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A food allergy is hypersensitivity to food, leading to various types of gastrointestinal complaints. It occurs mainly, but not exclusively, in children. It is a common type of allergy, and is usually treated with an exclusion diet. The allergy typically presents with skin symptoms, throat tightness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and/or stomach symptoms.

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Scotch liquor allergy - itching

I bought a bottle of Glenlivet 2 single malt scotch whisky a couple weeks back. Poured myself a 2oz drink and about 15 minutes later I was itching all over. I didn't have any obvious red marks, but my skin was crawling. I drank it again 2 more times several days apart to verify my findings.

I know I have an allergy to yeast, barley, and corn which I suspect are used to make the drink. I was able to drink Johnnie Walker Black label (blended whisky) without issue if I remember correctly. I can drink rum, armagnac, congnac, etc which are typically made from cane sugar and grapes (brandy)respectively.

Anyone else have any experience like that?



Suspect you are victim of additives. The distillers deny that they add them, but often do - so keep a Black list of those that affect you. I have classic case of same in old book. Am off to hosp. for eye surgery tomorrow, but let me know next week, & I'll tell you about it. Take care, JaneD.