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Fluctuating blood pressure post op

Has anyone had their blood pressure become normal then 2 years or past have it jump around or be high?

mine has been all over the map until the last 2 weeks now its stayed high. today was the highest 165/105 the doc is stumped but doing some blood work. I also have to go back to checking it every day.



That's a tough one...I would ask if you are on any meds but your doc would have thought of that. Hope it gets worked out. Any genetic issues?

Hmmmm, are you having any pain anywhere? How about extra salt intake?

That's awfully high, I really hope they figure it out soon!

thanks ladies. I had high blood pressure when I was obese but left the hospital off meds and had no problems till the big fluctuations started in around July.

I do take meds nothing new some adjustments and such my GP drew blood today and gave me his cell number just in case. I did have a horrid head ach last night but blew it off. my mom asked if I had checked the bp today and that's when I found it so high. Even my weight loss surgeon didn't answer yesterday when I asked if it can come back.

It is so funny you mention salt I have not added any salt ascually my intake has been lower and I take a med where if I do not have enough salt intake can deposit in my tissue and make me sick

I'm always the odd one in the class lol

Keep pushing your doctor. If you have a good primary he/she can order any and all tests to find out what is happening. Stay proactive!

I found this info on

Blood pressure can fluctuate from high to low in short periods of time. Each beat of the heart can produce varying pressures. The position of the body, breathing rhythm, stress level, physical condition, medications, foods, drinks and even time of day contribute to blood pressure fluctuations. Medical conditions such as pregnancy, heart problems, dehydration, infections and allergic reactions can also cause fluctuations in blood pressure. If the pressure fluctuates dramatically, such as falling more than 20 pressure points, symptoms can occur.
When blood pressure fluctuates down to a lower pressure, the patient may experience dizziness or fainting due the brain failing to receive enough blood. Other symptoms of low blood pressure include blurred vision, nausea, shallow breathing and thirst. As blood pressure fluctuates higher patients may experience headaches, but high blood pressure often fails to produce any noticeable symptoms until damage to the blood vessels result in serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke.

Monitor your symptoms. Do research and go armed when you talk with your dr. Hi he/she won't listen or work with you you might want a new dr. A good doctor will respect your proactive approach to your health. Hopefully blood work will show something

ty lcat that actually confirmed in my head anyway the reason I fainted 2 weeks ago and the er checked my heart it is good.

I also get now why my gp wanted me not to take my bp at the same time every day for my log.

my PCP actually the PA has known me since I was 12 and treated me for about 8 yrs now ......he listens and welcomes my input and will talk to my other docs when need.

I don't get it though I don't remember any articles that say blood pressure issues were known to come back with out weight gain. I haven't gained at all.

Im going to check out that site thank you very much thank you all for responding.

If your primary doctor does not get it figured out very soon I would ask to be referred to a nephrologist (kidney doctor). Many times when BP becomes an issue it is related to a kidney issues. I would not risk harming your kidney while your primary MD is trying to problem solve the cause!
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