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Perrier Water

Okay - this may be a dumb question, but is drinking carbonated water okay for you? I drink alot of Perrier and club soda and just wondered if there were any negative health effects from drinking all of that carbonation???????



well, I read a lot about carbonated stuff b/c my d.sil had IBS and one of the things that makes it so much worse is carbonation (from diet soda). there are other things that make it bad also, like the aspartame and the caffeine, but the carbonation is supposedly hard on digestion & the bowels.

if it were me, I would avoid it except for every once in a while, it might be OK.

Isn't Perrier naturally carbonated (not pumped with CO2 mechanically)? Or am I deluded?

I sometimes drink San Pelligrino.

As far as the first response - I'm not talking about diet soda - there is no aspartame or caffiene in Perrier....just spring water and carbon dioxide. But thanks for the tip on carbonation - that's what I was wondering about.
As for the second response - I'm not sure about this one....I guess I'll have to do my research - I didn't realize this would make a difference, so I'll look into it!!

Nah. The only neg effect of carbonation that I know of is possible belching if you're also swallowing air. I've actually read that carbonation increases the rate of absorption of the liquid that you're drinking.. so carbonated water would be a good choice if you're feeling dehydrated and want to get hydrated a little bit faster :-)

Carbonated drinks are all acidic to some extent (some of the CO2 dissolves in the liquid, creating carbonic acid). This isn't inherently unhealthy, but if you are sensitive to acidic foods (citrus, coffee, etc.), then carbonated beverages may bother your stomach, as well.

As for Perrier being naturally carbonated: it does come from a naturally carbonated spring. However, because of the high demand for it, they have developed a technique in which they pump out the water and the CO2 separately, then re-combine them during the bottling process. More info at:
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