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Woes of Wednesday Check-in

Good morning!

Ladybug ladybug

Fly away home

No, someone else's home

Someone else's home!


Ladybugs: 0

Leo: 54

The late season warm spell caused a second "swarm". We had *one* window not tight enough to keep them at bay. Looks like a Ladybug version of an Eli Roth horror movie. I win! (Does that make me the bad guy from "Saw"?)

(Reference to a UK-US-Canada etc rhyme: Ladybug Ladybug, fly away home... In the US they add, "for your house is afire and your children are gone/alone". No, it doesn't make them go away, even if you blow on them as required by tradition.)


Today in 1793, th eLouvre in Paris opened to the public. It took the French Revolution to do it. The Louvre started life as a 12-century fortress built by French King Philip II, but as time passed, the city expanded and the building was useless for defense. By 1580, it had been trasnformed into athe primary residence of the French kings, and remained so until 1680 or so, when Louis XIV (The Sun King) moved to Versailles and left the Louvre to house the royal collection of goodies and oddities and such. French arts academes were based at the Louvre, but were "salons", e.g., elite discussion and education, until the French Revolution... at which point the French National Assembly declared the Louvre a public building to house public treasures of French history, and anything else that came along. The Louvre is most noted by some for the weird-ass glass pyramid annex built onto it in th elate 20th century. If you want architectural discontinuity between the old 12-century fortress foundations (you can visit them in the basement, IIRC) or the Renaissance splendor up top, and a glass WTF, the Louvre is your place!

Here's a pic. Splendor! Grandeur! A greenhouse...?

In 1895, William Roentgen was exploring electricity and ended up taking the first X-ray pictures. A roentgen is still used osmetimes as a unit for measuring X-ray and/or gamma ray exposure. It's been largely replaced, in common use, b/c while it measures ionization, it's useless for calculating absorption and other factors, so the "gray" or "rad" i sused. The "gray" is the standard scientific measure across the international scientific communities, and has been since I think 1950-something (I'm gonna say 1953, b/c that's when radiation was getting big attention). The sievert is also used, specifically for biological effects of radiation, such as when you walk into a chamber at Chernobyl or Fukushima nuclear plants and they say you got "X millisieverts". The ionizing radiation "dose" is measured by the gray (Gy in shorthand) and then converted to the sievert (Sv). Short version? The gray is the radiation absorbed, the sievert is the biological effect "measure", and there's gobbledygook in there as well, obviously, but you don't want high numbers in either case. Really don't. To give you an idea? Fukushima in 2011 was putting off about 400 Sv an hour. Chernobyl workers who died within a month hit about 6000 Sv dose. If you die within days, hours, weeks, you've topped 10,000 Sv.

X-rays and CTs for medical purposes are measured in milli-sieverts.... that is, thousandths of a sievert. Tiny doses, in other words. Tinier dnow than ever, as the've refined technology to help get more info for less radiation exposure.


How did I get from Ladybugs to X-=rays? Don't ask.

Blessed day to all, and prayers continue for us all.




Morning Leo. I actually never knew ladybug swarms were an issue for people. Pretty sure it doesn't happen much this far north. Either way I hope you're done with them. Radiology was actually one of my favorite classes in school. People worry about radiation exposure from X-rays and CT scans (one CT=about 50 chest x-rays in terms of radiation exposure), but it turns out you get far more radiation exposure from driving in your car for a year than you would from modern x-rays or CTs. Smoking is even more than driving or flying a plane.

Today is going to be long...I feel so exhausted, and it was snowing this morning. Not enough to stick, but it's so early. It's always too early in my opinion but that's neither here nor there. I might have to work tomorrow morning for a couple hours if they schedule any surgeries...if they don't I'm off like normal but I won't know until tonight for sure. I'd much rather sleep in and not have to rush around to get all my usual stuff done around work.

Miki, if it snowed here like it used to, we'd have fewer ladybugs, alas. Yeah, they and stinkbugs swarm in autumn down here, it's awful. We get treated, but a second swarm is unusual, and the treatment to repel them wears off after a month or so. I hope you get tomorrow off!

Hi Leo, and all

The ladybugs sound a bit invasive. Hope they are all taken care of. Interesting about the Louvre. I read a novel about Versailles once and the writer did an excellent job with the history, and I learned so much. I can't remember the book, or the writer. Thanks for check-in. I hope you have a good day.

Miki, I hope you get tomorrow off. Sorry the snow has hot your area. Nothing here so far.

I didn't stop in here yesterday. I was just having a tough day. No laptop among other things. I need to go back and read everyone's posts.

I'm babysitting my grandson this morning for my daughter's doctors appointment. Looking forward to the snuggles. And he's started smiling.

That's about it for now. I'll try and stop back later. It's a pain on my phone for responding to everyone.

Morning Leo,
We do get a swarm of Asian beetles up here in the fall. Of course at 8 degrees this morn it kind of discourages from moving around a bit.

I'm sorry to hear that it's snowing there. We're suppose to get another 1.5 inches today into tomorrow and I wouldn't wish it on any one. I hope you get your day off tomorrow!

Things are moving forward here kind of. I've overdone it with my hip and body in general, but will survived. My sisters issues are getting more serious in that they are looking more and more to be permanent. She can hold a conversation pretty good now though. That added with a lot of other stressors, Mom not doing so hot (partly because of my sis), brothers total lack of involvement, Gin quitting her job anytime now (maybe already)..all add to this anxious feeling. Ummmm better days ahead?

Hope we all find at least a moment of peace today,


When it rains, it pours, Kel... and boy, does it suck. Big purring help.
Ida, hope you can find rest and relaxation:-)

Enjoy your time with your grandson! :-)

Good morning! Leo, I hope the ladybugs are gone now. I’m in Charlotte and it’s pretty cold here, so I hope it’s cold enough up there to take care of them. Thanks for the history lesson.

Miki, I’m with you on feeling exhausted. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever felt rested. Probably I’d do too much and then crash. Oh well. I hope you feel better as the day goes on.

Ida, oh, baby time. That sounds wonderful.

Kel, oh my, 8 degrees?!? Sounds awful. Wow, you’re dealing with a lot right now. It’s good your sister can at least hold a conversation. I hope you’re able to find peace somehow.

I forgot to mention yesterday to Milily, I’m glad your brother is gone now. Sounds like his visit was a fiasco.

I’m doing okay. I went and got my hair cut yesterday, and I just hate those big mirrors. I always look fat and I just looked exhausted yesterday. It was really depressing. I like how the Lyrica is helping with the pain, but I don’t know about this tiredness. Since I’m on a lower dose than before, I’m hoping I’ll get used to this. Ben was a wild man last night and chasing the other cats most of the night. I’m glad it’s a four-day work week this week and I get Friday off. I’ll need it. Hope everyone has a good day.


Leo, we get ladybugs here and in fact I just heard something on the news about the different colored ones not really being ladybugs and they were brought here for a reason, but to watch out for them they stink if you squish them and they bite. We've had one swarm at work where they got in the building but I haven't had a problem at home ever. I think it's funny you counted them. LOL. I hope your day is ladybug free and quiet and calm. Don't we all wish for quiet and calm days. Hugs and blessings

Miki, I'm sorry about the snow and that you may have to work tomorrow morning. I really hope you get your full day off. Stay warm and pace best you can today.

ida, I had to use my phone when I first switched jobs to sign in and I hated it too. I hope you have fun with your grandson this morning, and stay warm today.

kel, It is always something isn't it. I really wish you could have peace and quiet in your neck of the woods. I'm praying for your family and hoping Gin waits a bit so things aren't so stressful on you. My siblings don't like helping my mom so I understand the frustration with your brother. Sending you warm hugs.

I'm cold as usual it was 38 in okc this morning. The bus stop was spent in the Jeep. It's funny most of us parents were in our cars at the stop, and I remember growing up and waiting in the cold, ice, rain with no parents. I can't imagine leaving my girls at a bus stop alone now. I have another busy day at work which I'm actually thankful for. This week is flying by with all the work I have to do.

My pain is sticking around in full force, but my neck doesn't seem as bad this week, however my hip and lower back are taking it's place and my legs and arms burn a lot when I try to use them or hold something. Like holding the hairdryer up or getting something out the cabinet seems harder.

I hope everyone has a great day. I'm thinking of you all and I always check back later but I may not have time to respond.

Good morning Leo. My husband has your same bug affliction but with stink bugs at the moment. I don't think it makes you the villain, just nature's current population control. Someone has to do it! i enjoyed the information on radiation; I've always been into mental and physical health knowledge/trivia.

Miki, that was good info to know about x-rays and CTs. I admit after all of those and MRIs I've had I've grown a little concerned about the radiation so it's good to know I don't need to be. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't have to go in tomorrow. Both for your sake and in hopes that one less little ball of fluffy love doesn't need it. You need the rest.

Ida the time with your grandson sounds wonderful. Baby snuggles can be so uplifting. I hope you have a better day today.

Kel my heart goes out to you with life being so hard right now. That is a lot to have on your shoulders at once. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers hoping for better days.

I went to see my rheumatologist this morning, had to see a very awkward NP instead, but should be on track to get back on my Lyrica. The Gabapentin is allowing the pain, swelling, and clumsy body to get worse every day so keeping my hopes that the prior-auth is approved. The hubby is going away camping for the weekend leaving tomorrow so I'm a little nervous that 1. He will freeze in the woods and 2. I will have a rough time dealing without him but hey, I lived on my own before him so I'll manage. Yay for Panera and heat packs!

Taking deep breaths and keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Aloha, everyone. And I get to say good morning this time lol.

I'm up a little early today... I have an appointment at the GI clinic with the NP. I am praying she will give an Rx another try, just something / anything to help me... I'm at my wits end with this constipation and gut pain.
I don't know if I'll be able to go on my trip next month like this. If she doesn't find something to help.

I snuck out to walmart yesterday by myself so I could get away from mom for the day.... and when she found out she was quite upset and gave me an earful. I told her I have to have ONE freakin day alone -without her. OMG. Today she starts her liquids for the colonoscopy prep. She's been acting like it's the apocalypse. I may have to take her to her colonoscopy tomorrow.

After my appt today I'll stop by the mall for a kids coloring book. I'm doing one of those Christmas shoe boxes the churches send out, mine is for a boy. It's pretty much all packed with a T-shirt, sunglasses, tooth brush, a rubix cube, coloring pencils, spiderman deck of cards, except for the coloring book.

Leo, that's pretty cool how Roentgen discovered x-rays. I've never seen a swarm of lady bugs here and not a lot of red ones either, but I've seen a lot of the gray and orange ones.

Miki, I'm sorry it's snowing.... I hope your day isn't as long as you predicted. I'm glad we don't have to worry about x-rays and CTs

Ida, I hope you get a computer soon. Glad you have your grandbaby to cheer you up :)

Kel, that's a lot of stuff to juggle... it's no wonder your family is stressed (so are you)! I'm glad your sis at least can hold a conversation. Is she getting therapy? Hang in there! Hugs

Susan, sounds like Ben keeps you on your toes lol. Well, they say to give a new med 30 days before a yea or nay.

Twins, funny you brought that up. Mom and I were just talking about how I grew up doing things and going everywhere by myself. Parents escort their kids everywhere today... and if the kids get a booboo or do something naughty, all of a sudden it's a viral internet video about how bad the parents are. Really? Kids are kids! They do stuff. Let them fall and scrape their knees. Let them make mistakes and learn. That's part of growing up. Sorry about your legs and arms.... that's not a good feeling :(. I only get it when I go for a swim (exercise). What did your doctor say about that? Have they every recommended PT? Of course, I don't know if PT will help nerve pain... I'm jus trying to think of something.

Manard, yay for getting back on Lyrica. Your husband's camping in the cold? smh. It's not your survival I'm worried about. Let us know how it goes!

It's Friday tomorrow. Hang in there, everyone.

Ha ha... that should tell you how brain fogged I am.... tomorrow is Thursday. Friday was wishful thinking LOL

Twin, I get that burning pain too in my arms and legs. I was standing talking to a co-worker yesterday and my legs started burning, and then I also get pain in my arms from holding the hair dryer, and anything else I do with my arms. It's better with the Lyrica, but I still get it. I've been told if I still need help with the pain, they could prescribe something else along with the Lyrica.

Maynard, I hope you can have a nice, relaxing weekend, without worrying about your husband freezing.

Blue, I hope you get something to help with your stomach. My stomach has hurt pretty much my whole life. I've done some things that help like going gluten-free, trying not to eat processed food, and drinking lemon water. I've thought about going to a specialist about it but I'm already seeing specialists for the neuropathy, so my stomach is going to have a wait a while. Good luck with your mom. Tomorrow is going to be my Friday, so you're not completely wrong. lol

Had my brain MRI yesterday, took my klonopin half hour before and STILL had a panic attack. They put your head in a plastic cage and i dont know why they call it an open MRI its just as closed at the regular ones! They had to redo the first 15 mins i was breathing so heavy panicking that my head was moving. Then at the end they had to put dye in my veins which my veins are awful so took 3 tries. I am worn out today, we were gone from 7am until 5pm. Very long day. Now to wait to hear how the MRI turned out, waiting on a call from the neuro optomologist. I am in terrible pain today but no wonder after yesterday.

Angela, that's why I have to be completely sedated. I can't deal. It's caged-head in a tube, and ACK. So, big hugs to you!

To all others, hmm, I've never heard of other ladybug colors. I just know theyre icky and must be killed, as they're an invasive species, just like those bleeping stinkbugs (squish those, and it's like skunk, no joke, horrible!)

Wish tomorrow *was* Friday!

Big hugs!

OK, just looked up true ladybugs versus Asian beetles. The former are always red, uniform spots, and the latter are orange to dark red, and variant markings. THis article was pretty cool. And yes, the evil ladybugs in my house are the Asian type. I don't think any of the true ladybugs are around at all anymore. Competition, et cetera.
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