hi justletmebe, (Sooo Coool)

High blood pressure is a symptom of other things occurring. There is really no solution because prediction and prevention have been lost and now she is in a reactive mode. You can control those symptoms with very effective medications. Ace inhibitors, Beta blockers and Calcium chanel blockers are really the drugs of choice. Taken as directed has an amazing effect on the heart. After a while she may even wean off of them like me as her heart recovers. Richie et al's advice is sound. I would addd an arteriogram in the loop. It is likely that she has CAD (Cardiac Artery Disease) and other atreries in her body are in a similar state. Looking at only the heart won't prevent a stroke so I would addd that to see how the rest of her is doing. They will look at all her main arterial network, Renal, hepatic, Carodid, Pulmonary and other critical blood pathways. Get to know her doctor and get her feeling like a survivor and take the wheel and partner with God and her recovery. It's contagious. Just ask all these fine people.

"Life is Contagious"

Be Well Dear,

Just me Joe

My prayers are with you.

I am a 60 year old little ole lady, and not weird.

Is it OK to say? I viewed your pic, and you are very beutiful, not what you wanted to hear at this time, I know. May I ask what nationality you are?

Just being social. My prayers are with you for your mom, and kids. Dealing with children with autisium has to be taking a toll on you, and now your mom. Anxiety and depression have been my entire life.

Hope all is well with you, and God Bless!
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