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Gallstones (choleliths) are crystalline bodies formed within the body by accretion or concretion of normal or abnormal bile components. Risk factors for pigment stones include cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood cell disorders, such as sickle cell anemia. Stones of mixed origin also occur.

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can gallstones be dissolved? and how?

hi im new to this forum, i have been told last week i have one small gallstone, i had pain and went for a scan as i thought it was my kidney.
I was told its small but i could see it on the scan, so i dont know how small.
is there any way they can be dissolved?
i have seen a lot of posts about herbal stuff for example peppermint, milkthistle eating artichokes, does it work, or how do i do a flush? i would be grateful for any advice as a friend had hers removed and now has bowel problems.



Hi. I'm new here and have had these evil gallstones for five years now. I have had an almost constant off feeling/pain at times in my side, and have triggered a few nasty gallstone attacks trying to lose weight on a low carb diet. It has, in the last month, become worse. If I have slept on either side in the night, or sometime even horizontally, I can't move without having at least one attack of (thankfully momentarily) excruciating pain. I have avoided surgery for years and put up with it, mainly because I can't face it, but also because I have a friend who has more faith in neuropathy and believes there are other ways to treat illnesses that doctors just avoid. The fact is, though, if I can't ger rid of them some other way, I guess surgery is the only option, now they have got so bad, and as I am overweight too, the dorctors might not be too happy about doing it. My mum suffered from gallstones when I was a child, and had the issue for 7 years before they found it - that was in the 70s.

Now, about dissolution of stones...Well, I have been searching the Net for years, on and off, for information about this. About 4 years ago, after my first major attack - and it was a biggie - I came across something called Gall Cleanse, which purported to dissolve and flush gallstones (although they have a disclaimer on their site). i bought a three month supply and it made no difference at all - utter waste of time and money, so I don't recommend that. Unfortunately, foilks like us, who are suffering and looking for an alternative solution are fair game for scams and the such-like. We need to be careful! Another problem is that some products (such as the one mentioned above) attract affilaiet marketers who push the products hard to get a commission, so they look more popular than they are. Just today I came across another product that also claims to dissolve gallstones, but it looks as though it is marketed like Gall Cleanse, so it put me off. I am tempted to give it a try though.

OK, now for the ray of hope (I hope). I told you about my friend? Well, when he comes across information about gallstones he passes it on to me, and he passed on a site called Sensible Health to me about a year ago. I don't know whether I can post a link here but if you Google it, it should come up. They offer products for a gallbladder flush based upon traditional Chinese medicine (even though the company is based in Canada) and it looks legitimate. There is no affiliate marketing going on, and I can't find any complaints about them on the Internet, which is not the case there days if someone gets scammed (Google 'gall cleanse scam' and you'll see what I mean. So, I am going to give this a try - my last ditch attempt to get rid of this horrible condition without being cut!

I did contact the site about a year ago, and asked questions about a few issues and the response I got was considerate and obviously from someone who had taken the time to write it.

Anyway, it consists of tinctures made with Gold Coin Grass and other things to cleanse the liver and 'crush' the stones, whereby you flush them out using a procedure explained on the site. It is a flush using fruit juices and olive oil, but only after all the Chinese medicines have done the cleansing work. I'm going to give it a go.

I got gallstones about 15 years ago and they put me on Actigalland within 6 mos ALL the MANY gallstones were gone! The doc even came in because he said he couldn't believe they were gone even though the tech couldn't find any. I have an appt. w/my primary in couple of weeks and am going to ask him if I can do that again as I don't need surgery right now w/a new job. Oh, I've been trying to lose weight also and just read your post. I've lost 8lbs and wonder if that triggered it also. When I got them b4, it was due to being a study patient for a new med, but 28 out of 30 of us got gallstones, so the company had to pay for the Actigall. It is then $500 a month, but now, it is cheaper as I looked it up online and can be bought from Canada as well, but you have to have a prescription. They've already made a notation for my doc b4 I even go in there. I've been on pain meds for 3 days now and of work also, but two of those off days were covered...thank God for that. There's another med besides Actigall, but Ican't remembre the name of it. I alsohad to stay away from fried foods (and that was great because I stopped eating unhealthy stuff and started doing most of my grocery shopping in the produce dept), so that was good for me too.

There is a way to have them crushed, but I don't remember the name of the procedure. However, taking the prescribed Actigall worked for me before, so I'm requesting it again for this new batch after 15 years. The Actigall dissolved ALL of mine and I had many. It was THE most painful experience of my life and I had a 10lb2oz baby, but that was nothing compared to this pain.
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