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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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Gastric Bypass Poem i wrote...

Hey everyone, here is just a gastric bypass poem I wanted to share with you all, i hope you enjoy it. :)


Captured by a picture, my plump butt sat still,
a secret plan to delete it would be such a thrill.
I wouldnt have to stare at the disgusting rolls of my tummy,
even though I knew all that food I ate was yummy.
I gathered up the courage to look into gastric bypass,
No longer would I be the reason for them to harass.
I saw all the things Id have to give up eating,
and laughed because there would be no more cheating.
No eating that doughnut when I said the last was the last;
not even if I did that throughout my whole past.
Only but an ounce to eat at the beginning,
but that is just fine because then Ill be winning!
The pounds will fall off like the ones I once ate,
and for once in my life my body will be straight.
No curvy here or rolls there,
Nothing but thinness everywhere.
I wouldnt be teased when that stupid chair breaks,
Just an oh that must be a faulty chair for heaven sakes!.
No being told I cannot fit in the seat,
for I have just won the race of defeat!
Into the surgeons office I pranced with a smile,
knowing that this surgery would be all worthwhile.
I filled out my papers in a jiffy,
They faxed them over to Anthem real quickly.
Youre approved said the lady in a bland tone,
YES, I love you! I screamed in her ear through the phone.
I sat in the hospital waiting to be brought back,
My surgeons were mixed up - such communication they lack!
The mix up was fixed and they brought me to my bed,
Oops! was the words I didnt want said.
Shed popped my vein and would try the other arm,
my goodness, I hope she doesnt do me more harm!
I slipped on my socks and off we went,
down the hallways to my special event.
Turning and twisting through hallways galore,
through the whole hospital Id thought wed explore!
Into a pre-surgery room I was rolled,
waiting for my big operation to unfold.
The surgeon came in and explain a few things,
then off to surgery lets see what this brings!
Into the room of scalpels and stitches,
I surely hope there are no glitches.
Instant freezing took over my body that day in November,
Anesthesia sent me into a nap I cant remember.
I woke up in recovery with a blur to my vision,
sweetheart, you cant touch your incisions!
As I started to panic the nurse calmed me down,
I lay there silent in my ugly gown.
They took me to my room and family came in,
and there my journey was about to begin.
Since my surgery Im down 53 pounds,
although it wasnt as easy as it sounds.
I am happy with my decision, something I do not regret,
its a life changing experience Ill never forget.



THAT WAS AWESOME!!! You write amazingly! I love it!

Thank you Crystal! :) That's very sweet of you, congrats on your weight loss too btw! :)

Super job !!! Great Poem !

Linda :)

Thanks for sharing this Steph. Nice job :)

Thanks everyone, I'm sure we can all relate. :)

Where have you been? I've really really REALLY missed you! I LOVE your poem, it speak volumes for all of us. Hope all is well with you, have you made any new videos? I'm not getting any emails letting me know if you are.

crvnana - i have posted up quite a few videos. You can find them by typing in RNYSteph on youtube :) I hope that helps! Thank you so much I've missed you too, i don't get on here much I'm currently on a mad hunt for a job that is full time that pays "decent". It's tough out there. So stressful! Hope you are great!

Ok that was awesome my total sentiments exactly only i cant write like you!! great job!!!

Clicking the "like" button here. Thanks for writing this poem for us. I love it.

great poem.yes one we relate too.

Steph, I love it, thanks....

Great poem you should see about getting published.

Very good's about time you came back to visit. Hope all is going good for you.

omg this is awesome if its ok w/ you i would love to copy it and keep it forever you will get credit i promise lol

WOW. That's amazing, you are very talented! Thanks for sharing that poem, I loved it!
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