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Weekend Check-*out* Check-in

Good morning:-) I am checking out for a day or two. Nothing personal to DS, but real life kicked my kneecaps pretty badly, and my spoon drawer is *empty*, so I'm taking a couple days to just isolate, read books I already knwo by heart b/c it's easy and soothing, and maybe if I get reallllly radical, watch TV. I have the health rights rally today---holding a sign in a wind is going to be fun (not)---but I caught Hubby's cold and between that, and some other crap? Yeah, bedtime for the puma. Hot fluids, bed rest, and Monday I up-and-at'em.

Or pretend I'm up and at 'em. Whichever.


Who is Roberto? It's the name of m ybaseball bat. For Roberto Clemente, a player who died when I was a tiny tot, but was one of my dad's fave players, so .... Do you name inanimate objects? Cars, etc.? The bat's about it for me, but our neighbor calls his Cooper Mini "Zelda". (Took me weeks to realize he meant the car and not a girlfriend. Ew.)


So check *this* out....

These are actual places on our planet.    I vote massive (mental) road trip.

A few locations: What is that huge crystal mine in Mexico? Selenite crystals!

The flower fields? Just pretty cool.

The Bolivia site that looks like a mirror? Is a salt flat. Huge lithium salt reserves there, very valuable, and the layer of salt can, at the right angle, act as if it's a reflective surface in the right spots. (Most of it just looks like a big white flat, btw, anad is noted for its breeding flamingoes. Bright pink birds on white. Freaky, but true.)

There's a lake in Senegal that looks like Pepto-Bismol pink. It's highly saline, and the algae give it the pink color, which is most vivid in dry seasons. (Diluted, obviously, the water is less "pink".)

This video is a nice travelogue of just odd places:  It's narrated, no need for your resident nerrd;-)


OK, off to rest up. Blessings, all.:-)



Not much in me. Still in shock my dear friend died. Its in another post. Pain is horrible, im still with mom and dad stayed last two nights.

Leo, you take whatever time you need. I hate the wait too, but everything will work out. It may not seem like it right now. Hang in there. I wish you weren't going through this, and things could just be simple and we only had to live our life one day at a time dealing with our fibro and nothing else.

Angela, I just read your other post. Heartfelt sympathy for your loss and his poor family. I hope your pain lowers and I'm glad you stayed with your parents again.

It's been a bad morning. My girls are going through this phase where they want to sleep together in bed, which is cute, but doesn't work on the weekends. When one wakes up, they automatically wake the other, they have been up since 630, and they are both ADHD and ADD, and so loud, they feed off each other. My nerves are wrecked, and I just want to lock myself in a quiet room. In fact, I did for a minute last night. Well about to start the garage, and I'm going to the healthfood store this afternoon for protein bars and snacks. :-) Yes that means chocolate.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will check back later if I can sit up straight at the computer.

Morning. My new knee has decided that I should be up at 3:30 AM. Dilaudid, Ambien and Gabapentin have no say in my new wake up time. This is day two of my new schedule which sucks. And, my knee is more painful than after surgery. Not sure what is going on but I can say with complete confidence that I don't like it.

My plans for today include washing my hair and bed sheets. Both of which are disgusting. If I could stick my head in the washing machine to kill two birds with one stone, I would. Meanwhile, my poor partner has to be outside in the cold and deconstruct a significant portion of the deck to repair the racoon hotel entrance to the attic. I'm sleeping in the living room at the moment. The varmints have eaten through shoddy workmanship around the outside of the living room fireplace to climb up the inside of the wall to the attic My "roommate" stops by a couple times a night to see if the coyote urine granuales and spray have magically dissipated. I am just nodding off and hear him scratching around... Makes for a relaxing night...not. I keep expecting to wake up and find a raccoon lounging in the fireplace with a glass of merlot behind the glass doors.

Leo, you take as much time as you, need to rest. Move over and I will crawl in the hole with you. Hugs and lots of support coming your way.

AngelaJo - I am very sorry to hear about your friend. You can honor his memory by continuing to make progress which is what he wanted for you. We are all proud of how far you've come, He is there in spirit rooting for you to have a better quality of life. I hope that you can find a way to get comfortable and have a better day. Hugs!

Time to launch myself out of bed and get breakfast. Sending good vibes, hugs and boatloads of chocolate to everyone.

Thank you everyone, im pretty shook up. Still in shock and cant cry. Pain is bad today especially the fibro and diabetic neuropathy. Mom and dad (mom treid and made a smoke bomb) just made a wood fire in teh fire place for me. WIll see if that helps the pain.

Fantod, have you asked the surgeon's office about the increased pain--that it's normal?
I hope the coons stay outside soon, what a mess. Makes my weird apt-neighborhood sound like a lux hotel, except for my new neighbors, the landlord's son--hence a bit of rock and roll through the walls, early.

Angela; just keep moving forward with your life. Look forward. You have a big big heart and your grieving your friend shows that. I hope you find relief in a week or so.

Twins: how you persevere with those two cuties, well, it's a big job. I salute you and someone should give you a medal daily.

Leo: into the cave with chocolate after the march. Sending you calming deep breathes and thoughts. Hugs.


Leo, I'm glad you're taking some needed time off to recover. Sorry you're sick and hope the down time will help improve your health. So you did the rally already? I hope everything went OK for you!

Was awakened at 4 by my husband fumbling around in the dark again. He bumped my foot and I couldn't go back to sleep, brain going at 100 mph. But he was happily snoring 5 mins later. Must be nice.

Met with the Voc Rehab counselor yesterday... after going over my stacks of paperwork and looking at my service connected disabilities (including fibro) and its effects on my daily living, he's no longer looking at long term employment as a goal but Independent Living as an option for me. That's where I think about what kind of activities I'd like to do for the rest of my happy life (for example baking or writing) and they'll buy all the needed supplies for me and send me to either baking classes or writing school... say I want to write books or whatever. In other words, they will support a passionate hobby of my choosing.

My husband took me to dinner last night... but only after I woke him out his 3 hr nap for the 10th time and badgered him to take me. I had no dinner made and my mom was chatting my head off. Just needed out. We went to a Japanese place. Silver's medicine for his chronic licking problem came a couple days ago and I already notice less licking, he looks more comfortable, less irritated. We are expecting some stormy weather today and tomorrow. In fact, rain is starting right now. Did anyone see the lunar eclipse or green comet? We couldn't get the eclipse over here and I heard you had to have binoculars for the comet?

Back in a sec.

My *little sister* is in full labor! Shes on her way to the hospital! Water has not broke yet that she knows of but shes having contractions every 5 to 10 mins !

Angela, so sorry for the passing of your friend. It can sting even if you've never met them face to face. Agree with Fantod and we're all proud of you for not giving up or giving in.... how strong you are and what you've accomplished. Keep it up! I'm sure your friend would like you to keep going. (((((hugs)))))

Wow, Twin.... if we only had mute buttons that worked in the real world. How handy that would be when rest is needed, huh? I guess your husband doesn't get up and tend to them? You're such a supermom, you know that right? Your girls will see that one day if they don't already. I hope you have a better morning tomorrow.

Fantod, 3:30 is not cool.... I hope your new knee gives you a break and lets you sleep again. My mom said she had a cooling wrap around her knee that kept the swelling down, it had a hose with circulating ice water. She said her sleep was all messed up too for a while. But it eventually got better (I'm typing as she's talking lol). She said her knee was up on a wedge at night. Sounds like a challenging recovery. I hope things get better sooner than later for you!

Aloha, Shakota. Nice to see you in the check in.

Need to hit the grocery store today and plan out some meals. Fun stuff -not really.
Hope you have a good Sunday, everyone.

Showered, hair washed and sheets too. I need to elevate my leg more. The main dressing came off today. There is a band of swelling across the top of my kneecap which I couldn't see. That is likely causing my early wake up call. I'm icing regularly which helps but I think more elevation is needed.

My partner has the hole next to the fireplace sealed off. He has to make a run to Lowe's for more supplies. Not as bad as we thought but still a big mess. All of the coyote urine granules etc. we used to keep the raccoon away almost killed him.

Just waiting on the sheets to come out of the dryer. As soon as they are back on my bed, it's naptime. Alert the media, film at eleven etc.

Crappy day's been cold and snowy all day. We got like 2 inches of snow, which wouldn't be bad if we didn't just get 14, and we weren't going to get 6-9 tomorrow night. We might have a delayed opening Monday which would be amazing because I wouldn't have to drive 90 minutes in the snow. I feel like I have way too much to do this weekend even though snowblowing the driveway was really the only "extra" thing. I also had a weird dream last night, in addition to my usual getting hunted down by murderers... I dreamt I was in bed cuddling with Blake Shelton (and I mean just cuddling, PG rated), then we went shopping at Target and we were walking a pit bull down the aisles behind the cart. No idea where the hell that one came from, but 10/10 would gladly dream about that again. Fingers crossed I dream about Dierks Bentley or Luke Bryan tonight. Or Chris Hemsworth.

Hey, all, survived (b arely) half the time alloted for rally, but did it.... crawled into bed, slept, woke up, may go back to bed. I think this cold is worse than I realized. I got woozy and my eyes won't stay open, and I fell asleep standing up soooo....

Everyone: Plenty of room in the Puma Cave for thsoe who want to crawl in a hole and hide.... and have nice dreams. Miki, totally prefer yours to mine, you got cuddle time!

Shakota, lovely to see yoU!
Angela, hugs and hugs again.
Fantod, your new knee should not be telling your brain about sleep times. Did they install it okay? (That was meant to be a joke.)
Twin, OMG, I am sending you magic earplugs....
Blue, aloha, and may your grocery shopping go well....

Whoever I missed, sorry. Good grief, this virus is kicking my can.

Fantod, I'm sorry about your pain and swelling. I'm glad your partner is shutting down the critter hotel. I hope you get some rest after the early morning start. That's painful in itself.

Leo, I'm glad you survived and your at home resting. I hope your cold doesn't turn into anything worse. Earplugs would be good if I wasn't trying to sit down and watch a little TV with my breakfast. But for other times, a great idea!

Miki, your weather sounds miserable. I hope you don't have to go to work early Monday morning. Also, praying for a good night sleep with great dreams!

Blue, a mute button would be great! My husband has never gotten up one morning with our twins, and they are 6 yrs old. When I pointed this out to him, all he had to say, was yeah I know I'm a terrible father and husband. And I said, yes you are. :-) I'm glad you went to dinner with your husband last night. My mom is super chatty, and I can't handle it. I'm glad Silvers medicine is helping. That's cool the VA will give you stuff to support your hobby. You deserve it!

shakota, thank you! I think I deserve more than I get for sure. I hope you have a good weekend. Sorry about your loud neighbor. Thank God my neighbors are quiet unless it's July 4th or New Years Eve. Then I understand.

I hate neuropathy too Angela. Excited about your friends baby!

We are half way done with the garage. I stopped to eat lunch and go to the healthfood store. I got my bars, chocolate chips, walnut butter, and some crackers and poptarts for the girls. It was so hard walking through there, my feet and legs just kill me,

checking in....
forgive me, if i missed your post as i am going to try daily check in and it's hard to read through all with limited energy. but, instead of hogging inidividual posts, in the spirit of being less selfish this year, alas, i will try to get with the program!

so, yes, my guilt'th overfloweth from said nastiness from my so called friend earlier. ya know, thank you to all of you who help me put in perspective. as a true, codepedent, i often remember my couselor 'telling me', it is my own fault for not speaking up for myself when boundaries were trashed by family of origin. so, you remind me, at age 72, the conversation in my head went like this, "if you are too old to be bothered (even though i have never asked, technically, nurse did), then surely, you are tooooo old to not be able to stick up for own your own damn (oh yea, that's me swearing again)....boundaries!" and, end scene.
i'm such a drama queen sometimes, i make my own self laugh.

so, fantod....yay for new knee, i was a thinkin' bout you. those are some serious drugs you are downing, even by my standards. please be carefuly, my friend, about respiratory failure, esp. with ambien." i sincerely hope your body gets with the program and recognizes your pain centers need to dial it down so you can sleep. omgosh. pain management, so hard post surgery for us peeps. dilaudid was my go to in hospital and i often found a bigger dose up front to knock it out of whatever they were giving me was needed. i actually found a pain management doc who understood this last year and he explained that it was better for me to have immediate release oxycodone. i am trying to wean myself off now so i have a go to place when things get bad. good luck and prayers for healing to you.

angelajo: sorry to hear about your loss. glad you are with someone to help comfort you.

leo: yay, local hero. rest well. it doesn't matter how many people against, Your voice was heard. i heard a snippet from one of bernie sanders interviews last night (a rare moment i was catching up on all news)....he said, he believed that all these marches are making a vast difference and now, congress peeps cannot walk away from the collective fight against ending ACA and going back to pre ACA, pre-ex, state high risk pool as my not so dear friend, mr. rand paul, would like to do. his very name makes my hair stand on end. my belief, now is the time for us to dig in our heels, yell even louder, send even more letters, march even more... and not be distracted by the bafoon's news of the day.

blue: how fantastic that you have someone recognizing you as a whole person and the ability to put you on the work train. we should have been able to see eclipse being i am out in the burbs, but only a fuzzy sliver of eclipse showed. funny, my guy friend mentioned going to hawaii recently and to which i replied.....i've never been to hawaii....wink wink.

shout out to miki and shakota!! i will get to know both of you better, although shak...remember you from days of ole. know that we have what most would consider great weather here, except it's been sticky and hot all freakin' so called winter. um, global warming, is not a phenomenon! i think heat index will be mid 80's today...sorta like hawaii, but this is seriously ridiculous. austin, texas btw
anyone for a trade out :) !!!

I can never seem to concentrate well enough to answer all of these, but:

Fantod--I had a thought about your raccoons. I mentioned I had squirrels in my attic. The problem is once the critters know there is a cozy spot up there, they can be very persistent, and raccoons are incredibly persistent, intelligent, and good with their appendages. The way we finally got rid of the squirrels was by trapping them. My next door neighbor had raccoons and she trapped hers. I kept driving squirrels long distances, so they wouldn't find their way back. Also, check the breeding season. If there are babies they go crazy trying to get back in.

Twinmom--Reminds me of life with my twin brothers. Nine years younger, boys and one with ADHD. And I was a teenager and not the mother when I was trying to deal with those guy. So your are a rock star.

Leo--Still can't believe they can accidentally lose your insurance legally.

I can't seem to feel good after coming back from CO after Xmas. First post vacation exhaustion, then every bug seems to be coming for me, and no PCP. I'm dying to do my laundry, but I don't know if I'll manage to do it. Sink full of dishes.

As always, my hopes for all good for everyone. And sorry for my lack of focus.

oh, update for mini gut is on fire.....stomach acid all time high and i am out of protonix. going to try the elixirs some of you emailed me to try to get a hold of.
i can tell you, i don't need no enzymes to help....that's all i'll say about that.

hey leo, Lifewater is amazon's ph balanced water! is smartwater ph balanced too? and does tonic water actually help? it's ridiculous expensive. for now, i am using all my herbal teas for tummy and ordering herbal seeds for spring, u'hum, i mean summer....which is what it will be in a month here in central texas....planting.

has anyone ever woken up choking to death on stomach acid? this is a recurring phenomenon for me. after going on isabel symptom and differential dx'er, i am of the strong opinion, and because i tested positive for hla existing for this gene that i already ahve.....drumroll, it is colitis. i was right about my gallbladder, i ain't backin' down from the docs this time about this.

Thursday is new gastro doc. i will politely get in his face and tell him, look man, i've been dismissed for 3 years and since then they've taken out all my lady parts and now my gallbladder. how many other organs do i need to take out before i run out of 'em and someone actually looks at the freakin' source of the problem?

J. not playin'
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