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Glaucoma is a group of diseases of the optic nerve involving loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Although raised intraocular pressure is a significant risk factor for developing glaucoma, there is no set threshold for intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. If you are suffering from glaucoma, share your experience, learn about treatment, and find support here.

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  • AbbyS

    Normal Tension Glaucoma Both Eyes

    Diagnosed with glaucoma last year but I am lucky, the vision loss in on the inside of both eyes so I can see ok.  Eyes get tired easily and vision gets blurry but the emotional toll is most difficult.  I've experienced autoimmune inflammation most of my life and lost my thyroid 10 years ago.  Is it possible these are related?  I'm terrified.
  • server1

    Introduction: server1

    I was diagnosed with low tension glaucoma 10 years ago.  I already had about 30% peripheral loss in rt. eye before diagnosis.  The drops and surgeries I have had kept away too much decline.  But now I am beginning to have more loss.  Usually glaucoma patients who stay on drops, etc. have good outcomes.  My problem is that the optic nerve continues to decline despite drops and fairly low...
  • flowerA

    Had test

    HI All. Just got back from Hospital, sadly pressure gone up 22 and 25 I now have two lots of drops, so hope pressure goes down , got to go back in two months. Really frightened me. The horrid thought of going blind, what a thought. Hope its going okay for you all. Lovee Annx
  • flowerA

    Test tomorrow

    Hi All. I have my eye test tomorrow to see if drops are working, I am shaking already. Wish it was over and okay. Love to allxx
  • Hello. My name is Chris. 34 y/o Caucasian male in the US. I had a routine eye exam today (first in 4 years) and my eye doctor said I have elevated IOP (25 in right eye, 27 in left.) Four years earlier both eyes were 18. My doctor said he will see me in 6 months and in the late afternoon, to see if this is just a fluctuation. He did a full eye exam (internal eye picture, thickness) and said...
  • flowerA

    next step

    Hi all, I have today received next appointment to go to hospital 28. 06 . 16 to see if drops have lowered eye pressure, hopefully they have. All this anxiety gets you down, its very frightening to say the least. My eye seems to get sore at times and that brings on the anxiety more.How do you manage with the fear. I do pray but I am a bit of a doubting Thomas. I will just have to cope...
  • deleted_user

    Glaucoma Question?

    Since there are different types of glaucoma, are they all tested and detected the same way by measuring the eye pressure? I wanted to ask about the 'silent' type of glaucoma, is this actually detectable or not and how did all of you first notice your glaucoma and the signs and symptoms?
  • Katemck


    I had laser surgery on Wed. and my vision is blurry and I feel nauseated. I was given antibiotic eye drops for 5 days. How long does it take to see results from the laser. I use latanaprost at bedtime. My pressure has come down a bit. Can someone tell me the normal IOP.Thanks, Kate
  • flowerA

    Help yourself

    Hi , I was told yesterday I have Glaucoma in one eye, put on drops. Can anyone please tell me how I can help myself with Glaucoma. Its scary. Thanks. Ann
  • euniebear

    Red Eye(Conjunctivitis)

    Is your eye red a lot from the glaucoma or side effect of eye drops?My doctor took me off the Simbrinza(Suppose to be the best for glaucoma) because she said I was allergic to it and it was causing the redness and itchiness. However,the eye is still getting red and itchy. I don't know if it could be another one of the drops or if it's just the glaucoma itself. Also,the glaucoma eye want open as...
  • mtfuji


    Does anyone take Xalatan? I picked up my new bottle of Xalatan today and I noticed the pharmacist didn't take it from the refrigerator, but took it off the shelf where she keeps all her prescriptions. I asked her if she shouldn't have had it in the refrigerator since yesterday when I called in the refill. She said one day out of the refrigerator would not harm the Xalatan. When I got home I put...
  • dynamiclori

    normal pressure glaucoma?

    Does anyone else have normal or low pressure glaucoma? I have quite a bit of damage to my optic nerve and yet have always had good pressure numbers. I have started on Lumigan, but am reacting with red eyes. The ophthalmologist wants to take my pressure to 6 or 7 with two medicines. I'm not sure what the second one will be yet. I am still in the panic state. I am gluten intolerant and am allergic...
  • Hi. I have narrow angle glaucoma and was wondering if anyone knows of any cough/cold medications I can take.
  • dorothydavidmontejan

    Pre glucoma suspect

    Hi I am a mother of a beautiful and handsome 9 year old son my son has been under care of an opthamologist for the past year and a half he is a pediatric juvenile glucoma suspect how long does it take for the opthamologist to actually start giving my son treatment or to actually give him a diagnosis before things get worse he has large optic nerves with normal eye pressure. Any advice
  • flowerA


    Hi friends. I have my appointment now 8th Feb, wondering what they will do and what is wrong with my eye. Looking it up, I feel it could be a scotoma which frightens me. I am getting so panicky. HELP, anyone else fearful like me? Love to you all.