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tuesday texh checkin

I am on the antowue iPad, which has less capacity than Hubbys phone. Antique. No idea what an antowue is. Ideas? 

Anyway, my laptop was admitted to tech guru yeaterday and no idea if or when it is fixed or fixable. I hate technology designed to be obsolete that quickly. It came woth Windows 10 but suddenly it is not equipped for the latest updates. ETF? WTF, I mean. Does microsoft own all the laptop companies?????  

DS hates old iPAd, btw, so I am afraid I got nothing more than this...

Why is there a google doofle on hole punches? Seriously, I love trivia and all, but hole punches? whopaid for that? hmmm....

Blessings on all. Off to find out if the skunk moved into my feral cat shelter out in the woods. The new cat beds I made have foam over heat reflecting foil, wrapped i  fleece blanket. And the skunk likes it, apparently,... at least it is not in my yard!



Hi Leo. I need to take my laptop in as well. Hubby seems to think it can be fixed. Hope for no skunk problems for you. Nasty to get rid of. Ick. Thanks for getting us started.

I barely slept at all last night as my right hand was hurting so much. I sat with the heating pad on it most of the night. It is a bit better this morning. I have acupuncture today, so maybe they can help.

I may work on Christmas cards today and tomorrow. I'm left handed, and that one hurts less.

Hope you all have a nice day. I'll stop back later.

Morning Leo,
I hope they figure out your computer. I agree with you in that it's frustrating that by the time you get home with your "Device" it's already old technology...maybe not supported! Good luck with the skunk..ours are hibernating already and decided to NOT sleep under the porch where Elsa and Spartacus could play with it.

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Hopefully if you get into your Christmas cards it'll help you relax and forget the pain for awhile. Sending you healing ((((hugs))))

I was in a lot of pain last night, mostly caused by my slow-mo falls the other day I think...and the low pressure, rain, snow here. Today it feels just a tough better and I'll TAKE IT! :-)

Hope you all find some peace today,


Morning Leo, I'm glad they can at least look at your laptop now. Hope it's fixed soon. My iPad actually is the best way for me to actually be able to sign on here, I can never log in on my desktop.
Ida-I hope the acupuncture helps your hands, and that you can rest today.

I'm so frustrated today. Last night I had the convconversation about how much my dad feeds my dog at their house for at least the 4th time. We all saw her gain weight over the summer, so we all know she'll gain weight if she's overfed, but yet it's still happening. He will not listen to any rational arguments, including that I'm doing *exactly* what they're doing by not neutering their dog til he's 2-trying to keep her healthy. I'm not asking for anything unreasonable here, and I'd rather just feed her myself but my mom insists on feeding her something when they feed their dog. He was so pissed at me last night even though I explained myself calmly. If he had to tell me something that many times, he'd be screaming at me. He almost was last night, actually. And today he asked me for advice on how to get her to stop nipping at their dog's face (which is fair because he's starting to get pissed at her for it and he is capable of hurting her if he wants to). 50/50 whether he listens to what I said, which was basically to tell her "leave it" and then actually stop yelling at her and praise her when she stops. He always keeps yelling no or bad dog even after the behavior stops, and somehow expects them to know what he wants. They also want me to bring her to daycare once a week, which would be great but it would be $120/ month to do that. I could afford it after Christmas but I also need ro save for the roof I'm supposed to replace asap, and right now I'm ready to bang my head against the freaking wall

Good Morning Leo. If you find a solution for why technology has to be so stinking expensive and then only last for two years please let me know. It's obscene! Good luck with the cat shelter and the skunk. Don't get sprayed!

Ida I hope the acupuncture helps with your hand. I've thought about trying it but the one time I did a few years ago it hurt/burned so bad I had to stop. I'm glad it works for you though and you are able to get some relief. Maybe it will help you get some sleep tonight.

Kel, I'm glad you are a little better today. I hope the weather keeps clearing up so you can be even better tomorrow.

Miki I'm so sorry your Dad is giving you such a hard time. I don't know the back story but is there any way your dog can be at there house less and your house more without the daycare? Trying to save with that much of a monthly added expense makes life a little difficult to live none-of-the less enjoy. I hope you are able to find some peace today.

I am having serious issues with the fibro fog today. I can't recall the words I want to use mid sentence, feel like my head is floating off somewhere, and can't figure out what to do with myself. I am so thankful that I have meetings today where I won't need to talk much and beyond that am packing up my desk because our department is getting moved to a different location on our floor. It also doesn't help that my hands are so swollen and red and I keep randomly dropping things. I just keep telling my coworkers I'm clumsy. Really hope my lyrica comes soon! I am also thankful that Maggie's vet check-up went well last night.

I can't remember if it was BBall or Fantod but if my memory serves me correct one of you has a boogie board tablet you use to take notes. How is it working for you? Do you still like it? They are going on sale at BJ's this week so I am thinking of getting one.

Have a clear headed day everyone!

Leo, I hate change and especially unwelcomed change that doesn't help. I'm sorry you are stuck with your hubby's antowue iPad (I have no clue how that is different or what antowue means). I wouldn't want to make cat shelter outdoors just for the skunk reason. I hope it goes away and never travels up by the house and sprays a cat or you. You haven't mentioned much on your mom lately, I hope she is staying out of trouble for you.

ida, My hands were that way all weekend, and this week they aren't as bad, it must be weather related too. I'm praying you get some relief and I hope acupuncture goes good today. Maybe take a nap during those Christmas cards.

kel, I hate how much the weather can affect our pain. I sure hope your pain continues to get slightly better all day.

Miki, I wish your dad would listen to you and just take care of your dog the way you want. That would sure save a lot of headaches for everyone. Will your dog not stay in a crate all day? I know that's not ideal but just for that one day a week. Our yorkie pups still have to stay in a pin all day or they would chew everything up, and I can't afford doggie daycare. Good luck

Maynard, I'm glad the vet appointment went well last night. I hope you get your Lyrica soon too. I hope your meetings go by fast and the move in your office doesn't hurt you too much.

Today is my only day this week for no running around. I have appointments Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday I need to go by sprouts to get groceries. Thursday is my EMG, I wonder how soon after I will get the results. This weather change definitely affects my arthritis and makes me hurt so much more. I feel like every joint, muscle, and tendon is screaming at me. And I still try to workout my muscles which only makes them ache so much more.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Leo i have to send in my 1 year old laptop too the keyboard quit again and it wont let me on with a USB keyboard. Technology can be good and bad!

I can barely walk on my left ankle since i took a nap yesterday and it feels like my knee did the three times ive had gout UGH! I see my shrink at 1115am and my case worker at 12pm Then mom and i are going to Wendys going to be fun with the mood shes in NOT! But of course I am the moody one I am the one that is causing issues never her just because i have the psych issues documented. My fibro is acting up its raining. Hope the snow goes away!

Good morning! Leo, I hope your laptop gets fixed soon. All the animals, ferals or not, are lucky to have you around.

Ida, I hope the acupuncture helps today and that you can get better sleep tonight.

Kel, glad you’re at least feeling a little better today.

Miki, is there a way that you can leave your dog at home when you go to work? I leave my dog at home and she does fine. It sounds like you’re in a losing battle with your dad and nothing you do is going to change the situation. Maybe you can get someone to come to your house once during the day to take your dog out so he could stay at home. Maybe that would be cheaper than doggie daycare. Just trying to find ways that you can limit the time your dog is at your parents’ house.

Maynard, I’m dealing with the fibro fog lately too. I just can’t think straight. I’m glad that Maggie’s vet appointment went well. I hope you feel better/less fibro foggy soon.

Twin, glad to hear you have no running around to do today. I hope the EMG goes well. My arthritis is bad lately too, so I’m glad I’ve got a new medicine for it. It’s helping some. I hope you have a nice, easy day.

AngelaJo, sounds like you’re having a busy day and that’s not good with the pain. I hope your trip to Wendy’s isn’t too bad. I hope after all of that you can just rest and feel better.

I’m totally exhausted today. Luckily I don’t have a lot to do today at work and I brought a book, so hopefully I’ll get through it. I was watching The Walking Dead last night and I was so upset during one part of it. My Xena was laying on the back of the couch and she looked at me like she was so concerned about me. It was so sweet. So glad I have all my babies. I hope everyone has a good day.


Hi all,

Leo, so sorry your laptop is having issues. Bill Gates photo is on a dart board here. (okay, not yet, but I've been meaning to get to that).
Do you have a bluetooth keyboard? Our boys use that for their iPads.
And call me weird, but I love that a little skunk has found your catpad comfy. Skunks are just little stinky cats. And I love how they wobble. But my love for skunks goes way back to my early Bambi years.

Ida, you always inspire me to get my cards out early. This year I'm on track for that too. Hope to have them out by the first of Dec. I ordered some cool ones that are made of wood. I'm guessing some lightweight basswood. Those are to mail out, I plan to buy cards for those closest to our family.

Kel...Slo-Mo Falls...I've been doing those since Halloween. Best definition for them. It's like my brain says...Wonder, it's time to take a tumble...then I say No, no, it's not....and we have a moment of feuding while I go down. Strangest feeling.

Miki, wow, I wish you weren't in that position between your dog and your dad. The guys in my family were the kind that trained the dogs once and if necessary with a hard lesson. Zero tolerance with bad behavior. I had a great uncle who raised springers for hunting and my dad was taught by him and then passed that down to my brother. The tool. A cut off piece of garden hose. Makes more noise than hurt. One or two cracks of that and the dogs loyally stayed by their sides ever since. Listened and came. Never have I ever done that. It was hard to watch it happen. Listening to that loud yelp. But I will say this much, it wasn't on all dogs that they would do that to. I'm running off with my thoughts here. Sorry. Like others have mentioned is staying home an option for your pup? Or does she have too much anxiety? I know the Dingo side of the Heelers are hard to manage with their behaviors. But they make wonderful dogs too.

Maynard, I too was struggling with the fog. I started taking my D3 and I picked up some D-Ribose to help with that. And it's helping. I still get the dizzies though, but that could also be my anxiety stuff too. Wish there was a supplement for that! I'm considering dabbling with some essential oils to see if they help or not. You know because it's that time of year to waste money on treatments that don't work, right?

Twins...wholly smokes girl, what are you going to do with all of your free time today? I'm so sorry you have so many appointments going on. I hope the EMG test goes well for you. Last time I had one done (20+yrs ago) I had the results a week or two later.
This weather certainly has been like playing the craps table latey. Sucks melons on our pain too!

Angela, I'd totally do all that you're doing for the treat of some Wendy's fries with a frosty to dip them in. Might be a MN thing here...but it's that weird but special treat.

Susan, that is too cute about your furrbutt being so concerned. Tank loves watch LivePD with us. He loves it when the police dogs start barking. He also likes that squeeky dog toy Christmas commercial. Hope work continues to be good to you today.

Okay folks....the construction is not complete but we are back in our own garage again. They laid the first layer of asphalt and the trail may go in sometime today. I still have a huge mound of dirt as my landscape in my front yard.
And yesterday the jeep decided to get all wonky on my hubsters ride home. The brakes/wheels are acting up. We just had the brakes done last month, but the mechanic said that it might be the wheel bearings as they will sometimes toss off the ABS sensors and make it pull. We'll take it in later to get a confirmation on that and if it is, we will have it towed up to my brothers place. Wheel bearings are about $70 and about and hours worth of work. Compared to the $300 quote. It's nice having a brother with knowledge who had this week off of work. And as a trade for his time, he's getting our grill and a few ladders. Win win for me!

And the pack is just about done here. I know it's a bit early, but it sure feels good to have it done.

Hope everyone has a good day today!

Twin I'm sorry you're in so much pain today. I hope you are able to enjoy today before you have to do all that running around the rest of the week.

Susan I am glad you have an easier day today. I gave up on watching most television because it's all either ridiculous or gives me nightmares or upsets me too much. Life has enough drama I don't need more, that's why Big Bang Theory and HGTV are about it for me! So glad you had your little fluff to give you comfort.

Wonder, thanks for the advice! I may give that a try. As for the anxiety dizzies my sister takes rhodiola and says it does wonders for her. Glad the pack is done and your brother is helping with the Jeep. I love it when the barter system works out!

Well I'm going to go back to reading the same sentence 5 times and still not understanding. Uhg, this fog! I'm hoping a light run later will help with the fog and the pain, at least for a few hours. Still getting back into the running grove but it usually helps for an hour or two after.


Leo, it sucks being w/o a laptop! I know the feeling since mine was fried and in repair for 3 weeks a few months ago. Borrowing other people's electronics whenever you can... well, you do what you can. I think it's funny because this wouldn't have been an issue for me 10 yrs ago. Funny how the electronic age has an effect on us like that. That's really nice of you to make warm beds for the strays. But sucks that a skunk took it instead. I guess he's cold too? My husband likes to stop on his way home by this one area where a bunch of strays live and feed them. I think it's ironic because he won't help me with cat chores at home? And we own these.

I slept with my arm behind my head. How do we get into those weird positions? Sheesh. They are not fibro friendly. I was up and ready to make some Indian (as in India) tea this morning but when I opened the cupboard, found mom had used it all up. I don't normally put milk in my teas but this is one that I do because it goes nicely with the spices. Best thing I can compare it to is a spiced Chai. So I made an Indonesian jasmine tea instead.

I have a massage later this afternoon. My MIL gifted me a couple for my birthday last month (she's so nice), but due to some error that needed sorting out, I wasn't able to schedule it till now. Either way, I'm very grateful. I'm hoping to sneak over to walmart some time today so I can fill the Christmas child shoe boxes and get them turned in (1 done 3 more to go) :). I'm hoping my mom doesn't find out about my errand(s) and demand to tag along. I was able to sneak a very short swim in yesterday on my way to acupuncture lol.

Back in a sec.

Ida, that pain sounds terrible. I hope the acupuncture helps you like it does my knees and back.

Kel, yup I caught myself falling over in the shower yesterday from one of those slow mo falls. I hope things continue to improve.

Miki, I wish your dad wasn't a jerk to you and your dog. But I'm thinking you can't change him and will have to take steps yourself to remedy things. Do your parents watch your dog during the day only while you're at work? I'm trying to understand how your dog's schedule works. I was thinking you could give them a pre-measured food scooper so they will feed it the right amount. And if you drop your pup off in the morning then maybe don't feed your dog because you already know your parents will? Just trying to think of something. When my mom moved in, she wasn't feeding her cat right either, Spike's a nervous eater and throws it all up. So I had to get her a pre-measured scooper and a maze bowl for him. He's doing much better now and looks much healthier. I got my mom something like this

Maynard, I've been having the same fibro fog and have problems communicating to people. It's so frustrating, isn't it? My husband keeps trying to finish my sentences for me lol. But strangers think I'm crazy.

Angela, good luck with your mom. Parents are just.... yikes.

Twins, glad to hear you can relax a little today... sort of. Any little bit helps so one whole day is awesome! I hope your EMG goes well. Sending you a hot bubbly soak filled with lidocaine!

Susan, yeah pets are cool like that.... Silver curled up and fell asleep with me last night.

Wonder, I hope the jeep isn't too serious... glad your brother is there to help figure it out. Those mechanics always go for the most expensive route. They sure like scaring customers and I've heard horror stories about them not even fixing what they quoted you. I was going to a mech back on Oahu and every time I brought it home there was a bigger problem with the car. After the 3rd time, it became obvious to me he was scamming me. I'm glad you can use your garage again. Good luck figuring out that mound in your yard lol.

Blue I'm so excited (and a little jealous I'll admit ;-) ) for you for your massage. Enjoy! And absolutely no Mom! You need time after to relish in how wonderful it felt.

Blue, thanks. I don't mind sitting at my desk all day. Granted I would rather be pacing myself at home to get stuff done. I hope you enjoyed the massage and your mom didn't find out about your errand.

Wonder, I'm glad your BIL can fix the Jeep. Car and house expenses can really add up, I miss having my dad around for the help.

Susan, I hope your new medicine for arthritis helps you this winter. I'm feeling it way too much. Enjoy that book!

Angela, I hate to say it, but I don't think I could stand your mom. I hope your day is good and she doesn't treat you too bad.
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