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Gynecomastia (American English) or gynaecomastia (British English) is the development of abnormally large breasts on men. The condition can occur physiologically in neonates, in adolescents, and in the elderly. In adolescent boys, 90% of such cases the symptoms disappear in a matter of months to a few years at most. It is generally a result of an imbalance in hormones, although there are many different root causes. Gynecomastia is not simply a buildup of adipose tissue, but includes the development of glandular tissue as well. Physiologic gynecomastia occurs in neonates, at puberty and with aging. Potential pathologic causes of gynecomastia are: medications including hormones, increased serum estrogen, decreased testosterone production,...

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DailyStrength Celebrates Men's Health Week!

TeamDS is launching the first of a series of daily articles, written just for the DailyStrength community. Tune in each day of the week, when TeamDS brings you interesting, relevant, useful health news on Mondays, the weirdest news on the net on Tuesdays, women's health articles on Wednesdays, a focus on men's health on Thursdays, and tips to improve your life on Fridays.

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Also, this week, DailyStrength is celebrating Men's Health Week! Created by the Men's Health Network , the purpose of Men's Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. We've written some great articles to help men of all ages stay healthy and encourage prevention. Check it out!

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