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Gastroparesis (Lazy Stomach), also called delayed gastric emptying, is a disorder in which the stomach takes too long to empty its contents. Gastroparesis occurs when the vagus nerve is damaged and the muscles of the stomach and intestines do not work normally. Food then moves slowly or stops moving through the digestive tract.

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I had the delayed emptying study and was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. My gastro dr was not very helpful in providing a diet. Online you get so many varying diets it boggles the mind. My family dr. referred me to a medical nutritionist who I don't have an appt with yet. My dr. did say my blood sugar was elevate and by B-12 depleted, duh, all I basically eat are pasta and potatoes in small amounts. My overall health is questionable. I had surgery for trigeminal neuropathy 2 years ago and deal with the ongoing neuropathy and associated issues (but thank heaven I no longer have that continuing severe pain). I wonder if the medication I take for that has something to do with it, as no one has really told me what caused my gastroparesis. Has anyone found that their gastroparesis got better? My husband and I have had a cruise planned for a long time and I can only imagine dealing with this food eating issue! My worst time dealing with this gastroparesis has been in social occasions centering around food. I can deal with not eating the food, as I don't usually feel hungry, but I have difficulty coping with people's reaction to my not eating. The comments range from don't you like the food to a little bit won't hurt. Then, they get almost apologetic for eating. Well thanks for letting me vent.



HI Kittykat sx3--I havent' officially been diagnosed with gastroparesis yet, because my stomach emptying test was negative, but I still say today i'ts what wrong with me. I'm finally being sent to a neurologist because I am having other neurological problems. I know how you feel about eating out or at family friends house. Try adding Celiac disease and Legume (soy, beans, peas, chickpeas) intolerance with this disorder and it's absolutely brutal. I stopped eating out along time ago. If I go to a friends house, I will bring snacks that I know I can eat. With all the research I have done on digestive disorders, the best types of foods I found to be fairly safe for me are low residue foods and the paleo diet. They are pretty much grain free/allergen free/ dairy free. I do still eat cheese even though paleo diet does not allow it, because I have to get b12 sources, and since I can't tolerate any green leave vegetabe cooked or pureed, but I can tolerate cheese in small amounts, I stick to what I know is safe. I have maintained my weight by doing that. I don't vomit so, I envy all you that can, because at least you can release the food that effects you. I just suffer through the pain, and agony of it all. I have found that having a back massage actually helps. I am not curently taking any medications.
I'm not one to try much, but I have a friend who has MS and takes Viagara and actually feels good again, since taking it. I don't know if anyone in the group has tried Viagara yet, but it is used for this disorder and as well as other disorders--outside erectile dysfunction. I would be grateful for anyone who has tried it to step up and tell us about your experience with it.
Anyway, know that you are not alone and many of us have been dealing it with for quite awhile now.
Good luck to you, and if I can help in anyway, let me know.

Hi :-) I would really like to tell you that I've heard lots of healing / recovery stories... but I really haven't. I asked my GI and my DO about that possibility and both of them answered "No". Neither one of them was wanting to give me false hope of getting back to normal but as a Christian one of them did say "Of course with God all things are possible" which I appreciated however I also appreciated that neither one was wanting to lead me on either. So of course I really hope we can all prove them wrong and be able to be cases of real hope / recovery ...until then though I'm super thankful to have this as a source of support. The people here seem really great!

As for the cruise - I know it's going to be not as much fun with all that yummy food around and not able to eat a lot of it but I really encourage you to have a blast! You know your body and what you can and can't handle == eat what you can but don't ruin your vacation by pushing your stomach either... not sure how severe your GP is but I do know if I eat some things or at certain times I could be out of the game for a good week soooo just have a good time and try hard not to concern yourself with others comments or what they think... (I know easier said than done, huh)
Have a wonderful night :-)
Hope you have a wonderful time :-)

call ahead and ask if the cruise lines carry vegtables and fruit?
mostly youll need to sustain your self will be,,,sweet potatoes,sqash,yams,celery,carrots for lunch.
bananas,papayas,mangoes,melons,apples,pears,cucumber,dates ,raisens. these are recomended if your in ''flare up'' ask if the gally will steam all your vegies,,,if you can tolerate grains,,,order rice with meals, remember, do not eat foods that constipate! processed foods,,rolls, donuts,nuts,seeds,peanut butter,avoid sugar,no cookies. Don't worry what other people do or say!,, everyone has thier own path to follow...
know in yourself that staying strict on a diet the nurishes the body will reward you with more than you know.
GOOD HEALTH IS THE BEST THING A PERSON CAN HAVE ON EARTH! what else is better. ce 10/30/11

If you have slow transit I know the best thing to do is avoid fiber. That unfortunately includes vegatables. Vitimins can help fill the void. Avoid skins on fruits and potatoes. This site is so no used....have you been to Inspire? the oley foundation? They have a gastroparesis group...I'm not trying to lead people away from here...but it's a good place to get info to share here. Opiods can cause constipation. Sometimes there doesn;'t seem to be a cause. Drink LOTS of water!

I have gastroparesis and my doctor told me to eat several small meals a day including taking the medicine he gave me called Reglan twice a day and stool softeners. He recently just doubled my dose of Reglan because I was still sick all the time, but that is the diet plan that he told me to do. Hope you get to feeling better honey.

Thi is probably way to late to be read, but Reglan worked great for me, Eating small meals is also a big help.

I suffered with this miserable disease for 4 long years and finally ended up going back to work because I needed the money. I was nervous about taking a job while sick with GP, but had no choice. I took a job almost 40 miles away from home and started drinking coffee to keep me awake on the long drive. A week after I started working, the nausea stopped and I was feeling better. For two years now I have been feeling great and eating pretty much whatever I wanted except red sauce, which I vow never to eat again. I decided recently that I would stop drinking coffee because the creamer was packing on the pounds. When I stopped drinking the coffee, the nausea returned and I discovered that the coffee is what has been helping all along! Caffeine actually speeds up the gastric emptying. It may not work for everyone, but I am a new person because of it! Google caffeine and gastric emptying and see what it says.
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