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Weekend wounds Check-in

Good morning (at last)!

I have a rib that likes to slip in and out a bit (subluxation or whatever it's called). Result of being hurt as a kid (don't ask, please), and it is "slippery". And while it rarely slips? Yep. Partial dislocation in place, so to speak. Overdid it, then just needed that one little extra stressor, and there it went. (Freaking laundry, can you believe? Carried two loads down at once. Dumb me.)


Happy Veterans Day for the US. Speaking as the kid of two veterans, all respect. (But no worship, sorry, just respect!)

Much respect, however, and to my mom and her ilk, who used the military reserves to apy for their educations, and found themselves facing Vietnam. My mom escaped b/c her physical showed she was pregnant with my (late) older sister (good timing on the birth control failure!) but her friends? Not so lucky. Mom has always carried a form of survivor's guilt... not that they died, but that they came back with those nightmares, and she escaped. I hold a special place, on Mom's behalf, for medical personnel in the military. They go in, are restricted on when/if they can shoot back, which in some military organizations even applies to field medics, and... yeah.

Speak of guts? The doctors and medics of the British military who refused to leave behind the wounded at the rout at Dunkirk (WW2) and were taken as POWs b/c they wouldn't leave their patients. Knew they risked it, didn't leave their patients.

And, yes, this is why MASH is an all-time favorite TV show of mine, along with China Beach (Mom cried at e very episode.) I was, in high school, intended to go Navy and become a medical doctor. (Via Annapolis, but then my dad got sick and then my epilepsy manifested and that was that.)


It was a busy day in history, as on this day:

Nat Turner, a slave who "rebelled", in Virginia back in 1831, was hanged for his part in a violent uprising of slaves. Turner was depicted as many things, but rarely as an educated religious minister, which he also was, though he may have forgotten that "vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord" thing a bit. Turner's rebellion led to even harsher laws on African-Americans, even those not enslaved.

In Australia, in 1880, famed (or infamous?) bank robber Ned Kelly was hanged at Melbourne's prison. He was merely 25. Much like the outlaw Jesse James in the US, he was noted for his outlaw ways, somehow ended up a folk hero, and not without justification. The Irish troubles back in the old country meant a lot of people transported to Australia as criminals were political activists, whose causes included unions and Irish independence. Not things the English liked. Moreover, the tens of thousands transported were often Catholics, barred by English colonial law from holding office. Kelly was, of course, raised Catholic. Thus, he represented the impoverished angry people, in popular mind. In reality? Robbed banks, shot cops, the usual outlaw type stuff. Ned Kelly in fact declared his intent to be a "bushranger" when he grew up at one point, according to stories.

What wasa a bushranger? Well, if our Aussie pals will help me out, I *think* they were pretty much.... originally, penal colony escapees who hid out and lived in the "bush", hence the name. The term evolved to mean those who lived in the bush as a base for criminal operations, like raids on banks, etc., much like the "Hole in the Wall Gang" of the Old American West in that sense.... Hide in the wilds, raid the towns, whoop it up, done.

Kelly allegedly got started around age 12, btw. Never too early. Then again, his dad was a horse thief. His mother was arrested for assault on a police constable, but that charge remains a subject of ... ah... well, it's touchy, asit's probable she was arrested for just being Ned Kelly's mother, and not anything she really did. Ned Kelly even tried breaking her out of jail, so it's possible she was arrested to lure him in.

At any rate, the era of the bushrangers pretty much died wiht Ned Kelly in 1880, and like the US Old West.... folklore and popular myth probably have little to do with reality. But that's okay. We need our fantasy lives, right?

And if you're in Europe, Happy Armistice Day! On this day in 1918, the Allies and Germany signed an armistice that ended World War One. That war cost the UK literally at least a generation of men, which influenced the desire to not get involved when HItler came to power in the early 1930s. Nobody wanted a rehash of that death toll, and no wonder.  (BTW, Armistice Day is also observed in New Zealand and a lot of other countries. The US calls it Veterans Day, some call it Remembrance Day.)


And off to... well, ice and heat this blasted rib. I tell you what, if the whumping that gave me this tricky rib was payback for some former life sin in a karmic-Buddhist way? I don't think I could'veb een *that* Bad..... Purrs to all and have a blessed peaceful weekend!



Hey there Sunshine!

Loved today's dip into history. I too have a special place for Veterans in my heart. Never fully realized what these men and women give up until I grew up and had it myself. Life, liberty, love, family....and if you want to make me shed a tear in an instant, show me a military reunion or someone fresh off the plan being greeted by their loved ones.
So to all who have served, and to all the families out there who shared their loved one, Thank you for your service.

Feeling like a crispy fried tatter today. Went to bed feeling fine, Sat up with Beans again for the 4th night in a row. Then when I did get to sleep again, I woke up with a horrible gagging like feeling. You know when you sleep with your mouth open too long and you get that super dry patch in the back of your throat? Well mine didn't go away. Woke up to everything red and angry in there. And that little punching bag looks like it's bleeding it's so red. Feels weird to talk/swallow. Good times.

So my plans may have just changed. Pudge is heading in for her check up later. It will be so nice when we move as she will be closer to our vet. Right now, we have a 30 minute drive across the cities here. She just buries herself in the blankets to hide. Poor little fluffbutt.

Leo, hope you have a great day today, taking care of that rib, man that sounds like it hurts! And to all who follow, my very best to you too.

Thank you for the check-in Leo. I am sorry your rib is acting up. Rib pain sucks. Like you need to use them (ribs) to breath, so yeah, it hurts all the time. I hope your day gets better.

Wonder, I am sorry your throat is all sore and all. Good luck on your trip to the vet. I hope things get better today.

My daughter and two friends are home for the weekend. We had dinner with my sis and BIL and played cards ALL night. I am tired, tired, tired. Hubby is feeling a bit hung over, I think. I forgot to get my homemade cinnamon rolls out of the fridge this morning so now I am still waiting for them to rise. Ugh. No big plans today. Race tomorrow.

Big hugs to all of you.

I have not been around because I'm in a black hole. Saw the rheumatologist.

Worst. Doctor. Ever.

Even by the standards around here.

In so much pain and eyes so swollen I want a lightning bolt to take me out of the game permanently.

Good morning friends,

Leo, great history lesson, thanks. I'm sorry your rib is hurting so much. An older man at church says his wife's ribs do that and she misses church a lot b/c of it. I hope you get to feeling better and you find a way to really enjoy your weekend.

Wonder, Yikes your throat, and you poor thing you are not getting enough sleep at all. Will Beans try anything natural for sleep and swallow pills? I like Hylands Calm Forte and both of my girls will take it from time to time. I had to take it at 2:30 to get back to sleep. I sure hope you get a short nap or don't have anything major to do besides the vet. I hope your throat gets to feeling better.

bbmom, I hope you enjoy time with your daughter and her friend this weekend. It sounds like you also need a nap today.

I'm so glad it's Saturday but I didn't get much sleep. I'm pretty emotional lately with everything that's going on, and my husband doesn't seem to care. I'm feeling depressed b/c of everything I'm dealing with, my health, my moms mammogram, and then being treated like my husband can't stand me. I have a lot of cleaning to do today and laundry. I need to make bread as usual and hopefully catch a Hallmark movie at some point. I really need a break from it all and more help at home.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm thinking of you all.

Aloha, everyone.

Finally! Sorry, I was on here 45 min ago but had to put the laptop down and rescue a black knitted top from the death grips of Hershey. What happened was I hand washed a couple of tops yesterday when I did laundry and hung them up in the laundry room (that's also the guest bath -that mom uses). Hershey sat there and watched me hand-wash them then hang them up. I thought she was just being curious, but mom said she was hanging around my clothing a lot. Anyway, this morning we found it stuck to her claw and it was filthy like she had dragged it around the whole house. When mom went to free her claw, Hershey lashed out and clawed her across the hand tearing a pretty nasty wound. BAD KITTY! I don't know what's up with Hershey lately, but she's become a very moody cat.

Leo, sorry about your rib. I hope the ice and heat is helping. Also that you have an easy day so it recovers (no further aggravation). It stinks that laundry can do that to you. Thanks for the interesting trivia today.

Wonder, I hope there's something out there that can help Beans sleep. Chamomile tea? Relaxing music before bed? A bed time story? Idk... just trying to think of something. When I can't sleep my husband will read a Sherlock Holmes story to me. I'll be out in 5 mins. I think it's the way he reads them lol. Maybe you can try something like that? I hope your throat feels better, yikes.

BB, you never stop going and going. I notice that trend here with us fibro folks. My neurologist said we have that in common. He said laid back people don't get fibro. We push ourselves till we get sick and still keep going. I never thought about it, but he may have a point. Sheesh. I hope you get some rest today!! HUGS

Wolf, sorry about that stupid doctor. And especially that you're in a bad place right now. I wish I could make it go away for you. But all I can do is send you a hug and prayer.... (((hugs)))

Twins, I could smack our husband upside the head. Since your husband is like mine, I can only guess he thinks, "You're ALWAYS sick...!" wishes you were normal and has become resentful of your constant sickness. And that's why he's distant, unsupportive, and acts like he doesn't care. But right now you really NEED him and he doesn't know that. Have you told him that? I hope he comes around for your sake. I feel for you and what you're going through.

I was mentally messed up yesterday. I felt like a train had run over me from the inside out. Every time I turned around I had to stop myself from bursting into a sob. Part of it was a PTSD trigger that shook me up a bit, the other part being I felt like mom had put me through a circus this past week with everything she had going on and not one single THANK YOU. I was just her chauffeur and servant on demand. I felt like she owed both me and my husband dinner for the help we did (mostly I did, hubby gave her a ride). Finally last night she cooked a stir-fry and baked a cake for me. I didn't ask and she still didn't verbally say thank you, but it still made me feel a lot better.

My husband took me out to lunch as well which helped a little. My younger bro who also served in the Marines called and we did a shot of sake together -and that was nice :). The Marine Corps birthday is HUGE for Marines... it's not about worship, it's about camaraderie. That's why I was so upset about missing the horse therapy veterans appreciation. You get to hang around and talk to other vets and hear their stories, relate, etc. I'll have to get both younger bros on the phone today and wish them happy veterans day!

Today for veterans day I'm hoping to get breakfast at IHOP, then run over to Krispy Kreme for a free donut, and then over to a place called "Rock & Brews" which is owned by the band KISS. They're offering pulled pork sandwiches to vets today :).

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.

Twins, *your husband* (sorry for the typo)

Blue, oh, poor Hershey. Is she maybe getting too stressed having your mom around? I hate to ask, but cats and change go together like me and my SIL! BTW, yay on getting to celebrate the Corps and hopefully getting free Krispy Kreme. OMG! (BTW, I wasn't directing at you.... Story below.)

Twin, big hugs!

Wolfgang, okay, if he sucked by *our* standards? THat's bad. I wish my old rheumy hadn't retired, I'd send him to you, he was wonderful. Keeping you in thought, I'm glad you popped by.

Wonder, Your uvula hates you? Oh no! As for sleep.... Yeesh.

OK, so we were in town at the store and Hubby held the door open for me, and this guy flips out at him. Why? Hubby is holding the door open so I can walk through while pushing the grocery cart. This is a nice thing! Well, Mr. Stranger got righ tin Hubby's and my faces an dsaid "You see this patch! IT means I served! You should be holding that door fo r my wife, not yorus!".... And the guy's wife then said, "I can't believe you're dissing our military!".... Ummm.... WTF? We're leaving, they're entering, they hav e no cart, I have a cart, and how did we even get into this? .... I'm still ticked off, b/c it's *not* how my family acts, as if being vets makes them better than other civilians or something. Not even my asshole dad, for crying out loud!

Meanwhile, off to more nap time. With LilMiss. SHe was outside, and super-cold, so now she's cuddling with me. Damn, her paws are *cold*!

Spent today sitting at the hospital after waiting almost 2 hours was triaged to the clinic instead of ER which ok i get done faster, went for a 6 day migraine. Found out i have a pretty severe sinus infection which could be whats been raising my blood sugars and is the main cause of this migraine, plus hormones first period in 6 months took hormones to get it and its a whopper ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I got 3 shots right in the butt *OWWWW* and then 2 odt zofran while i was there and a script for 10 days of levaquin. She doesnt think 5 to 7 days is long enough. I have to be very careful because one shot was a steroid adn steroids with levaquin can cause tendon tears or something like that. I am going to go try to rest, im still at my parents so around a noisy 9 year old but my dads taking him out in our yes lots of snow to play now and im laying down. Finally ate first time today. I am exhausted! Hope all are doing well!

Leo, I'm sorry about that guy at the grocery store. Sounds like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and forgot to take his meds. That's really not right. Smh. But I do remember having to serve under a few superiors in the Marines who had a god complex or something. Yikes. Yeah, Hershey doesn't take change too well. Her behavior started changing back when we were getting ready to move and a dog attacked her. She was traumatized from the incident and wouldn't come down from the cat tree for 3 months. Of course we moved right after that and she hadn't had a real chance to heal yet. So, I'm sure the move was hard on her adding to the trauma... and then while she was trying to adjust, mom moved in. I wouldn't be surprised if it was too much for Hershey to handle so she's now a moody little grouch. I try to sooth her when I can. I have ordered some diffusers to put near her sleeping area that will hopefully help calm her down.

Angela, what an ordeal for you. I guess it's better than the ER. I'm glad your back now. I hope your headache is going away.... 6 days is crazy.

I missed breakfast at IHOP because they had their veterans day special yesterday. I did pick up a Krispy Kreme donut, though. :)

My mood has been all over the map, up and down. The day was going great till I got a message that notified me there is a veterans day polo game today (Army team Vs. Navy, etc) and my husband said he wanted to go, but then mom gave him a Costco list and he was more excited about doodling around CostCo instead. By the time we got home to drop off the stuff, it was an hour into the game already. So we got into a big fight because I said he's not supportive enough and he told me he's sick of me blaming him and being the source of all my problems. I NEVER said that. Anyway, I'm sitting here at home missing the game because an IBS flare kicked up..... :(

Migraines much better but my sugars are spiking even more from the steroid shot. STill trying to figure out why right in the dang butt LOL! The sudafed the real stuff you have to use your drivers lisence to get is really helpign my sinsuses just like they said. I am going to lay down with my dog and try to rest.

We made it to the last 15 mins of the polo game... Navy kicked Army's butt lol. I'd be able to sleep if it weren't for this stomach ache. Hope I can make it to church in the morning.
Every day feels like a race against the clock to NOT fail anyone.... anyone else feel like that too?

See you in the morning.

ROTFLMAO, Blue, I'm like, "Wait, what, Navy kicked Army butt on horseback?! WTH?" Show a horse to most squid, and they're like, "Uh, no, that's nice, why is that thing on my ship?!" (My dad once said you only found horses in the Navy at the mess.) I am so sorry your hubby gave you grouchies. Since when is Costco fun, anyway? Bleh. Big nasty box store. Go in, go out, go have fun elsewhere:-) And, I thinkt his particular guy was *born* waking up the wrong side of the bed. I mean, you get asshats anywhere, but the wife was beyond ridiculous. Guess they didn't get the Deportment Memo. (bad old joke from my military relatives, sorry)

Angela, geez, you got real Sudafed?! Go you!

Woke up thinking "Yay! Rib pain is... oh crap... I moved." Yep. Now I've already become Today's Epic Fail Video. ARGH. (Blue, this means, yes, I feel like all I do is try not to fail. Or fail more. Whatever it is.)

Off to feed cats lefto ut in the cold. Next door ifnally started bringing their cats in when we reminded them that we don't let their cats stay inside our house overnight since we no longer have a litterbox. (We do, but we fudged that part.) Next step? Con, I mean convince... ahem... Hubby we should adopt two cats from the shelter and then "Oh, we can't always babysit your pets, our new fur-babies are still adjusting".... Slowly but surely, responsibility may sink into a human skull.

Morning everyone...Leo I can't believe your neighbors leave their cats out when it's cold and actually expect you to let them in. I hope you can find a way to knock some sense into them. Also that your rib feels better, that sounds miserable.

I'm flaring pretty bad...we've got record low temperatures for this date yesterday and today. I had to start raking my yard yesterday (I waited til the trees were mostly bare), and that pushed me over the edge. I had to do it right after walking my dog, otherwise it would have gotten dark. And I only did the backyard...need more leaf bags before I do any more. As it is I was one short, so I dumped a bag over my fence. Still on my property and the person on that side doesn't touch the area near my yard anyway, I wouldn't do that if someone else would have to deal with it. Anyway... I need coffee, my brain is like sludge, and then I need to get chili going in the crockpot. Hope everyone's having a good weekend

Good Sunday to all.

Leo, such a bummer about your rib. I got kicked by a cow once and cracked a rib. Hurt like heck.

Thanks for all of the history. Such good reading.

I'm so grateful to all of our service people. Thanks to Blue, most especially. Our special Marine. I hope Hershey starts to feel better for all of your sakes, Blue. Maybe some meds? I don't know.

Leo, I think it would be great for you to get a couple of your own cats. You have too much of taking care of everyone else's animals. Time to get snuggles from one of your own. I would love to have a cat, but son, Son in law, and granddaughter are all very allergic.

Angela, I sure hope you are feeling better today. Migraines are horrible. Take care of yourself.

Wonder, sorry you and beans have not been sleeping. I hope tonight is better for you both.

Bbmom, hope the cinnamon rolls were delish. You make me hungry. Hope the race goes great for sonny.

Wolfgang, I wish I could help you feel better. Nothing like a rotten doctor to make one feel bad. Please hang in there.

Twin, what a blessing it would be if your husband would straighten up and be the man of the family. I feel so bad for you. I hope your Sunday is good.

I took hubby to the airport at 5am today. At least there was no traffic on a Sunday morning.

I went to the holiday parade with my daughter and granddaughter last night. I was about frozen solid, but granddaughter wanted to see santa, so we stayed until the end. We did not stay for the tree lighting though. We then went out for soup. When I got home I covered myself in blankets and a heating pad, and was still cold and aching. It's snowing and raining this morning. I'm staying home from church and will spend time in Scripture at home. My bible has coloring pages, so I will do one of those, for a nice calming morning.

The Packers play at noon. With our QB hurt, it is pretty tough watching these games right now.

Take care, friends.

Miki, so sorry about all of the leaves. I hope the coffee warms you up this morning.
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