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Andreas Moritz Has Passed Away

I just recently found his liver flush book which set me on a journey to this DS group through Google just last week!!, Now I find out he has passed away and no information is available. I realize it is a private family issue, but he was ALL about natural therapies. I am so curious if he had an illness or an accident. Really sad 'bout this.


Group FounderMAK1AH

wow, nice to know you got here through Andreas. I belong to his yahoo group, gallstones. Judy his asst has been managing the group for awhile. Have you been to his website? ener-chi.com or something like that. His personal history - born in 54 in SE Germany, had lots of health problems. Seems the best teachers do. We gravitate toward what we need, and then share it. I really don't think he died as a result of natural therapies.

I don't think it was an illness. I'm not sure it was an accident either. Personally, I'm thinking it could have been exhaustion, he just finished 4 books all at once. Or maybe like Gerson, he was poisoned, who knows? He just died this last Sunday, so I'm thinking that we will find out in due time.