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Windblown Wednesday Check-in

 Good morning! We have power! Until the winds knock trees into a substation again... We have had more power issues from wind than any other event in my time living in this area.

If the Big Blizzard of the US is hitting you, I hope it just sideslaps you like it did most of my area. *whew*  If not, stay warm and safe, okay? I lived up in the Big Frozen Yonder as a kid, and I know what those blizzards do. *shivers*


We had good news, sorta, locally. A pipeline we've been fighting may be nixed or delayed (again) because of geology. God bless the person who said, "Guys, this is X County. We have deadly landslides. Let's see if a pipeline build will ... Holy crap!" Yes, it's vertical here, and the thing is, it's folded/faulted. So if it "slips", it isn't mud. It's whole bloody da*n hunks of bedrock at times. Worse, the Blue Ridge itself is primarily tough igenous and metamorphic, but the part that wasn't altered by tectonics and volcanics and similar icks? Is good old sedimentary stuff. Which, at an angle, is basically really prone to slippage. Shale, limestone, sandstones, etc., all do this pretty readily.

Why do I oppose the pipeline? B/c it's nto even for local use for one thing. The natural gas is going to end up in New Jersey. So why is it even cutting through my state?! Well, apparently rather than bulid along the ridgelines of the Appalachias up to PA and then cut east, b/c then that interferes with mountaintop-destroying coal mining (seriously, it's not worth it, y'all, the valleys are filled in, water sources are buried or destroyed, it's *horrifying*).... They'll just slap it down any old where and tie in to a big pipeline along the coast. Now, odds of an explosion are thin, but leaks are common othese pipelines, so much so that often people "tend them" in the old days by simply slapping on a cheap valve and burning off the leakage. I've seen it done, in my childhood. It's nuts. THis is stuff that can blow up a city block if it goes wrong.... And they're out there with stuff from Home Depot and a da*n cig lighter. "Yep, all fixed!".... Uh.... Wait....  "Oh, just don't let anything catch fire..." Like, y'know, the forest? Or that weed-choked right-of-way cut around your pipeline? "Oh, no problem, we just have a plane bomb it with herbicides twice a year." And the quesiton came up, "But our well water..." and the answer was "Your problem, you shouldn't live downstream of a pipeline." To which "But we were here first!" got "Yeah, so?"

*tail lash* Yeah, they reallllly care, those fuel companies. *examines claws thoughtfully* OK,I'm better now.


It's the Ides of March! I think last year I did a long ROman calendar thing, so this year: It's when Julius Caesar got assassinated, and there were allegedly omens, blah blah blah, 23 fellow senators got angry and knifed him (or 21 did and someone got in extra hits, accounts vary). "Ides" is just the 15th of any month, btw.

In better news for Italians, at least, Columnbus on this date in 1493 returned from his first outing to the Americas/New World. He was, of course, given money for a second voyage, b/c hey, what's not to love about pillage?

Today in 1781, less than 2000 British soldiers defeated over twice that number of colonial rebels at Guilford Court House, North Carolina, US. That said, the Brits took very heavy casualties (for that time and that army), of about 25 percent lost to death/injury. The reduction of his troops meant General Cornwallis (UK) was facing a lot of cranky colonials with diminished numbers, and I know this fact b/c a college classmate gloated constantly about the Brit victory and it was verrrrry annoying, so I had to remind him of facts.  ONe of which is, the lessened troop numbers were part of what forced Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown.

In Finland today in 1907 (hi, Kel!), women won seats in the Finnish parliament for the first time.

In 1917, Russian tsar Nicholas II abdicated, and abdicated his son's claim to the throne of "all the Russias" as well. The "February Revolution" (there was also an October Revolution and... just assume that, as the name implies, revolutions occurred regularly for a bit).... was what forced Nick2 to abdicate. He and his family were imprisoned, and then, the following year, sent to the Ural SOviet. Lenin eventually approved their execution/murders in July 1918, and that was that for them. 

Little-known fact: Nick2's kid brother (and only one to survive that long what with illness and such) Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich put in his claim to the imperial throne of all the Russias, etc., but he didn't really want to. How much so? At one point he'd married his mistress (formerly a married woman herself) to remove himself from succession. As it turned out, didn't matter. Nobody was going to accept antoher tsar, and he was imprisoned and killed in 1918. He did, however, have the wit to make sure his wife (much beloved, apparently) got the he** outta town about a month before he was killed, so he idd know things weren't going to go his way. Meanwhile, disinformation (the alterrnative news of the day) claimed he was free and about ot lead a counter-revolution. Some Germans helped his wife escape via Kiev and the British Royal Navy.


And I'm off to escape the amazing fun of laundry (not) and so forth. Blessings on everyone's day, and remember to exercise good self-care, okay?



Good morning, all. Leo, hope the power stays on for you. I like Russian tsar stuff. Very interesting. I read a pretty good novel once, called Zoya, about the revolution and what happened leading up to that. Thanks for check-in.

Still coughing my guts out. At least I feel pretty good. Lots to do today. I'm trying to find a psychiatrist...I guess there is a shortage or something. No one is taking new patients. I have packing to do and no time for this.

Speaking of bad snowstorms....the area we are moving to had almost 2 ft of snow with this last storm, and many accidents. Hope it melts quickly.

Well, better get moving. Later....

Morning Leo,
Sorry to hear about the high winds over your way. It was 2 at my house this morn but calm and is suppose to warm up to about normal finally! (30 or so). Should be a nice day today.
Great history lesson, as always. GO FINNS! ;-)

I did mention to my doc the other day that maybe my great an powerful brain meds may be the cause of my headaches. She didn't think so but suggested that I wait until I talk with my neuro next month about them...unless it's an emergency. Thank you for the great suggestion!

Kinda funny that Gin said the same thing about me hurting my hip on the way to the doc and not having it looked at. My response: "I didn't go to the doc to get my hip checked!". I can be such a Kel once in awhile at least. :-)

Speaking of's a little better. Almost like the pain went deeper though. I'm pretty good on the level and going down stairs, still one stepping up though. Other than that, ummmmmmm, I've been worse. Oh, I'll be in Vegas one week from today...everyone is invited to come out and join me! The first cocktail on me offer still stands, as always!

Hoping today is better for all of my fibro friends,


Glad to hear that you are doing a little better today! Try not to overdo it with your packing. Hopefully the snow will melt quickly in the area that you are moving to!

Ida, I bid your cough begone!
Kel, seriously, you're such a guy (no offense). My hubs does the same. "Oh but I wasn't there for that..." *eyeroll*

Vegas sounds lovely. No floor-scrubbing. Which is what's got me flaring this week, along with weather, but it's gotta be done and Hubby's idea of floor scrubbing is my idea of "a quick mop". But we've residue left from Mom and flea killers and stuff and it's hands-and-knees work. Not even a rented machine helped enough. *sigh* But if I don't have the floors cleaned up, we can't think about using the space, b/c the yucky is there. ANd will track all over the rest of hte house. And and and...

I know i've not been responding individually lately. Sorry. I'm so freaking worn out. But I do read and care, I promise:-)

Kel, sorry your hip is hurting. Hope you didn't crack something. Aren't I just gloom and doom. Have fun in Vegas!

Leo, my hubby takes care of the floors. I cringe sometimes, but I can't do it, so it has to be good enough.

Did I tell you guys that we rented the condo sight unseen? I can't wait to see it. Hubby and I are going to drive down there next week and get a start on hauling things. He's not working next week.

Omg I should have just stayed in bed today. Spent 10 minutes cleaning cat vomit this morning because she couldn't just do it on the hard floor, she ran to the doormat instead. Gave her an anti nausea med as I ran out the door then realized when I was past the point where I could turn around that I didn't put the carabiners on the dogs crate. Basically just gonna worry about that until my dad lets her out around noon, he's gonna let me know if she escaped. Then I got to work on time even though I left a little late only to spend 20 minutes trying to get in the building because the lock was frozen. Half a bottle of hand sanitizer later I made it inside and I was close to tears at that point. Hope everyone has a good day today

Leo, you get us started everyday and you do chime back in, don't worry about it. We all get worn out and sometimes doing one more thing is just not possible. Thanks for always starting us out.

ida, cough be gone, I'm praying that worked. ;-) Seriously, I hope it starts getting better. Be careful today with packing and rest plenty.

kel, do you know how many times I've been told the problem I was having was not from the med, and then I take matters in my own hands and stop the med, and low and behold the problem went away. Doctors are not experts on meds and heck even pharmacist have gotten it wrong for me. You have to listen to your body, and Lyrica affects the brain and it did that to me, as does your med, so highly likely. I just don't want you to have to deal with anything else. I hope it gets figured out.

I had marriage counseling last night, once again it wore me out and I cried all evening. The only positive was I slept hard after all of the crying. I'm trying to get over it and move forward, it's so hard. Still experiencing stomach pain.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Miki, good one on hand sanitizer for the life hack:-_) I am so sorry your day started bumpy.
Twin, gentlest support and hugs. I've used many boxes of tissues and had many naps, and just remind yourself that it's like physical therapy, but it's for your heart's sake, and so it'll still be tough and tiring, okay? I wish I could cure your stomach pain.

Mom just called. Announcing she's deaf. And I'm so stressed i blurted, "So how are you gonna hear me?" and she snaps, "Only in one ear!" .... Her sinus infection that she gave me last week? Isn't clearing up. We're taking her into the doc whether or not she likes it, and I'm adding soup-making to today's To-Do List with Laundry, Floors, and sobbing quietly into a stuffed animal shaped like a penguin....

Just popping into say I made it through the storm OK. Just some blinking lights. However, 9000 of my neighbors did lose power. Hope they get power quickly. And it wasn't really a blizzard since th blizzard conditons didn't last three hours. Last I heard it wasn't so much snow. Only 18 inches. A volunteer is digging out my car.

As always, hope every has a good and peaceful day.

Miki, how frustrating and exhausting for you. I would have been the exact same way. I hope your day gets better.

Leo, thank you so much! Sorry that your stress just increased and now you need to take care of your mother.

Ann, I'm glad you survived the storm, and how lucky you are to still have power.

Leo good morning and I totally agree with you on the pipeline. I see on the news pretty regularly about a house or apartment complex that has exploded. They are dangerous and I guess it's just ok with them if only a few people a year lose their home or life from explosions.
Ida I still think that doctor should have given you something for your cough. I hope you get better soon and don't overdo. I know you have lots to do but you don't want to push so much that you end up sick in bed.
AnnNY 18 inches is a lot of snow where I live. We had 15 once this year and it shut down the city.
Twinmom it hurts my heart that you are having such a hard time with your counseling. I wish I could just give you a hug and make it better.
Miki I hope your day at work goes better than the start of your day. It is always hard to deal with sick pets but when you are rushed for time it is just sucky.
Mnfibro glad to see that your weather is letting up a bit. I am sending warm winds your way.
BBmom Vegas should be a lot of fun. I wish we could take a vacation but not in the cards. Be gentle with that hip. No more accidents.

Good morning Leo. I hope your power stays on. Last year our main utility company went through and cut a lot of trees down that were hanging on power lines, that seems to have helped. Take it easy today and don’t rassle too much with the laundry! I wish you weren’t having to deal with your mom too. It is probably her ear is plugged, let’s hope.

Ida I wish you weren’t still coughing your guts out. I am hoping that you can get some packing done today and not feel too bad. I am sorry you have to look for new doctors. That is just frustrating.

I would love to join you in Vegas, Kel. I want to escape this snow and I love Vegas. It is so much fun. I wish you weren’t hurting too badly today. I am hoping the sunshine next week will help you out. In your defense, I have gone to the docs and not talked about everything before, but I should have!!

Oh Miki, you should have stayed home! I hate when my day starts like that it sucks. I hope your pup stays in the crate today and doesn’t escape. Yuck to the vomit.

Twin, yay for sleep, but not because you cried. I wish you didn’t have tummy troubles too. I hope your pain is less today too.

Ann I am glad that you have someone to shovel your car out and that you didn’t lose power. I hope your day goes okay today.

Work is closed today. It was supposed to open at noon, but decided not to. I have a roast in the crock pot. I cannot wait to eat it. I may make an apple crisp too, since I missed doing something like it on Pi day. The pain in my legs has moved to burning, not the “good pain” from exercising. We got about 20 or more inches of snow. Hubby and Sonny have things plowed out. I shoveled off the hot tub. There were some drifts about 3’ deep. I am not leaving the house!!

Have a good day all.

HA! I forgot me. I am exhausted after my counseling appt. yesterday. I think it's the last few days actually. I am going to do my walking on treadmill today and read for awhile. The house is clean and it is raining buckets outside so no laundry happening today. I guess that means a me day. I hope you all have a day filled with little joys. Blessed be

I slept 11 hours, slept from a little before 10pm to 6am got up went to the bathroom and back to bed till almost 9. I feel more awake tahn i been but still need the danged coffee i cant have with acid reflux :( Still waiting for the nexium to go thru. MY jaw is killing me i woke up clenching my teeth together and can barely chew. I just took pain meds my pains thru the roof. Have a good low pain day all. No where i have to go today YAY

Very, very tired today. I suspect that I am deconditioned from having my knee fixed and not enough activity. Not sleeping well or at all isn't helping either.

My appointment with the surgeon has been moved up a half an hour due to an emergency. There is usually a long, long wait at their office. I have PT today too. Going to text my partner and ask him to come to PT and drive me home afterwards. I don't think that I can manage.

It is very cold here again today. The sun is out which makes it look nicer than it actually is out there. There are still 2K people without power here and this is day 7 for them.

I read everyone's posts but I don't have the gumption to respond individually. And, I still have a couple of things to do around here before I leave. Thinking of all you and hoping that you have a decent day!
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