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papaya fruit & leaf exctract

What benefits are there in the fruit and the leaf extract, juice, tea. Possible help with my platelets?



i don't have any idea, musicman. did you google it? maybe someone on here will know?

don't know if this pertains to you...when i was in treatment my platelets went really low so the doctor added procrit injections weekly. and he also told me that there was absolutely nothing i could do to make them increase. (other than the procrit)

I thought Mak chimed in on this..but I read too that the leaf extract helps!

I'm not sure of the relationship between platelets and white blood cells but I believe papaya leaf extract 'can' boost white blood cell production. I've taken the extract in liquid form and while I don't know exactly what effect it had my general impression was that I had more energy.

Hard to be sure, I do a lot to keep fit - running up and down mountains for example! - and take a variety of supplements, so working out the benefit one thing has is not always easy. However, as I said, my general impression is that the papaya extract did do something beneficial in terms of energy.
Group FounderMAK1AH

Things to raise platelets I found on the internet the other day.

Oregon Grape Root 1-2 tsp 3x daily for 7 days on, then 7 days off. Berberines are like antibiotics and you need to take a break to let your immune system kick back in. Golden Seal also has berberines.

Papaya Leaf extract, small doses, too much will cause diarrhea.

Alfalfa Leaf 1-2 tsp 3x daily, can be taken every day. It's considered the king of all vegetation by Allah's followers.

Astragulus 3-5 T daily can be taken as an enema

Schizandra didn't write down the doses

Eleuthro (Siberian Ginseng) small doses

I read up on many of these at http://mountainroseherbs.com

Thanks everyone. Very helpful.
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