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Wet Weekend Check-in

Good morning/day/evening/whatever!

Forecast here is hot/humid/rainy, so the fibro is angry. Which is fair. I'm not in a great mood. Had a rough few days emotionally, and then got the nightmare-sleep last night. Blah. Ouchie ouchie ouchie.

But tonight is Date Night at a launch party for a bakery/candy shop. Invite only. oooh-la-la! But casual. He and another friend of ours know the owner, so it's kinda in that "social circle". And my PTSD therapist wants me to do social events. Even if being in an enclosed space with lots of strangers is sorta social hell. Still, it's time with Hubby. It's in another county/town, so long drive there and long drive back, and we get together time. Fortunately, we spend time together in a car without issue 99 percent of the time. We're good travel buddies that way, LOL.


Today's Google doodle honors Susan Picotte, who was not only rare for being a woman doctor in the late 19th century, but for also being the first definite case of a Native American medical doctor.

In 1579, Sir Francis Drake claimed what we now call San Francisco Bay for England. That didn't stick, obviously. Still, nice try.

In 1876, Crazy Horse, leading Sioux and Cheyenne alike, kicked US General George Crook's butt. Later that same year, General George Custer went down to infamous defeat at Little Big Horn. Crazy Horse was part of that one, too. The "Great Sioux War of 1876", I'll note, didn't actually go too well for the whites. Overwhelming nasty force (including destroying their homes) heped lead to eventual the war's end and a treaty that set up the reservations  and naturally negated any and all prior agreements b/c hey, why not. Pfft. BTW, most people don't know about the Rosebud River defeat of Crook, b/c Custer's in June was spectacular. Down to just about the last man, and Custer, ever a showy showman of a general, had a big popular profile. (In modern terms, he'd be all over Facebook and Twitter.)

Happy Birthday, Republic of Ireland! Established today in 1944, despite British insistence that Ireland was English turf. That happened a lot with Celtic peoples near the English. (Wales. Cornwall. Scotland...)

Meanwhile, if you think veterans get shafted now, try this on for size. Post WW-1, bonuses were up for debate in Congress. Over 10,000 veterans massed around the US Capitol, to no avail. The "Bonus Bill" was defeated. Now, bear in mind, this is 1932, and the Great Depression, and veterans were asking for a bonus they'd been promised long and often. Annnnd.... pfft.


OK, off to the chore list. May your weekend be wonderful!

(And safe. And healing. And safe. And healing. And.... well, you get the idea.)



Hi Leo. Date night sounds good, even with the stress. I hope it goes well for you.

The heat is tough, that's for sure. Only a few days til I go back to work. I made an appointment with a counselor for Wednesday, June 21, at 6:15 PM. I think I have to try to get my mental health under control. I'm leery of antidepressants because I've already tried so many, but counseling can help. Though the last counselor told me I was doing as well as anyone could do in my circumstances. Um, no. I don't expect my depression to go away; I just want to spend a lot less time in the very pit of it where I start to entertain thoughts of hurting myself.

So that's it. Work starts Tuesday, and the counselor is Wednesday. <Deep breaths>

Wish you all a wonderful day.

Aloha. Sorry it's been a rough few days for you, Leo. The party sounds fun, maybe even yummy, I hope it lifts your spirits.

Rough day, night, and morning. Tapping on my phone. Phone was ringing off the hook with one problem after another. My aunt is in the ICU with a skull fracture. Had some problems with the VA to sort out. And so on.

Then the storm knocked the power out and my MIL announced water pumps are down (they use well water and rain catchment) that we have a max of 3 toilet flushes... and there 4 adults AND my stomach was messed up all night. Ugh.

Had to finish packing by candle light last night and this Am. Tummy still bugging me go figure. Anyway, we head out soon. Power won't be restored till after we're long gone. It will be long day ahead. I'm tired and feel like road kill. Ok, nough complaining. Better get movin. Hugs to all! Have a good weekend.

Good weekend, everyone.

Leo, thanks for check-in. Hope you have a great date night. I always enjoy your history stuff, by the way.

ZK, glad you are getting some emotional help for starting to work again. I'm sure it's a tough situation. Hang in there.

Blue, I remember living on the farm and having such troubles when the power would go least until the generator got going. I pity you. You need some rest. I hope you can sleep on the plane.

I woke up with lots of anxiety again this morning. I texted my daughter to see if she wanted to get together this morning. My hubby is working today. She said yes. I would like to get a new purse and wallet, since mine was stolen. I should wait until the money comes, but I'm getting restless over it.

Everything is going well with Quincy. He does his business outside. He kind of dances around when he has to go. Goldendoodles are funny. He looks great with his new hair cut. So cute. He really helps me feel better. He's small enough to lay in my lap too.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Morning everyone . I'm pretty much a dead man walking today. I ended up going out with the guy again last night, withthe intention of only staying out til 9:30...then lost track of time and left around 10:30 instead. So I've slept like 9 hours in 2 days. But I did have fun last night too. I'm hoping I'll have time to take a nap later, or I'll just collapse at like 7 pm. Or both. I'm at spin class right now waiting for it to start and thinking that all I really have to do is stay upright on a bike that's not moving. I also did end up meeting with the therapist on Thursday, and she does want me to comeomce a week, so I guess we'll see how that works out financially. Gotta try and curb my spending as much as I can. Anyway class is about to start, hope everyone has a good weekend

Leo, I'm jealous of your evening plans. I really hope you have a wonderful time. I really hate chore lists. Mine never seems empty no matter how I feel. I would love to visit Ireland. My mothers maiden name is Fitzgerald and lots of redheads and accents in our family. My sister got the red head and freckles, I got the long face and nose my moms family has, lucky me. haha :-)

Zombie, I remember being right were you're at when I lost my job and had to find another one almost 2 yrs back. It was the hardest time of my life with my fibro, but I am so glad I hung in there. Yes I hate working, but it is my only true rest where I can sit down, and it has helped me out so much financially and with health insurance. I pray you find this to be life changing in a great way, but you'll never know unless you try. I commend you for trying and already setting up a therapist to help with the transition. Hang in there, it could be well worth it. I know it's tough, but you have fibro, we are tough breed.

Blue, you sound so miserable and I wish it could all be better before you're on your way home. I pray the flight goes great, your tummy stops hurting, and your hubby treats you like a queen. Hugs

ida, I understand wanting a new purse after having yours stolen. I would replace mine fast money or not. I'm so glad Quincy has been such a great addition to the family. You deserve lots of happiness, and I'm glad he brings that to you. I hope you have fun with your daughter and you get some rest this weekend too.

miki, I think you are so brave with the dating. I'm not sure I could ever date again after everything I've been through. I hope he is a great guy. Praying you make it through spin class with no extra pains, and you get a nap later today.

The water park was a great time, and it worked out really well. Maddie loves all of the rides and tried a lot with her dad. I can't climb the stairs for the tallest slides, but I did do the shorter one with Maddie once. The rest of the time Addison and I were mermaids in the pool, lazy river, or wave pool. We even made 4 friends that were all sister and brother, and played together for a long time before I ever saw their mother. It seems weird to me to leave your children out in a pool by themselves when there are so many strangers everywhere. I know I'm a freaking hawk when it comes to my kids. Well the pain was bad as I expected but the heat did help with my nerve pain, as it always does. I got home after about 4.5 hrs and I couldn't move, fatigue and feet/knees were stiff and so achy. I need to clean and bake, and grocery shop today, so yes I'm ready to throw in the towel.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

My mind is a scary place when im depressed, and im very depressed. No I am NOT suicidal, but its still a scary place :( I hate this! I am sick of the comments im getting (not on here) To just get over it or snap outta it or like mom says, when will you be feeling better. I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!! I cant control this *would cry if i could right now* I have no tears i have the urge and need to cry but no tears will come........... Pain does not like depression either......

Morning Leo and the gang. I slept very little last night. I kept hearing little noises and would have to get up and check. I am so freaked out by the almost break in that I can't settle. My partner is going to spend half the day with my daughter today and then go to a bbq at a friends house from work.
Leo I love your info. I learn something new and I like that. I hope date night is a good and tasty one. I am sorry you have had such a rough few days. I hope it gets better soon.
Ida thanks for the response. I am sorry if it brought back feelings you are trying to get under control. I didn't think anyone would be on that late. I hope you have a great time with your daughter shopping. A new purse and wallet sounds great. I love my little doggy and think Quincy will do you wonders.
Miki I hope today finds you resting and catching a few zzz's. I am glad your date went so well. I couldn't do spin class on my best day. I don't know how you do it. You must work very hard to keep in shape.
Blue I remember days when power was out and no water. It wasn't fun. I hope you can rest on the plane and that you have a safe and uneventful trip home.
I will be by myself most of the day into the evening. My partner got one of those doorbell thingys that brings up a video on my phone and tablet. Now at least I can see who is at the door. Luna was freaked out the rest of yesterday and would come sit on my lap facing the door. She is my little protector. Did I ever tell you all that she weighs maybe 12 pounds at most? lol But she was in attack mode when it happened. She was all growls and snapping at the door.
I hope you all have a great day filled with chocolates and naps.

Morning Peeps- It is going to be a scorcher here today with a high heat index. I had a restless night and I'm definitely feeling the issues that come along with high heat.

So far today, I've done some chores and some extra cleaning in the kitchen. Fiddly stuff like the knobs on the stove, the glass shades on the ceiling fan and so on. I'm ramping up to finish scooping cat boxes, take a shower and go over to my Mom's for a short visit. I found a person to do some gardening over there and I want to see how things are going for myself. It will be a short visit because I want to get in the pool before the forecasted afternoon storms start. As usual, my partner is out in the garage dismantling his car *again.* This time he is replacing the strut assembly on the front end. I'd like one weekend where we could do something different/fun on Saturday.

Leo - Date night sounds pretty yummy to me. I hope that you really enjoy yourself.

Zombie - I'm glad that you have an appointment to see a counselor. Some extra support can be really helpful. Hugs!

Blue - You are probably well on your way back home now. I'm sorry that your aunt is in ICU. I hope that she'll be OK. Hoping that you will survive the long trip home alright. Hang in there!

Ida - I am so glad that Quincy is good company for you! He sounds like such a little cutie. Go buy yourself a new purse and wallet. It will help restore some sense of normalcy to have those things back. I hope that you and your daughter have a nice time today.

Mikki - I have no idea how you manage to run or do spin classes. I could sit on the bike and maybe look cute after my glam squad got done with me but that's about it. Glad to hear that you and this new guy have hit it off. And, that you got in to see a counselor. Have a good weekend and get some rest!

Twin - I agree with you about leaving your kids alone in a setting with lots of other people/strangers. When my nieces were little I always had a death grip on them when we were out somewhere. The water park sounds like it was really fun. I've never been to one. I hope that you can get through your errands today and maybe be able to sit still and watch a movie or something later. Hugs!

AngelaJo - You are going to get through this. Every day is another day towards feeling better. I hope that you were able to get a little bit of sleep last night. Ignore your mother's comments if you can - they are not helpful. We are here for you. You've done so well getting and asking for support - Bravo!

Autumn - TW - I saw that you almost had a break in too. What is wrong with people these days? ??!! I have an alarm system with panic button strategically placed throughout the house. We had an incident a few years ago with a guy trying to look into the living room slider while I was home alone. And, a drunken, potentially violent neighbor. That did it for me. I have a cat that growls like a German Shepard when she hears or sees something that she doesn't like. I'm talking the full *smile* too. Another good thing to have handy is a can of wasp spray that shoots 20 feet. That is blinding. I have some of that around too in various places that I can get to quickly. It is too bad that we have to think like this these days. I hope that your day is relaxing and uneventful.

Off to shower and see Mom. I will check back later to see how everyone is holding up. Shout out to our new hip warrior Kel! I hope that you are coming home today! Later!

Hello, miki, twin, Angela, and Autumn. My eyes are so droopy that I can't get anything written to you right now. I just hope everyone's day improves.

Daughter had a different idea and we are going to her house for dinner tonight for Father's Day, and to play cards. Tomorrow is my daughter and her husband's 12th anniversary, so they want to spend that together. I'm really too tired to go purse shopping anyway. Time for a nap. Take care all.

Hi Fantod....I missed ya. Have a great weekend...despite the heat.

Zombie so glad that you have the counseling apt on Wednesday. I hope that the new job is one that you can enjoy and that doesn't cause you more pain.
Fantod I feel for you with the heat and humidity. I hope that you get your swim in before the storms come in. It sounds like you have already had a busy start to your day.
Angela I am sorry that your mom and others aren't supportive. It saddens me that they think you can just move on when you are depressed. I wish your counselor could help you too but know that it is a process.
Ida I hope you enjoy dinner at your daughters tonight. It should be a nice Fathers day treat for your hubby.
Mikki really it threw me right into PTSD and OCD all in one. I kept checking the lock to be sure it was not damaged. Thanks for all the great ideas. My partner got Ring it is a video system that starts to video tape anytime someone walks up to the door. I can see it on a tablet. It will help some but it will be a long time if ever that I feel safe here again. I hope you enjoy your visit with your mom.
Leo thanks for the hug. It is amazing how many people this happens to. We have had several break ins and a few people killed so it makes me even more nervous. Drugs are a huge problem here and they want money or anything they can sell for drugs.
Twin I am so happy your pool trip went so well. It sounds like the girls had a blast. You have an awfully busy day ahead. I hope you get some down time.

Hi friends

I am in a flare from over doing it Wed - Fri. I am so painful and tired and fatigued. Last night I wrote here I was going to go rest and watch Netflix and I got in bed and immediately fell asleep for 3 hours. I have decided to take it easy as much as possible all weekend . Just do a little laundry here and there and work on the dishes. NO extra stuff. I have learned over the last 14 years of fibro that I must listen to my body. Also , my lower back is acting up.

Next week is busy (for my abilities) - I have to go to the allergist/immunologist 3 days for the patch allergy testing, get groceries, and I have an open house I must go to (my best friends oldest daughter graduated High School). I am really hoping this allergy patch testing finds the cause of my skin issues and I can figure out what to avoid and get rid of this issue. I am sick of my skin making me miserable. The nurse told me on the phone they will test for 100 things.

It is warm and humid here and storms and rain are suppose to happen this afternoon thru Sunday morning . We need the rain here.

I will try to get back here during the weekend to respond to everyone.

G'afternoon to all of you.

Before I jump into my homework regarding evolutionary personality theory and how it influences interpersonal relationships. I wanted to check in and see how every one is doing. I woke up this morning feeling good compared to most days, so I took advantage and went outside to clean up after the dogs. It was nice to enjoy the sun but, temperatures are starting to rise in So. Cal today. I hear it's going to be very hot day. Meaning drowsiness later in the day, and if my hubby has the ac on all day.... flare up for me.

Have a great date night Leo. Enjoy every minute of it.

It sounds like you're going on trip Blue. Have a safe one(if you are) and I hope your aunt gets well soon. I know those tummy issues all too well. If I don't have tummy issues, I have urinary issues.

If getting that new purse and wallet is going to help you feel good, then go for it Ida! Happy shopping!

Have a great weekend Miki and glad you had a fun night out last night.

Sounds like you had fun Twin at the water park even though you had consequences after. Hope your flare calms down for those daily chores and grocery shopping.

Angela I know your frustration. That's how I felt for 4yrs before I knew what was going on. Hope you feel better.

Sorry to hear about your almost break in Autumn. In time things will get better for you. Hang in there.

Fantod I know the feeling. With homework every weekend and the hubby not having a job (besides little side jobs he picks up) I'm limited on fun things to do. Every once in awhile I get us movie tickets for two on groupon, but usually my kids are with us too. so it adds up. My kids are home bodies, most of the time they just want to stay home. Unless I am having a flare up day then of course everyone wants to get out and doing something.

I am glad you have counseling on Wednesday Zombie.

Well I hope today turns out to be a great day for you all. Now personality theories...

I hope the allergy testing goes well. I had one done because everything I would eat would cause a reaction. Found out the things that are good for me to eat with my IBS, diabetes, and fibro are of course what I am allergic too. While the unhealthy stuff... I am not allergic too, or is what triggers my IBS and spikes my sugar.
Good luck with the testing. No worries... there's no pricking or pain and it feels good to find out that day what you are allergic too.

Wow, rain storms would be fun in Southern California Leo, but I know what it does to the body, flare city!
Today, I am "right as rain" today, in my shop bustling around, hopefully I will not be paying for it later!
I have my "ninga hat" it has a vale, to block the sun from my face, so I don't have to try and cover the wound with a bandage that stays on for 10 minutes then falls off...
I am going to get as much done as I can before the toe gets lopped Monday... Hopefully the FMS, AS, and PsA will leave me alone!
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