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Gout is a form of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints. It is an intensely painful disease, which in most cases affects only one joint (monoarthritis), most commonly the big toe. The classic picture is of excruciating and sudden pain, swelling, redness, warmness and stiffness in the joint. Low-grade fever may also be present.

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food to eat

I have the Gout and need to find out what foods can be in my diet.



Safe foods: Green Veggies, tomatoes, fruits, fruit juices, butter milk, butter, cheese, eggs, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, tea, cherries

Occasional foods: Asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, spinach, whole grain cereals, chicken, duck, ham, pork, kidney and lima beans

Limit food: Herring, mussels, sardines, all alcoholic beverages, bacon, beef, veal, liver, venison, lamb, trout, salmon, fish that have a lot of fat, turkey

Those are just some examples. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

I've been working with natural dr.'s
They say things that have a lot of acid, i.e. tomato's etc. Are VERY bad. Even apples. And for the longest time I didn't know that coffee was bad but it is. Even one coffee drink and I have a gout attack within a few hours.
Some people can have spinach but I also react very badly to that. I accidently ate a ton of spinach and it started a MONTH long gout attack on crutches.

I hate to say this becuase we all want a simple "don't eat that" or "do eat this". Or a pill that will take care of gout for good. There is no simple answer. Everyone bodies react differently to foods. That is why every web-site and book I have read contradict each other. One will say eat strawberries and the other says absolutly do not eat strawberries. It is up to you to keep track of everything you eat and do. Yes "everything you DO" because stress on the body and mind has an impact on it as well. It seems to rear it's ugly face within 24hrs if not less time. My husband was trying to prove to me that oysters did not affect his gout and he ate 9 in one sitting. Four hours later we could see his knee swelling up and he could not walk for about a week. For him any kind of seafood really affects him. A beer once in a while does not seem to bother him.
I have not been able to find a list of things that "do not" have any purines in them, one with "alot of" purines in them and then a list of "low to med" purines in them. That way when you eat something with purines in it you can really watch yourself to see if it that item effects you.I just read, anything with Iron in it, has purines in it. Has anyone else heard this?
HOW THE HELL DO WE KNOW IF THERE ARE PURINES IN THINGS, CAN ANYONE TELL ME THAT? I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW. They are not included in the ingredience on the side of the package. Some doctors say it has nothing to do with what you eat. Well, we know that is a crock of shit. Food is deffinatly not the only thing. My husband has not been able to get his uric acid levels down sense he had back surgery 2+ years ago.
Sorry this was so long. I would love to hear some comments. I am a frustrated wife. Seeing my husband in so much pain it kills me, let alone him. He gets it at least once a month, usually bad enough that he cannot get out of bed.

Hmmm, personally I don;t really know what starts it for me. Shoot, I've been really bad for the last two years (red meat, sweets even the occasional beer) no problem then Suddenly WHACK...

My last attack came after a strenuous Saturday in the woods with little water and a diet that consisted of protein bars for lunch and beef jerky for a snack followed by a rice and pork bbq dinner--and a beer. Oye, when I read it it really sounds as bad as it was/is.

I was mostly out of the woods yesterday. I ate a lite lunch, had dinner at Ryans resturant where I ate mostly veggies and one bakes chicken (no skin) breast. I even ate the "diet" cherry pie and a few sips of coffee that my wife was drinking.

Last night I woke up feeling like someone was putting a red hot grill to my big toe joint. The gout was back--with a vengeance. I soaked my feet in Epsoms Salts before bed (it was starting to get bad then) then when it woke me up I took an Indocin. Still bad today. I dunno what to do. This is frustrating.

I dunno. It kind of comes and goes as it pleases. I think. I had mine pretty much under control and thwen when I went back to work after 9 days vacation it came back. I really don't think I was eating any different. I have dieting so I have been writing everything I eat down. I guess looking back , there is a lot of protein, but not fatty protiens. Lean meats tuna, eggs,nuts, then there were vegies and fruit. No starches at all.Maybe it is all the protein. I have been drinking proein drinks for breakfast for a while now. Maybe thats what it is. Who knows for sure.

my husband swears it is beef but he has cut out all beef and to me the gout attacks are just as frequent. I have asked him to eat beef at least twice next month and let's keep a food diary. To me that is the only way we will no for sure.

There are certain foods that are high in purines and must be avoided if you have experienced a gout attack. Foods high in purine include red meats, seafood and yeast. Recommended low-purine foods and beverages include:

* Cream-style soups made with low-fat milk
* Soups made without meat extract or broth
* Breads and cereals (low-fiber, white flour or refined grain types)
* Pasta and macaroni
* Rice
* Soda
* Coffee and tea
* Gelatin
* Certain vegetables (not cauliflower, asparagus, or spinach)
* Sugar, syrup and other sweets (in small amounts)
* Fruits and juices
* Low- fat and fat- free cheeses
* Eggs (limit to 3 to 4 per week)

more reading at:

To your health,

I have said this in other posts but keep a journal of what you eat. Find out what triggers your gout. It can bve different for everyone. You'll find out what you can cheat on. Like I can have oysters but no clams or shrimp. Plus there is the gout haters cookbook. They are up to volume 4. They are great cookbooks with recipes for appitizers, snacks, main dishes, desserts and drinks. It helps make your diet not as boring.

I agree, start a journal. Document everytime you have an attack. What where you doing? What did you eat or drink? Did the weather change? Find the commonality among the attacks.

As far as food, start by reducing or eliminating foods from the High and mild purine foods. Once the gout is in control, re-introduce your favorites a little at a time to see if you react. Then modify your list and journal.

I also fing that altitude changes hurt me. Flying or driving. Rapid weather changes hurt too. When the barometer falls, so do I!
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