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Trembly Tuesday Cehck-in

Good morning! It's a lovely oh-six-early here as I begin. Let's see if my fibro-funky fingers can get it done in one go!

General reminder: Please be aware of the weather where you are, and plan accordingly. I am facing heat indicies over 100*F (around 40*C), with high humidity to accompany high temperatures. That means the usual cooling mechanisms won't work, such as sweat, panting, etc.

Yes, I'm already in Pet Sanctuary mode. Heat waves like this always mean my one room becomes a de facto Cat Cooling Parlor.


Today is 7/11 by the way Americans note dates, but it's nothing to do with the convenience store chain 7-Eleven. Originally, those were there hours: 7 AM to 11 PM. They are now open 24 hours as far as I know. Thus does a name linger long after the rationale is gone.

Of course, it's 11 July by Euro ways of writing a date, so... wanna mess up someone? write 11/7 and see if they blink (in the US).

In 1786, Morocco won a ransom contest with the young United States, extorting $10K in exchange for not attacking US ships. Morocco was part of the lands of the Berbers that had earned the name "Barbary Coast"  in northern Africa.

Pirates from that region had roamed the western Med and even up to Iceland and over to South America for quite some time, but the term "Barbary pirates" didn't get traction until the 1600s, when the pirates hit peak power. The 1700s saw them decline as European nations started cracking down and striking back.

In their raids on coastal towns in Spain and Italy, the Barbary priates would raid not only for goods but for people to sell into slavery. People gave up living on the coasts and some coastal regions weren't resettled until the 1800s.

The US fought two wars with the Barbary pirates, the first of which (1805) helped give rise to the line "to the shores of Tripoli" in the US Marines hymn. The US Marines, led by one Steven Decatur, went in to destroy a US warship caputred by the pirates (after running aground on a reef, it wasn't like the pirates were *that* good) during a blockade. And thus we get "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli".

Tripoli, or "three cities" in the original Greek, is/are in modern Libya. That is, ther's a city named Tripoli, but it is one of three originally part of the "tripolis". There is also a Tripoli, Lebanon, b/c hey, the Greeks. Where they didn't get, the Romans did, and the ROmans used Greek as the language of education. (Irony of course being that we now use Latin as our primary "educated" language.)

Tripoli was the center of much of the pirate activity that led to those wars with the United States, hence the USS PHiladelphia blockading her, running aground, and later being destroyed to prevent enemy use of it. The thing about pirates is, they don't stay in one place too long, or the'yre found.

Or, they run into the wrong guy. True story. There were Mediterranean pirates wreaking havoc on ancient ROme's shipping and such. One day they kidnapped a snotty young man named Gaius Julius Caesar (later the Great, the Dictator, That Julius Caesar) for ransom. He promised he'd be back. Since nobody had yet found their lair, the pirates in question had a great big laugh... Until Roman naval forces came in and that was the end of that. Sold into slavery, etc. How did Caesar do it? Other captives had looked for landmarks. But the coastal area in question (Cilicia, or the southeast coast of modern Turkey) was notorious for identifcal-seeming coves. Julius Caesar was irked, but not stupid. He counted how many coves they went past on only one side on the way in to the Secret Cove, such as it was. Essentially, it came down to something like, "Yeah, pirates in the fifteenth cove on the left, have fun," and he personally oversaw the execution of one pirate leader he felt was a particular pain in his butt, according to Livius. True? Probably. Caesar didn't end up running Rome because he was a fluffy kitten.


And on to my day. May yours be soft, comfy, and restful. We could all use that!



Hi, Leo. Try to stay cool. It's not that hot here, but it's raining a lot, so very humid.

I'm in the middle of the worst flare I've had in years. I went to the bathroom at work twice yesterday and just cried. The pain is so fierce, and it's everywhere, especially in my ribs and my legs. I don't know how I made it through work, and I have to do it again today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week. I'm having dark thoughts, the usual vague ones, where I just want the pain to end. It won't, any time soon, if ever at all. And my IBS is terrible, I think in preparation for the arrival of my period later this week.

Anyway, I'm sorry that I only respond in the morning and that I can't check back in. I read all of your comments and think about you and pray for you. I wish you all a cool, calm day. I'm off to pray and do some yoga this morning. I need to get the anxiety down--it's sure not helping.

Oh dear. It sounds like a hot one by you, Leo. We should hit about 81 today. Stay in the A/C as much as possible. I hope all of your kitty friends can keep cool as well. Thanks for the interesting check-in.

Got through day one of my busy week. Today is mammogram and new therapist. Lots of driving to get to both places. I'll be coming home in between. I hope I like the therapist. I've waited 4 months to get to see her. Glad the mammo is first to get that over with. Ugh.

Have a good day, everyone. I'll try and get back late this afternoon, or in between appointments.

ZK, sorry you are in so much pain. I pray you make it through today alright.

ZK, keeping you in healing prayer.
Ida, ugh, I hate mammos. Soft purrs, and hope the therapist is a good ift!

Morning Leo, I have a feeling your heat and humidity is going to make its way up here in a few days. I hope you don't have to deal with too many animals seeking shelter.
Zk-I hope the prayer and yoga help with the anxiety and pain you're experiencing. Hugs
Ida-I hope you like the therapist and that you can rest between your appointments today

I'm less tired today because I went to bed at like 8:15 last night, but still teetering on the edge of a flare. Also had a lot of nightmares. It's rainy and humid, and I'm pretty sure we're getting a lot of thunderstorms this week. I'm hoping this pain will calm down by tomorrow and that today won't push me over the edge. I'm going to try to run again Thursday, my pulled muscle is feeling better so maybe it'll go ok...I really need to start training for Chicago.

Morning Leo,
Great trivia, as always. :-). I know US history pretty good, but didn't know where " the shores of Tripoli" came from. Stay cool there today.

Sorry to hear that work is going so hard for you and that you are hurting so much. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Sounds like you are very busy there! Try not to overdo it. And I'm of Finnish descent, not Swedish. I'll forgive you though. :-)

Sorry to hear thst you're on the edge of a flare. If you run, try not to overdo it.

Well, I drove to my barber and got my hair cut yesterday. It felt good to be kind of a little part of the world again. Had to pay with some pain from driving but that's how it goes. I'm still making baby steps forward. :-)

Hipe you all stay cool today,


Morning to all,

Leo, Never knew all of that about Tripoli. I find myself fascinated by pirates (in the movies) but modern day pirates are like centipedes....they freak me out and I just want them squished. (yes I know they are the good guys, but pirates and cenitpedes both creep me out)...I'm strange, I know.

Zombie, I'm so sorry you're enduring this intense flare. I feel like my whole year so far has been one giant flare too. But when the flares bring the bad thoughts, and you just wished that part of your body would die know it's a hellish one.

I pray my prayers wrap you in a comfort today and that you are brought something to make you smile today.

Ida....may your squish apt go well today and I hope you click with your new therapist. I've found that to be the hardest part. Meeting new docs is like going on blind dates. You never know if it's going to be a dud or not. But I hope your travels go well today.

Miki, what is it with strangish/nightmarish dreams lately? Do yours run in clusters? Mine tend to cycle with stress. And what I suppress during the day emerges at night. I hope you can ward off that flare wanna be also.

Today is a low activity day here again. Tutoring for the kiddo. And then we will be the weather watching family as we are in an enhanced area of severe storms again today.
Last night, I tried to make enchiladas for the first time. I'm not an enchilada girl as the cumin hurts my tummy too much. But I got an 8 out of 10 from my hubster (he rarely ever gives out 10s, LOL). But it was just another ordinary day to pamper him. His new T-shirt came that I ordered him, made him a favorite meal so he would have a happy TacoTuesday lunch today. And then I grilled some Sweet Martha's on the grill for him. (Chocolate chip cookies -a MN state fair treat).

I hope everyone has a great day today with all that you are doing. And if you are flaring, may comfort find you and at least take the edge off with the pain.
Hugs to all.

Kel, sorry I missed you as I was typing away.
Congrats on getting out and getting your hair cut! I bet that felt good (both independence and getting a little off the top).
I'm my hubster's stylist or barber if you will, and last week he begged me for 5 days straight to give him one. Poor man, he kept getting put off due to housework to be done and the flare that wasn't giving up. Which is why I pampered him last night.

Hope your independence continues to grow by the day. Will you be back to work soon?

I meant to go back today but decided to take one more week. I still can't sit very long without swelling up. I can work from home some but they do want me there too...for meetings and stuff. Now that I can drive, I'll pack it up and hobble in next Monday and see how it goes. Am shopping for relaxed fit pants now...any pressure on this hip starts hurting quickly.

Leo, thank goodness those kitties have you. It's going to be hot here, but I'm not sure of the humidity today. It's been a humid summer so far so it's probably up there again today. Thanks for trivia. Thanks for praying we all have a good night sleep last night.

Zombie, we know that work is kicking your butt, don't even worry about replying back. I always read, but don't always have time to reply back. I hope you realize how strong you are. I know work sucks, and I know the constant pain sucks, I'm so sorry you are so overwhelmed. You really have given your best effort. I'm praying for you.

ida, good luck on the mammo and new therapist today. I'm glad you get a break in-between them. I love getting my appts over-with in the morning so I don't have to anticipate them all day. I hope your pain and anxiety are under control.

Miki, I hope your flare goes away and you end up having a good day. Just stretch and rest often and hopefully your run will go ok.

Kel, I'm glad you got out of the house. I'm praying that all depression and anxiety go away, and you heal quickly.

Wonder, you're such a great mom and wife. They are so lucky to have you. I hope you feel the grace of God on your life today, and that all pains and anxiety go away.

I feel weak, the pain in my back, neck, arms, and legs/feet are hard to deal with today, and yet here I sit at work trying my best. I've been here roughly 45 mins and I'm ready for a nap. LOL

Have a great day friends, I'm thinking of you all.

Morning from my nest where I am still fermenting and covered with my daily dose of eau du cat spit. I have to get moving shortly.

Today is dermatologist day where we might start lasering some of the spider bite damage on my face. Hoping that it helps. I had a liberal application of war paint on for my niece's grad party. The damage to my forehead was more than obvious even with flesh coloured spackle.

No sign of the kittens that I think may be under the deck or mom yesterday. We looked for them and had no luck. Will keep an eye out for them again today. Wonder - My stalker cat was abandoned and living under my deck. She is a Chocolate Point Himalayan which is another very expensive cat like your rag doll.

Today is Amazon Prime day. I took advantage of it last night and ordered a couple of things. The selection seems better than previous years which was more like the dregs of the warehouse sale. I bought an Amazon Dot which is the smaller version of Echo. You can ask it questions, order stuff on Amazon etc. I think it will come in handy in my office.

I love the pirate movies from the 40s and 50s like "Captain Blood" etc. All that swashbuckling stuff and swinging from the yardarm. I come from a long line of master mariners on my Mom's side. Can't sail myself; six feet from the dock and I'm pea green and tossing my cookies. Go figure..

Time to hit the eject button. I will check back later. Thinking of all of you and hoping we can all make it through another day!

Twin, maybe time for a loooong restroom break?
Kel, yay! Small steps! It's a long tough road, but you can do it:-)
Wonder, I'mwith ya. Johnny Depp as pirate is still, ew-yuck-pirate to me, too. Squash 'em! *splat*
Miki, I hope you can have a good run. If not, hey, just remember, fibro starts us where "normals" *stop* after a hard workout, so... if you have to walk it a bit, no harm, you're still moving, okay?

Big shout out to our BBallMom, Sugarbear, Mtnfibroguy, Blue, Autumn, Angela, and all others whose names just went whoosh outta my tired brain. (WVGirl, hah, I knew I could remember at least one more!) I'm so brain-fried it's not even funny. Had to quickly get a degree in advanced idiocy to figure out Mom's latest bill from the hospital. Whoever designed those? Seriously an enemy of human sanity.

Purrs to all!

Fantod, OMG, I am so sorry! You're right there and I blanked... Hope you hae a good day and they can help minimize the Mark of the SPider for you.

Kel, I saw some deals today on Amazon Prime day for some mens relaxed fit Khakis. I'm often looking for my hubster. Some of the deals today are pretty good and if you use anything like Ibotta app for a rebate, you can score even more. Good luck shopping, hope they come quickly for more comfort.

Twins, I'm so sorry the pains have been bad for you also. Praying that God's grace is upon you as well and His energy reaches down to rejuvenate you.

Fantod, Oh I bet that chocolate point Himalayan was gorgeous! I'm in love with Pudge's toes....they are pink, and black and brown....with white fur....All 4 of her feet have white fur on top, black/brown on the bottom...then you see these multicolored piggies emerging and I fall in love all over again. Nothing like cat toes to make this momma heart swoon. LOL.
And we have the echo. Love it. I hope you enjoy your Dot! I saw that the Echos were down to nearly $70 on prime! Incredible steal!
I got the kiddos a Cozmo robot. It's a little guy who acts like Wall-E, and is adorable. Danno is in love with robots and the more animated they are the better. We had a Weebo a while back when he was younger that helped him with his social cues as the more he interacted with it (nicely) the more animated it became, the worse he treated it the less it played back. It was designed to help kids with autism. And I see this little Cozmo working in the same way. But on a more adorable and fun way.
Here is Cozmo: And like the grown up geek I am, I can't wait to get him.
Hope your appointment goes well and you get to start the laser treatments.


I hope you can keep cool, Leo, with cold packs, wet cloths, cool showers, etc. It's humid and sticky where we're staying but not too bad.

Also on a note about Tripoli, pirates and Marines: Marines are also called "leather necks" due to the high collars we wear on our uniforms. Back in the day when we were fighting the pirates, our uniforms actually consisted of leather collars to prevent decapitation by pirates or any other bad guy with a sword.

It is mosquito haven out here.... our little hut is nice with a tiny kitchen (a little gas burner, sink, etc), it has an outhouse and an outdoor shower. Now, normally I don't mind outdoor bathrooms, but this one is the mosquito headquarters! You have to spray yourself with "Off" before you head out there, or you'll be eaten alive. Last night while eating dinner, a giant cane spider showed up (image:, they are fast as lightning and scared the heck out of me. All I know is next thing I was screaming and hobbling around the hut running away from that thing. My husband finally killed it with a zapping bug wand (kinda looks like a mini tennis racket).

The tiny town down the street shuts down at 5 pm, so we missed getting a spot to eat. We ended up stopping at a little general store and bought a few cans of veggies and cooked them up. There is no cell service here, but some wi-fi lol.

We have plans today to head out to a natural pool called Venus Pool, but now it's pouring cats and dogs so we'll see what happens.

Back in a sec.....
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