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Tuesday is too much Check-in

Hey, all! Good morning! I was in *horrible* fibro pain last nihgt. No idea why. Oh wait, right, overdoing it radically so our supper guests could have a lovely time and I was *gone*. Excused myself early. They, and Hubby, watched a movie and continued the chit-chat and all, and I lay there with pain from my old 2011 injury (gah) and the damn all over the place "something stop aching so I can sleep", and I hate waking up complaining, I try to not do it even here, but...

Well, remember last summer I spraine dmy whole right arm, neck to wrist? The tendons are still cranky, being tendon. So my right arm went *berserk* on me, and somehow that, I think, made my fibro wake up and say, "Hey, we weren't aggressive enough this last few days!"... I keep repeating, "Two days to physio doc, something will feel better eventually!"

Anyone else ever want to name their fibro and send it hate mail?


This Saturday is the March for /in support of Science. Be nice to a nerd. You have medication, computers, and eyeglasses because of nerds!


Today in history, Robert E. Lee, Colonel, US Army, turned down an offer of command in the US Army. Year? 1861. Reason? US Civil War. Lee became an iconic hero of the rebellion, which he joined. I will note, however, that 1. his genius was half luck because damn, did he end up against a couple idiot opponents along the way (trust me, you get Burnside for an opponent, that's an easy win) and 2. more men wearing the US uniform died in battle against forces under Lee's command than have died on and since 9/11 due to Taliban, al-Qaeda and Islamic State combined.

Now that I've offended a bunch of people, think that one through for a minute. Because it hit me yesterday and I was like, "Why the f*** do we have a statue to that guy like he's a saint? Even if I exclude sickness (half the deaths in the Civil War were disease, if not more).... Damn! That math sucks!" But pardoning Lee was part of reconciliation, and everyone forgot how they'd mocked him or wished he'd fall down dead like Stonewall Jackson did... BTW, for the record, Jackson's men feared him. The press loved Jackson as quirky and lethal-to-the-US-soldiers, but his own men? Feared him. That's why there's always been that rumor, since the day it happened in 1863, that his men fragged him. They probably didn't. .... Anyway, I live in the US South, and I'm a Yankee born and bred, an dmy ancestors died wearin ghte US uniform in that war, and we're debating this huge "Take down or leave the Lee monument" thing, and everyone kept talking about how great he was after the war, but during the war..."  And I  pointedo ut that if we are honoring his actions post-war, why is he always wearing his military uniform and on horseback?! And then I got in serious trouble, as usual, b/c my brain works weird.

(BTW, US armed forces total killed since 9/11 and including that day, estimated 10,000 over 15 years. Add up Antietam, Cold Harbor, and Gettysburg alone and we hit about 7,000 US soldiers dead in battle. Not disease, not injured. KIA. Throw in Chancellorsville, and it's up to 9,000. And I haven't even mentioned Seven Days, Wilderness, Fredericksburg.... Get the idea? Yeah.)

Weird note: "Casualties" refers to killed *and* wounded, so you have to hunt a bit. THen you learn, as I've long known, that the wounded count is usually anywhere from five to eight times the number of killed in US Civil War battles. Why? Those minie balls (Minie balls, minus diacritical mark on the terminal e). They didn't kill you but you wished they had.

The minie ball is actually bullet-shaped, not a perfect round ball, and soon boasted four grooves in the base. The base also has a small indentation as if the bullet was hit in the butt by a... well, a bullet. This makes the minie ball a bastard. Why a "ball"? Because that indented base means the gas from the ignition of the gunpowder expands the bottom of the bullet. When fired, they're misshapen little buggers. I was hiking a battlefield many years ago and the frost had pushed upa  few and I didn't notice till I hit pavement that my hiking shoes had a spent minie ball lodged in the *tread*. (I've also found unexpended minie balls.)  You could survive a minie ball easier because, unlike old round shot, it didn't migrate much en route to and through you. But if it hit bone? Amputation was almost always a guarantee, b/c the bone shattered beyond repair. An ounce or more of high-speed lead does that. A round shot tends to spiral and do its own thing, so the shot were harder to find and remove; a minie ball left a pretty straight path. That was fairly new stuff in the mid-1800s onward, in battle.

Thus, the saw and whiskey being the mainstays of military medicine int he 1800s. Ouch.

Oh,t hat minie ball? I was a good citizen, and gave it to the park service. Hey, it's ab attlefield relic. Not mine to just walk off with, tho' I pretty much did, LOL.


OK, that was gruesome. I am so sorry!

I'm really tired and going to head back to bed if the pain allows. May yoru Tuesday be too good, not too much!



BTW, I will specify: From April 1861 to April 1865, the Confederate States of America were considered by them to be a separate country, a nation of its own, and the USA to be the "enemy". THus I specify US deaths versus Confederate. THey didn't fly the same flag, declared war, et cetera, and did not consider *themselves* US citizens. That's not my judgment. It was *their own* at the time. We've glossed that since, to make it all fluffy-nice since the war's end, all Americans together, et cetera, but when I see someone claim how American they are, flying a *Confederate battle flag*, while complaining baout people who say they're American and fly a *Mexican flag* out of heritage pride? Yeah, can't help it. Irony much?

Hi, Leo.

Interesting trivia. But the main thing that I take from today's message is naming my fibro and sending it hate mail. Yeah. I'll do that.

I didn't go to paint yesterday. I made it to church and then realized I had a total backlog of laundry. My husband said, "Let me know if you get this backed up and I'll chip in." Umm, no, you won't. As stressed as he is? Laundry would wind up on his list of things to do, and he'd mean to get to it, but you know how it goes...

9 days til the move. So stressed, so scared. So much packing to do.....fibro for me is some beast that stays in a cage (sometimes) and then when it's out of the cage, all my life is about is trying to get it back IN to the cage. The stress of everything has been enough that I don't even know where the cage is in order to try to stuff it back in.

I'll try to check in again later to say hi to all who follow. Going to have breakfast and pack a closet until I can't do anymore and then nap.

Morning Leo,
Seems to be a lot of flaring going around. I've been very sore for a week or so...mostly from my mid back now down to my toes. Hopefully you'll find some time to kick back and maybe recover some today.

I don't envy your move at all. We've been in the same house now for about 28 years and I dread the thought of having to dig through all the accumulated stuff if/when we finally have to get out of the house. :-) Try not to stress (easier said than done)'ll all be over soon.

Well, I see the brain doc later today and was wondering what kind of doc treats your fibro? Right now I see a rheumy for fibro but have read the neurologists sometimes treat it also. Have been flaring due to the freezing rain and low pressure and getting ready for Easter and stress and life, liberty and the pursuit of nonethingness....:-) It'll all be good one of these days.

Sending everyone Tuesday (((hugs))) from the frozen tundra,


ZK, yeeks! My hubby is the same. It goes on the to-do-but-never-done list. Big soft hugs!
Kel, keeping a good thought for you as you face Brain Doc. Keep us posted, okay?

Again, sorry to all if my trivia wandered into the gruesome and strange(r than usual). Where I live, being a Yankee is a crime. Admitting it is another crime. Being female and asking questions, daring to speak to *men* about history?... From any POV but "humble agreement as if they're gods"? ... Sometimes, I just gotta pop off a bit.

Morning Leo and Zombie. I have my doctors apt today. I still can't move my arm and it screamed all night. My partner flew to California this morning for business and the dog woke me at 4:30 because heaven forbid I should get some sleep. I named my fibro a few years ago. I just call fitbo and it has a hissy fit right before my eyes.
Leo I am so sad that your pain is making it so hard for you. I hope it lets up so you can breathe.
Zombie I feel for you. Moving is never easy but with what you go through on a daily basis it makes it sooo much harder.
I will check in and read posts later today. Love ya'll.

Morning everyone...had another night of almost no sleep because it was warm out. It's cooler now and will be all week, so back to normal temps for nh in April. My dad is putting my ac in this weekend, and this time I will make damn sure the screen goes back in when it comes out. Next spring I plan to get central air, it's only $3k for a modular home. I also hopefully will jave time to run to the pharmacy because I forgot to pick up my rx yesterday and I'm out. It's going to be a long day and I already can't think straight...on the brigjt side, my toe is now red instead of purple so it'll probably be fine if I leave it alone. The other 4 can compensate.

Miki, oooh, ouch on the toe, but so glad you have a chance for normal temps! Jealous!
Autumn, blessings and luck at hte docs.

BTW, why am I still rambling here? B/c someone started running loud machinery at 8 AM and I can't sleep. *headdesk*

Morning everyone, at least i think, had a horrible night of pain and im still in pain. I am tired and drained and very painful and have to see my oncologist at 1130 who had no bedside manner on anyone whos over weight. He goes on and on about my weight even if ive lost which i have. Trying to find the energy to shower and tomorrow we have to go to two hours each way to green bay for my rhumatologist and moms knee dr.

Angela, gentle blessing.

Leo, thanks for the trivia. Sorry for the intense pain your experiencing. I hope the noise quiets down so you can get more sleep.

kel, I see a rheumy and a neuro. I haven't seen the neuro in while, but mainly it was to make sure nobody was missing anything like MS (I have an uncle with it), and he diagnosed me with small fiber neuropathy. I don't think it hurts to see one and to see if they think they can help you. Good luck at your appointment today. I know it will go fine, but I hope it's more than that and you get lots of help.

Zombie, I'm glad you stayed home yesterday, you needed it. I hope the packing goes good and doesn't cause more pain.

Autumn, I hope your appointment goes great, and you get some help for that arm. It sounds so painful.

Miki, sorry about the heat and lack of sleep. I can't sleep without an a/c on during the night. I hope you get your meds today.

I'm so tired and still feeling overwhelmed from so much pain and from life. I really need a break from everything.

Have a good day.

Angela, I hope your pain eases, and your doctor keeps his mouth shut. I hate doctors like that, I would love to go with you. I'd put that a$$ in his place. Praying for your day.

Leo, I would love to name my fibro and tell it where to go! I am sorry you are in so much pain. Thanks for the history lesson. I certainly learned some stuff today. From my ancestry search, I am not sure I had any US relatives in 1861. If so, it was my paternal grandmothers side as my paternal grandfather didn’t emigrate from Austria until 1908 (born in 1896) and my mom didn’t emigrate here from England until the 1950’s. I hope your body starts feeling better REAL soon.

ZK, I am glad you made it to church and didn’t go to paint. Try not to stress out if you can. Just do what you can and don’t beat yourself up. Since hubby was in Afghanistan last year, I really hate him doing the laundry. Over there he washed everything together (white, dark, towels, etc) and I cannot get him to stop doing that and it drives me insane!

Kel, I am with you about moving. We have been in ours about 18 years. I would love to just take a suitcase and move and leave everything there, with the exception of a few sentimental pieces of furniture. Good luck at your doctor appointment. My Rheumy treats my fibro, but I also have a neurologist for the brain lesions, numbness, etc. I have to tell you that even though you feel crappy, you always make me smile at your check ins. Take it easy on yourself, okay??

Good luck at your appointment Autumn. I hope they can help you out with your arm pain.

Sorry about your toe Miki. I hope it heals quickly so the other 4 don’t get tired. I am glad you are getting your AC put in. It is really hard to sleep when you are too hot. Take care.

Good luck at your appt Angela. I am sorry the doc is an a$$ about your weight. You are doing great losing so just try to ignore that.

I order a vacation for you Twin. You certainly need one to get a break from everything. How are the girls? Did they have strep?

I have been awake since 4:30. I woke up and the birds were chirping loudly. I love the sound, but wish they would sleep until around 6:15 or so. I am gearing up for our trip to SC this weekend. We are taking the camper and will be gone from Thursday until Monday. It should be a lot of fun. I love the race family we have built, they provide lots of laughs.

Blue – I saw your post yesterday on the after Passover day. If I had 4 glasses of wine (that is a bottle) I would be asleep for hours!!

I hope everyone has a good day.

Bbmom, it sounds like you have a good weekend to look forward too. I hope you are out of your funk. I've been thinking about you. I've been up since 4:15, and now that I'm at my desk I can sleep. That's how it works doesn't it. Thanks for the vacation order. I need to plan at least a day for myself soon. The girls both have strep and are with my mom today. The doctor didn't act like it was a big deal that we just got over it, and it's only been a few weeks. I'm praying it doesn't come again, I don't want to go through a surgery and have their tonsils removed.

Hi all,

Leo, fun history lesson today. And I hope you find your feel betters soon for your pain. Your last night sounds similar to my Sunday, cook, cook, cook, eat, clean up, and drop dead. LOL.

Oh Zombie, 10 days hun it will all be down hill. There have been days in my life where I literally had to choose between spending hours on laundry or 15 minutes buying a new outfit. I have a couple....I didn't have time to do laundry outfits. I still look at them in shame. But you do what you need to do to float through the moments. 10 days and this will all be past you. Don't judge yourself when it's scramble time.

Kel, Wow, consider yourself lucky to have a Rheumy on board to treat your fibro...many down here in the cities just shovel you off to a pain clinic. All claiming that they will diagnose your fibro, but they won't treat it. (wasted 2 days of my life learning that w/ 2 different docs - even my GP thought that was a head scratcher). I hope you find some relief with the Neuro today.

Autumn, I hope your arm eases up with the pain. And maybe...a nap happens to find you today too.

Miki, Several years ago we had a really really drunk-high man wander into our yard. (locked fenced gate means he climbed into our yard). Anyways, we woke up at 6am to him talking on his cell phone trying to figure out how to get in. At the time, we didn't know what was going on, we just knew someone was trying to get in. I had my windows open and we live in a Ramber style home, so ground access is easy if someone wanted to crawl in. Our dog Lexi was going apenuts and I had all 4 of us crouched down on the floor (not knowing if this guy was armed or not) on the phone with the police dispatch. She was asking me for a description of the man, I just said I'm not going near the door to check, you can ask my dog as she's braver than I am. (I actually heard the dispatcher laugh at that one). Needless to say, we saw the police hustle that day (also climbing / jumping fences) and we learned that the guy was so flipping drunk/high he barely knew his own name.
But because of all of that, I lock our windows every night. We also have a security system and from the inside with the locks we have it looks like we live in Ft Knox (kiddos autism/wanderers). And this time of the year SUCKS for sleeping weather. It gets so hot and I've been having strange nightmarish dreams. I totally feel for you! And I'd be counting down the days until the air is installed again for you! Glad to hear your toe is doing better.

Angela, I'm sorry your oncologist is like that. We had a developmental pediatrician who was pretty dead set against us homeschool our boys. You know, because of socialization (eye roll). And I finally (and kindly) just switched to our regular pediatrician for the boys ADHD stuff claiming that it's because they are closer to us and we don't have to journey down to the U of M to see him. I'd get so angry at him I'd leave in tears some times.
I hope you have a safe and good trip and the pain subsides.

Twin....I summons you to a (virtual) break. Hmm, where should we go? Cancun? Easter Caribbean? The Moon? Okay, maybe scratch the moon, because there would be no one to serve us. LOL. Seriously, lets all take a mini vacation from our fibro here each day for a week. Ohh, wait a FIBRO cruise? Yup, all aboard. We all meet at the Lido deck to start our adventure. First up....drinks! (and no silly- this is where the life boats are required meeting- as if any of us would remember where they were, LOL).
I'm setting down my sore throat, fever, and sciatic nerve pain today....who's with me? Just let go of our stresses and pains and lets go sailing! The Turquoise waters are calling....some Conkarah playing in the background ('s do this!

Okay...I've got the Raggae beat in my little heart today....but the kiddo needs help....gotta run.

BBMom, I'm squeezing in a quick hello before Danno needs the puter for school work. Looks like we both have the same idea for Twins! Too funny! Oh how I'd love to just skip back in time to head out to a race. I still LOVE Sunday morning and when I crank up the lawn mower and get a whiff of premix, I slip back to those Sunday morning race days. Hope you have a great time with your racing family this weekend. Pure hearts there!
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