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Weekend check-in Thread

Hey, guys.

Things are bad here. Just too mcuh to go into, but it's bad, so I'm just gonna tag and run. Standing strong, together!




Leo...I'm so sorry! Sending you chocolates!! (I hope this works)

Oh, dear Leo. Prayers that you make it through whatever is happening.

Good morning, Wonder. I hope your weekend goes well.

Big surprise here in Albuquerque. My hubby flew in from Florida for my birthday on Monday! He leaves on Tuesday. I was so shocked. We are going to have a fun weekend sight seeing with the family.

Unfortunately, my knee is giving me fits. I can barely do steps. A lot of walking will be tough.

Blessings to all. Have a good Saturday.

Morning everyone. Big hugs, Leo, I hope things improve
Wonder- Bodie is so freaking cute!
Ida-thats so awesome of your hubby! Hope your knee calms down so you can wnjoy the day.

Busy day here, still in a tonof pain...gotta run for spin

Leo, I'm sending you lots of hugs and prayers. We are here for you whenever you need us. Please let us know you are okay?

Wonder, as always so sweet and full of love. I'm still so glad you're back on the daily check-in. I hope your weekend is full of fun and no anxiety.

ida, I'm so excited for you. Your hubby really knows how to keep a secret and surprise you. I love it. Enjoy your weekend the best you can on those darn knees. I hope you get relief.

miki, you are so much like me, you're in a lot of pain, but off you go to spin class. I hope you are okay after. Praying you have a good weekend.

I'm so glad it's the weekend, but it looks like a wash out today, It's been raining since early this morning. We are going to get groceries and finish school shopping, and then get mouth guards for karate. I'm hoping the last one can be a father daughter trip while I watch Hallmark. :-) I talked to a weightlifter yesterday (vitamin shoppe) about my muscle soreness and fatigue with my fibro, and he recommended creatine with glutamine. I tried it this morning and my face and hands were itchy and then my face kind of went numb. It's better now, I can't imagine I'm allergic, maybe just a normal reaction due to my fibro and lupus. My body thinks it's allergic to everything, but maybe just b/c it's new. I don't know if I should try it again. I'm sure if I tell my husband he'll treat me like a hypercondriac. He acts like I blow everything out of proportion, but it's not normal to itch all over your face and hands after eating or drinking something. Unfortunately, I do weird stuff like this often though and doctors have tested me for food allergies and airborne. I don't have a rash I can just feel it.

Well I better get going, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Leo - I am sorry for whatever is going on there. When you can, please let us know how you are doing. Hugs!

I'm awake but barely. Rough night. It got cold here last night and I was too groggy to get up and do anything about it - like add another blanket. As a result, my legs are unhappy/achey and I'm pretty sleepy. It is overcast outside and around 70 degrees so I don't think that I will be swimming today.

Hi Wonder - I hope that your day is good!

Ida- Your Hubby is the best! I'm glad that he surprised you for your birthday. That is fantastic. Have a fun time today!

Miki - I have no idea how you run let alone do spin. I hope your day is a good one.

Twin - I was sorry to see that your extensions gave you a headache. What a disappointment! I hope that rewiring them helps so they can be used. I don't think I'd try that supplement again if you had that kind of reaction. I am real sensitive to meds and stuff so I get what you are saying. Sometimes the reaction is obvious but I can tell it is something that my body doesn't like. Better safe than sorry. I hope that you get your Hallmark fix in today. Hugs to you too!

Maybe we will go for a ride in the Datsun today. The worlds largest classic car show takes place here next weekend. There should be a fair amount of old cars out and about today and for the next week. Let the madness begin!

Shout out to Blue - Happy Anniversary! Hang in there people!

Hi all,

Leo, praying your day gets better there.

Ida, Wow, I'm so happy for you. I hope your knee starts behaving so you can enjoy a bit more. Have you tried those lidocane patches (OTC)? Maybe that will help? Or getting an ice pack that you can wear? Or if heat is what you need, those (again OTC) wearable icy hot like patches.
I'd do anything to be able to stay moving with my family.
But I'm sure you'll enjoy it just having your family near you.

Miki, thanks BodieButt is a little stinker though too. Just like all pups. I fell in love with his markings. And ever time he does something naughty, I keep reminding myself that he's go so many good qualities. It's hard to believe he's nearing the 5mo mark now.
Hope your run/spin goes well today.

Twins, you're always so kind with your replies! Thank you, it does feel good to be back. And even though I have tons to do, running amok, I'm kinda sitting parked for a while.
That reaction...I don't know if I'd try that again. Any time your face/hands get itchy, is never a good sign. I had a doc share once that just because you reacted mildly this time, the next time you might not be so fortunate.

There is a ton I should be doing, gotta get some more stuff from the store, running to storage to get some pre-algerbra books I have stashed away, and then the typical squeeze in some pool time and laundry. Tomorrow is my mom's B-day and Mr Andypants and I will be making her some cupcakes. Chocolate cherry almond cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting and chocolate ganache. And then some angel food cupcakes filled with lemon curd and white fluff frosting topped with some coconut. Yes, we spoil my Mom. And I gotta figure out how to send you all some of these.

Well I'm off to go run amok. Happy Saturday all!

White supremacists are marching in VA. It is a bad situation with some violence already taking place. No patience for those folks or violence. I can understand why Leo is upset...

Wonder - Those cupcakes sound amazing...

Prayers for you Leo for what ever it is!

I am hurting big time but i am so glad the other neurologist ended up filling my oxycodone when mine (who she works with) called in sick. They called right before closing that they had my script and mom had to race there to get it. Hoping they kick in quick!

Now this stupid site won't let me give hugs---that was AFTER it would not let me log in - AGAIN. So sick of this...

Among other things, today is anniversary of my sister's death. I'll be okay in a couple days, I hope, just had some scary stuff happen and my PTSD is off-charts. Love to all.

THey've declared local state of emergency due to stuff h ere. I was in the church last night and they tried to block us leaving. Then this morning... And it's ongoing, I can still hear sirens. I live outside town, but some of the KKK types are re-gathering at the *county* high school and I'm not even 1/4 mile from that. We have to stay in our homes for now. The cops are shooing them away (they say). It may need national guard. We're nto sure yet.

this is why I am upset. please keep my locationt o yourselves. thank you for letting me trust you.

i'm falling apart here

I don't blame you one bit for being upset Leo. Anyone would be under those circumstances. I went through the Detroit riots with my Dad trapped at work. Box breathing and lots of support headed your way!


Wow, white supremacists are marching?? It's so hard to believe those guys are still around. OK, just read a quick article about it. A state of emergency was declared. It sounds like both protest groups (the white group and the group in ski masks) are aggressors. I hope they both cool it and go back to whatever hole they came from.

Leo, sending love, support and lots of chocolate your way....

OMG, Wonder, I'm drooling over your cupcakes!!

Ida, how sweet of your husband :)

Miki, hope spin goes well and your pain is manageable.

Twin, my rule is anything that makes your face feel funny is a no no. What if it swells your airway next time? Sorry he thinks you're a hypochondriac. Wish our husbands were more supportive, it would make life a little more easier on us. Hey, at least they did a food allergy test on you. The VA denied my request for one on the basis they don't have the testing materials? They only have your typical 25 household allergens: mold, dust, cat, dog, etc. Hey, did you try anything else with the extensions? Hope your groceries went OK and you get some Hallmark time in today! ((hugs))

Fantod, I so wish I could come with you to the car show! They do a small one here once a month down at the race track when they do drag racing. I think the funniest thing I noticed is someone entered a rented car into the race LOL. Um... I hope they bought insurance! Anyway, it's just an island here so the car shows are usually the same guys, unless they have done / got something new lol. Unlike the mainland over there and people bring new cars to the shows and you get to see something different every time. Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

Angela, glad the neurologist helped you out.

Mom went off to her hotel yesterday. I'm assuming she checked in alright because I didn't hear a peep from her. Normally if she's even the slightest stressed about something, she won't stop ringing my phone, calling me to come rescue her / do this for her / do that, etc. I can promise you, because that happened in the morning on the way to the pool. The senior transportation went in the opposite direction to go pick up an additional person and mom had a meltdown. Rang my phone wanting me to come rescue her.

It's our anniversary. I thought we were going to stay home... I hinted the other day at wanting my husband to cook for me, showed him a recipe that didn't look that hard. I guess I dream of him one day cooking for me since I go out of my way to make yummy food and then hurt the rest of the night in God awful pain. Well, he's talking about taking me out to a restaurant that's like an hour away, with a band. I don't know if I'm up for that. We can't agree on what to do. Something simple and non-celebratory is what I'm in the mood for.

We are going to Oahu next weekend for an annual event I've been waiting for. I booked us 2 nights at the Navy Lodge on Ford Island (Pearl Harbor). Come to find out, my husband forgot to request that weekend off from his summer job so they texted him his schedule yesterday and he's booked for a TRIPLE shift on Sat. The dawn boat, late morning cruise, and private sail in the afternoon. I'm so ticked. Sounds like I will have to fly over by myself on Friday and then pick him up at the airport Sat night so we can BOTH make it to the main event on Sun. He suggested we cancel going. That ticked me off even more. It's not MY fault, why should *I* have to cancel my plans?

Have a blessed weekend, everyone. We're tough, we can make it. HUGS

Blue, ditch the idiot and just enjoy yourself, forget the hubby. He forgets you, equal treatment!
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