Hearing Loss & Deafness Support Group

While some cases of hearing loss are reversible with medical treatment, many are permanent, and how severely hearing is compromised not a uniform. In some cases the hearing loss is only mild and and individuals may not even be aware they are affected. In other cases the degree of deafness is profound. This group is for those coping with hearing loss: join to find support and get advice from others.

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  • NinaK

    8% hearing left....

    Hi,I'm new here......I've been deaf in my right ear all my life, due to a dead nerve.....15 years ago, started to slowly lose my hearing in my left 'good' ear......after that, I developed Auditory neuropathy.....I've been doing fine, up until a few months ago, when I realized my hearing is deminishing.....I do lip read, but, as most of you know, it's a lot easier to lip read, with just a little...
  • MSEF96

    Hearing Aids

    I am getting hearing aids for the first time. I am 20 years old. Is there anything I should know.
  • biglon

    Fatigue from straining to hear

    I get fatigued from straining to hear, reading lips, adjusting volume, listening to unwanted noise. I welcome sleep at night with hearing aids out. I am profound/severe with bi-lateral BTE aids.

    Any free ASL training?

    I am wanting to get free ASL training in the state of California, but have not found any options for it. I am wanting to become an ASL interrupter at my church because there is a huge section of society that is not getting the opportunity to be involved in the faith because there is a communication gap no one is addressing. I want to respond to this gap using my own time and asking nothing in...
  • My hearing over the past 25 years has become progressively worse. I am diagnosed as profound/severe and am on my fourth set of Bilateral Hearing aids. My aids are BTE from Profound. It is the singularly most irritating and frustrating thing I have ever experienced. I am glad I am retired and not working. My social life is the pits and if it were not for all the doctor appointments that I have had...
  • denymckusker

    right ear, no sound

    i got the flu about 3 weeks ago and lost all hearing in my right ear. I went to a specialist within a week and he started me on an antibiotic and a steroid but his demeanor told me this was not going to go well. I have very loud tinnitus in the right ear now as well. I've educated myself a little on this and I'm thinking, the longer this persists,the less likely I'm going to recover my hearing....
  • Toddo

    Anyone with SNHL out there?

    Hi there. I'm hoping someone out there could tell me a little about the road ahead for me. About 2 weeks ago, after a brief cold the week before, I lost all the hearing in my left ear in less than 3 hours. Had a little tinnitus, then it felt like my ear was full of something. Was obviously concerned and saw my doctor that day. He quickly consulted with a specialist who put me on 80mg of...
  • jaclyn1973


    Have any of you applied for disability? I've heard it's really hard to get approved. My hearing loss is profound. One ear is pretty much shot and the other has a loss of 95%. You'd think that would more than qualify me, but I dont know.Up until this last June I have always worked. Between my aids, lip reading, emails, and special phones I was doing ok. For personal reasons my job ended June...
  • meei185

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  • I am not hearing impaired nor know anyone who is. However, I do attend and volunteer my time at church helping others weekly and love it so much. I have notices that there is a huge lack of ASL options for the hearing impaired who want to attend church and be involved in the faith. This breaks my heart to see people being ignored this way. So I am trying to resolve it.I have been wanting to get...
  • LilEllie

    Success still elusive

    I had the tube removed from the right ear and so far have not been able to wear an aid as the sound does not transmit. I am of the thought to forget doing anything to the left ear because that is the ear that I can use an aid with some success.PS. if you need to catch up on what I am referring to go to the topic "what does losing your hearing feel like" or something similar. I am getting to...
  • deleted_user

    New and getting hearing aids

    Hello, everyone I am new to the group. I am a 29 year old female. I was born prematurely and with a hearing loss. I wore hearing aids when I was younger, and just stopped in high school because I didn't want to be made fun of. I haven't worn hearing aids since! I have a moderate hearing loss. I can't hear well in noisy environments and I certainly can't hear the TV or a presenter, or a...
  • Hi, new here. Just looking for some support. I was born with nerve damage and have always had mild hearing loss. Wore hearing aids from K-6. When I was 12, I said "no more." A year ago, when I was 31, I experienced significant loss in my "good" (left) ear. Finally broke down after 18 years and went in for a hearing test. I have had hearing aids for a year again and LOVE them now. The...
  • LilEllie

    how does losing hearing sound?

    Sounds like a weird question but I can't be any more serious. I have seen numerous ENT and Neurologists, Have had extensive testing for possible vestibular problems, vestibular therapy, CT scans for Sinus problems, 2 different types of hearing aids, Meniere has been ruled out, no tinnitus AND my primary problem remains and this is what I am asking.Is it the norm for a person to have a...
  • Hi. My name is Jodi. I used to post here a while ago in other topics but I stopped for some reason and now I'm back!My story is kind of a unique one. Back in 2012, I went through a traumatic medical experience where I had staph infection that turned into sepsis and the infection went all through me. It effected my lugs, my heart, my nerves, my eyes and, the reason I'm here, my ears. Before I got...