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I know this sounds stupid but is it safe to swallow? and if so how do u stop yourself from gagging from it?



Far as the gagging goes...I think it is an acquired tasted and you have to want to have your partners love juice in your mouth. You can get your partner to eat things to make it taste better though.

A typical ejaculation fills up about one teaspoon; the actual amount is determined by a man's age (younger men usually make more semen), when he last ejaculated, and how long he's aroused before ejaculating, among other factors. Contrary to what you've heard, semen is not loaded with calories. Each teaspoon of ejaculate has about 5 - 7 calories and some 200 - 500 million sperm. Since sperm make up only about 1 percent of semen, what accounts for the other 99 percent? Well, its other ingredients include:

* Fructose sugar
* Water
* Ascorbic acid (a.k.a., vitamin C)
* Citric acid
* Enzymes
* Protein
* Phosphate and bicarbonate buffers (bases)
* Zinc
There's not enough of any of these to be significant.. so no it's not a lot of protein. (so don't be whippin up semen protein shakes either!) It also won't do anything for your skin. Semen isn't good for you but it isn't harmful either (assuming the guy is STD free.)

Learn How To Improve The Taste Of Your Semen"

Can I Make My Sperm Taste Better?
Have you ever been told your semen tastes bitter or salty, or worse yet, gross? Want to increase your chances of getting more blowjobs?

One of the most common things women complain about when they talk about oral sex is the taste of semen.

You can improve the taste of your semen, and we put the details into one short article for you.

"She Complains That My Semen Tastes Bitter and Salty"

These are the two most common words used to describe the taste of semen. Quite often there is a complaint about a chlorine-like smell. This is common and is not a reason to believe that there is anything wrong with your sperm.

You cum is a product of the nutrients that you eat. That means that the foods you ingest will affect your seminal fluid composition, and obviously its taste.

What Can I Eat To Make My Semen Taste Good?

Semen might never taste "good" to some, while others probably enjoy the taste of it. Taste is too subjective, but what you'll learn here can hopefully help you make your semen taste a little less bitter, and more sweet.

Certain foods have reputations for helping semen taste better, including:

pineapple - pineapples (and juice) makes semen much sweeter tasting

celery - helps reduce bitterness of semen sometimes

fruit - mostly melons, fruit seems to make semen taste sweet

cinnamon - can help mask odd semen tastes

water (important) - lots of water every day to flush toxins from your body

Vegetarians have reputations for having better tasting sperm than meat eating males. This is not only due to the extra fruits and 'healthy' foods that vegetarians eat, but also what they don't eat.

Things That Can Make Seminal Fluid Taste Bad

If there are things that make your semen taste good, there's got to be some things that make it taste bad:

too much protein (meat, dairy products, etc) will generally make semen salty

too much coffee makes semen taste very bitter

heavy smoking can make semen taste bitter and generally gives it a bad taste

garlic and onions carry their flavor to semen sometimes

foods with a high sulfur content (broccoli family, meats, legumes, nuts & seeds, etc)

It's okay to eat these foods, but try not to eat too many, especially at one sitting. If you insist on eating lots of protein, you should try to drink extra water to flush the metabolized proteins out because this seems to be one of the main offenders of bad semen taste, as do dairy products.

You got me! My first post ever on this site was about the fact that I could NOT swallow. I gagged and grossed me out each time.
I don't think it's harmful unless you take so much in the way LiL Kim did. She had to get her stomach pumped.....ewwww

Lisa....are you sure chlorine and amonia aren't part of the ingredients? because that's what my hubby's sperm smeels like. In fact, all my ex's cum smelled like that..uuugghh

If he is sick or coming down with a cold you can catch it. It's just like any other bodily fluid.

far as i know it is safe to swalow. the ammonia taste and smell is becaue semen s an alkali base in order to neutralize the acidic environment of the urinary tract. Too much can become toxic because it also neutralizes stomach acid which is required for digestion, if the stomach is not a high acid environment the tissue will die and you can have organs shut down. Taking a few loads a day won't hurt and if it concerns you have some probiotic rich yogurt after. My one gf used to drink thick yogurt to learn to lose her gag reflex. maybe that will help.

ive never actually tasted it i probably never will i have a phobia , but sb advice is really good, someone on here a while back said to use cough spray on the back of u neck to ease the gag reflex.

As long as he doesn't have an STD, sure! The little swimmers are pure protein and nutrients.

Unless your partner has an STD or yeast infection it is safe to swallow. It can agrivate some medical conditions because it can contain a lot of acid but the info I have seen on here is very good. Lisa way to go you posted the info I would have posted. And yes there are things on the market to improve semen flavor. Your local sex shop should have products for that also I do believe there is one called cum drops or some thing along those lines. Drinking more water and eating more of a vegetarian diet will help in the thickness of cum and taste and odor. Now I heard someone on here mention that their partners semen is like amonia that can be in what is called pre cum and not in the actual cum itself because first a mans body has to flush all of the urine out of their penis before it can release their sperm . If this doesnt happen it will kill the sperm. Semen is loaded with protein but I wouldnt consider it a healthy supplement to add to my diet lol! But no swallowing wont do anything harmful to you.I wouldnt advise you to drink a lot of it but swallow at your own risk. Dont know if its a good idea if your breast feeding.
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