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Shrink Your Liver ???

I saw a person asking about "Shrink your liver, and what that had to do with WLS." It was in a completely different thread though.

So, everyone help me out.

When they go in for they surgeons are obviously working around organs in your abdomen.

Open cut is a bit easier, because of the room, but who wants those scars if you can do it laparscopically.

The area that the Dr.s need to get to to modify your stomach lies very close to the liver. Therefore, they must work around the liver. There is a big chance of bruising the liver and or causing bleeding from the liver.

Through our everyday consumption and our bad eating habits, our livers have become fatty, and enlarged. This increases the risks of difficulties during surgery. However, the surgeons have begun to put patients on a liver shrinking diet two weeks prior to surgery. The surgeons have seen amazing changes in how surgery goes and how accessible the stomach becomes when they ask patients to shrink their live prior to surgery. It lessens the amount of time they have to take for surgery, and increases the amount of space they have to work with.

Try looking up fatty liver and gastric bypass on google.



thanx for clarifying that for me, i hadnt heard of it before and my doctor hasnt mentioned it to me, possibly because im not very far along in the process, but i understand it all now, thanx again!

I just posted this as a reply to the other thread...

Obese people have grossly swollen livers. The reason for this is that we eat too much. That sounds simple, and it is, but when we eat so much, it must get metabolized, and can only do so at one speed. So when we eat too many it must be stored until it can be metabolized.

This whole activity happens in the liver!

If you completely cut carbs out of your diet for a few days you will see that your stomach, in the front will get really flat! this is how swollen your liver is! That isn't fat! its just your liver. What is left after your liver shrinks, is the fat...

It is beneficial to you to shrink your liver right before surgery, because it is swollen, and when it is in that state, it is hard for the dr. to work around. If the Dr. nicks your liver during surgery because it is being unweildy and hard to control, then it is damage that could have been avoided simply by avoiding carbs.

You also don't need other stuff to recuperate from when trying to heal from WLS. and liver damage isn't fun...

I hope this helps!
God Bless!

Janelle "
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