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Thursday Therapy Check-in

Good morning! Today I see physio doc, yay!

Otherwise? Therapy today is... STOP.





This is used in varying ways to help people not panic in crisis, but it's useful on a bad day. Just sit. Think of your Options, and make a Plan. You may find you have more options than you realize.

For example: "I *have* to make supper! I can't do this, I'm in so much pain, and I have to!"


Think: "Pain. Effort. Supper."

Options: Take-out. Leftovers. Cereal. Go hungry for the evening. Option 1 = driving to pick it up, no. OPtion 2 = no leftovers dammit. OPtion 3 = easiest but am I cheating?! OPtion 4 = I'm hungry, this isn't helping me think clearly! .... Fifth option .... Gotta be a fifth? How asinine crazy can it be? Well, it can be "OK, screw it, dry cereal, not even in a bowl." or it can be "Call for delivery pizza.... but that's money I don't want to spend so..." we end up at "What is easiest to cook with least effort?"

Plan: Add water to pot. Dump in something tha tsimmers for half an hour. Go do other things or rest until 20 minutes are gone, go stir it, and retreat again. *This*, btw, is why I have dehydrated (vacuum-dried) veg and rice/lentils/quinoa etc. so often. Measure. Add water. Add a few herbs. Done in half an hour. Ahhhh.... What do we call it? Well, if there's extra water, it's veggie stew/soup. If there's no water left and it's all perfect, then you're having a "pilaf". (Which just means "rice dish".) If you're carnivorous, an down a microwave, nuke something and set it on the side. Ta-da! Plan!

And now, you have STOP.... and you can go:-)


This, btw, is why I exhaust myself once a week pre-chopping fresh veg, storing in tupperware, and then during week I can just throw it in the pot. One-pot meals are so easy for the vegetarian set. You call it side dishes if you're a carnivore, but that's our main course. I also prep salad greens, etc., but not cucumbers. Those gets squishy and yucky if pre-cut.  Zucchini is good for a couple days, carrots and ceelry for all week, onion for the week, etc.

Home cooked from scratch, b/c many many years ago, I was in severe pain, and said STOP! and poof!


OK, I am so freaking tired I can't see straight, so today's trivia is:

Where the heck does Leo get this stuff?

Well, aprtly therapy, and partly this stress management seminar I took for free in, like, 1995.

Or my mom taught me life hacks, as they're now cutely called.


Feeling the bummer and the ick? Found this pic for us to enjoy together....8b2d6befd281c9bdb028d8469c49a39a60911c82



Morning, Leo...I also always have random easy stuff to make around. Quinoa, cut up or frozen veggies, canned tuna and salad dressing works...takes like 15 minutes, tops. If you cut up chicken breast and throw it in with pasta and boil it, that works too. That's usually what I go to when I don't have the time or energy to cook. I hope the physio doc can help with your arm pain.

I actually kind of slept last night, could have even slept more if the cats didn't wake me up to be fed. I'm still exhausted, though...and now my dad is dragging his feet about the air conditioner, saying it won't be that warm for a while now. I don't f*cking care. It takes 20 minutes and I just want to be able to sleep next time it's unseasonably warm (which it has been for *most of April*). This also happened after a crazy work day, we were busy and ended up having a cat die while they were trying to get blood. The owner had called to schedule routine bloodwork, then said that oh by the way, he's been falling down for 3 days. I pushed her to come in that morning because it was probably an emergency (which it was, as it turns out). Idk what was actually wrong with the cat(probably either cardiac issue or severe anemia), and I was cleaning another cat's teeth while this was happening so I wasn't involved after the phone call, but yeah. But the owners did ask the doctor to thank me for telling them to come in, so that was nice of them. Now it's time to figure out why my paycheck isn't in my bank account yet, before I do all my other stuff...

Good morning.

I'm awake way earlier than I intended.

Leo, love the pic, very relaxing. I think we all need those easy meals for the especially hard days. I hope physio is helpful today.

Miki, too bad about the cat. I'm sure that's never easy. I need a cool room to sleep. Maybe your dad will realize that you do need it and do it today.

I'm off to my convention. I speak once today, tomorrow and Saturday. I'm in so much pain but I'll grin and bear it. The rain hasn't helped. Female issues any day now, if course. So, I'm just hoping for a room near the convention floor. If I had to walk long distances after being on my feet, I'll just feel like crying. Please pray for God's blessing over me. Thank you.

Hugs to everyone. I hope to read this weekend but I just may be too busy.


Leo, thanks for STOP. I'm already starting to use it.

Miki, sorry about the cat, and about the air conditioner. I know how you feel. It's hard to wait on someone else's time schedule sometimes.

Bobbii, enjoy the convention. Prayers for you.

I spent 7 hours packing yesterday, and my period came. I'm running on about 2 and a half hours of sleep. So much pain, and I can't get my mind to shut off at night. So today's plan? NOTHING. I think I'm on schedule for the move--only one week to go.

We had a terrible storm pass through here yesterday and I read on the news that my old neighborhood flooded. I remember when that house flooded in 2007 when I was still living there---hauling sewage soaked memories out to the curb. It was foreclosed in 2010 and I don't think anyone lives sad to see it fall apart and come to nothing. But better days ahead! The house I'm moving into next week was a foreclosure that sat empty for 6 years. My husband and I are saving it from total collapse. And it's beautiful, and a block from Lake Erie. I'm so looking forward to it.

I just have to get there. :)

Good therapy Leo! I am beyond drained and overwhelmed and frustrated so going to go hide for awhile.

Morning Leo,
I do like the pre ummm pare stuff too. Also eat more leftovers than ever before. I use to like to have a fresh, different meal every night, wayyyyy back in the day when I could stand for more than 10 minutes without wincing. Now we'll often eat the same thing, or a slight variation of the same thing 3 days per week. :-) You can get creative by adding this or that and change the taste/look/texture of yesterdays dinner. I hope you have some time to nap today. is today.

Sending out Thursday appreciation (((hugs))) to all of my fibro friends. We'll never beat it, but together we can survive the thrive,


Wow...we had a mad rush of posters! I didn't think that I typed that slowly...

I don't blame you at all for wanting the air in. Even in the frozen tundra, we've crept up into the low 60's a couple of times (snowing right now). We have an upstairs bedroom and it gets hot even when it's only mid 50's outside! Ours will be on soon.

Good luck at your convention! I just volunteered to teach a seminar at a fall convention....they haven't ok'd it yet and I'm kinda hoping they don't. :-) I hope your pain backs off some for you.

We have been storming here the last couple of days flooding yet though. I'm about a mile off of Lake Superior, lots of great lakers out here. I wonder if there is a great lake/fibro connection? ;-)

It sounds like your PCP is trying to get you tested out and to a rheumy. I understand your frustration. Gotta believe that things WILL get better....keep on keeping on.

Thanks for the therapy Leo. I hope the physio helps you out. I know you have been looking forward to this appointment. Please take care of yourself and have a good weekend.

Bobbii, you amaze me with your ability to go to a convention and actually speak at it. I sure hope your room is close by so you don't have much walking to do. Praying the weather is on your side.

Miki, I hope you can get the AC in sooner than later. Is there someone else you can have install it for you since your dad isn't getting to it? Sorry your day was bad yesterday. I couldn't imagine doing your job. I hope you get to the bottom of where your paycheck is. That is added stress you don't need.

ZK, I am glad you got a lot of packing done, but I cannot imagine the pain you must be in from doing it. It is easy to look forward to moving, but getting there is a daunting task. Good job in getting things done.

Hi Kel. We have started eating a lot of taco/burrito/salad type stuff. I make a couple pounds of taco meat early in the week and then we have it for whatever. I do like new stuff, but it is so hard to do. I have left overs nearly everyday for lunch too. I hope you are feeling okay today.

Blue, I read that Silver isn't eating much. I hope you can find a med for him that doesn't make his appetite suffer.

I am tired. Little sleep and a shitty day in the office yesterday. Someone went to my boss about me making 2 mistakes lately and wondering if something is going on. I was so pissed because I have NO idea what mistakes he is talking about. I own when I do mess up, so if he doesn't tell me, how am I to know? I have been doing this job less than 6 months and it was a complete cluster before I started. I am not the only person he has done this to, but it still made me so angry that I cried. Which also makes me angry. It is a vicious cycle. I leaving today and will be on the road to SC and 90 degrees by 4pm. I cannot wait. I might not check in, depending if there is service or not. Hugs to all of you.

Leo I loved the pic and today's therapy couldn't be more in target for me. I hope the appointment with physio goes well!

Since last Wednesday when I got laid off I was hired back because someone else quick, promised one thing and then told another at the last minute and got sick because of how stressful and toxic this place is. I stopped thought (talked to the hubby and a friend) and make a plan to turn in my notice today. M health is more important, my marriage is more important, and I can find another job. I am a bit scared because I will be living off of the little bit of savings I have but oh well. I can't keep feeling this horrible and getting treated this way.

Miki sorry to hear about the cat but glad you got some sleep. I hope the paycheck issue is an easy fix and you can get good sleep tonight.

Bobbi I hope the convention goes well and isn't too painful. Good luck without speaches.

Zombie glad to hear you can take the day for you to get some rest. And the house sounds wonderful just being close to the lake sounds so relaxing.

Angela I hope you are able to regroup with some down time.

Kel thanks for the encouragement!

Bball, gentle hugs... Pooh on your boss.
Bobbii, go you!
Kel, I hear ya. I have a few base dishes and then.... spice differently for "new" food every night!
Angela, hang in there!
ZK, please get some rest! I am tired thinking of what you did!
Miki, wishing you painless AC and a good day.

BTW, I used meals as a common fibro issue. STOP applies to *anything*.... I actually learned it for stress management, but there's variations of it for lost hikers, all kinds of situations.

It's going to rain here for hte March for Science, but I'm going anyway. I have no issues with rain. People here are such wimps, IMO. ONe cloud and they run for cover. Complain constantly about any day without tons of sunshine. COuldn't care less if it's a drought, unless they farm. Reallllly feel alien sometimes. It's like, "Hey, rain! OK, get the umbrella." for me. For most? "Eeek! I'll melt!"....

Maynard, good for you! Toxic places bad!

Ida, Blue, Twin, and all our other Fibro Friends.... Blessings on the day!

Mornings all (yawning)~

Today I am wiped out. We had the funeral stuff yesterday to attend, 1-1/2 hrs away. Which turns into 2hrs with my hubsters pea sized bladder (poor thing). But I conquered my panic attacks and we went. I feel blessed.
But today I feel like I could just drop. Pains are painful and sleeps are still pulling tricks on me.

Leo, love the pic..looks like a view from a cruise ship. & Yah for the physio! I have this one wish in the world...that our neighbors would cook for us when I feel like I can't. I coach them quietly from my kitchen to just make us something yummy and how grateful I would be if they did indeed do that, but nope, no body listens.
So because of that I too am a planner. I cook in big massive amounts often. This means left overs for my hubster and I. Our kids have oral sensory issue and food adversions due to underdeveloped gag refelxes...add to that them being 'boys' and then their autism/adhd stuff and you have a momma here who is a short order cook. Our food budget is insane. Because I'm often cooking 3 different dishes for each meal of the day. Because my hubster and I just can't keep a dietary intake like the kids. Anyways...I'm often wishing / hoping that someone would rescue me in my kitchen some days. I have freezer meals often prepped and ready to go because my fibro mandates it at some point each week. And last the hubster and I fend for ourselves and we both make for the kiddos. Eating out is also often a 3 stop shop as well. I just know when I'm old and grey and alzheimers has deeply set in, I'm going to be afraid of the kitchen, LOL.

Miki...oh I don't know if I could handle a day like you had. I struggle so hard when we have to put our pets down over the years....but to have one die like that is too much. Hope the A/C goes in for you and that you get your paycheck issues resolved.

Bobbi, I'm wrapping you in prayers to help you get through this speaking engagement. I hope you won't have to walk far and if you do, that God's grace will be upon you and the pain will lift. I honestly love praying, so whenever you need it (or anyone else) just ask. May God's blessings be upon you today and through the weekend.

Zombie, Normally I'm keeping a watch over the storm patters across the states, but this week has been a blur. Sorry to hear that storm was big and did damage to your old neighborhood. But your new home sounds like a wonderful opportunity. How many days are you down to now?

Angela, hide for a bit if you must, I get it. Sometimes it's good to heal that way. I'm with you on the over spent feeling. A long trip/drive is hard enough but when your battling things on an emotional level too is overwhelming to say the least. Hope your day brightens.

Kel, like you, I thought the same thing when I signed on today. LOL. Lots of postings already. Maybe we were all drawn to Leo's therapy Thurs post as we all needed it today. I read about your news yesterday with the brain doc. Glad you have a solid plan set. Full steam ahead now, right?

BBMom, Oh how I hated working with those types of people. Always quick to point out what was wrong with your work. Just trust in your work. A chronic complainer in the workplace is making his own mistakes also (in managements eyes). Kinda like the little boy who cried wolf. So take off later, and enjoy that SC sunshine. Hope you have signal in your final destination. We were floored to find signals down in farmland yesterday. It was also a river valley area too.

Maynard, I'm happy to hear that you are cutting your ties with your workplace. I've been living it through my hubster here also. (not that his place was toxic by any means) But he wanted to go independent. And that means we have a net45 with his new contract. (no pay for 45 days). And we've bankrolled his PTO for a massive payout. Upped his exemptions on this last check or two and we should float by just fine. Its a bit daunting though to live on the savings. But this is where I have complete trust in God to provide. I know God will do the same for you also. Be brave and be bold.

Leo, sure makes you wonder why people are marching then doesn't it?

Okay I'm off to go flutter around the house and help the kiddo with his school work. Hope everyone has a great day today.

Good therapy, Leo. I've never thought to look at options like that before. It will be helpful.

I had bloodwork this morning, and on the way out of the door to go, I majorly twisted my ankle and went down in a thud. I managed to get up and hobble to the car. When I got to the clinic, they said I should be seen for my ankle, so I will be going back soon for that appointment. Other things are starting to hurt now. My hip, knee, lower leg, and foot...along with the ankle. I don't think anything is broken, but I have a sprain I'm sure. I cannot believe how quickly I fell. That's about the only thing I can do quickly.

I have a beef roast and carrots in the crock pot, so no cooking today. Hubby should be home by 11am. He found out he has to go to Florida next week. I'll be at my son's babysitting. Hurting my ankle really did not happen at a good time.

I'll try and get back to you guys later. Bobbii, I said a prayer for you. Take care, all.

I checked online 3 out of 4 blood tests came back as my levels are too high only one i understand is inflammation. I know my dr will call at some point to let me know whats going on. At least something is showing as bad as i dont want it too i want it too at the same time so they KNOW im serious on how bad i hurt! I feel like the no one understands (other than you guys) just how much i hurt i can barely stand up today its so bad!

Ida, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I'm glad you're having it checked out soon. I thought I didn't break my toe last summer. And then I did. Lets hope you don't have a slight fracture. Although, sprains are hard to heal also. Maybe some R&R with your grandson will help you heal.

@Wonder.... Well, dedication in the face of rain is apparently more than a lot of people can handle, no matter what the cause. March of Dimes, 5K walk for awareness of (issue), doesn't matter. I go anyway. It's not gonna be easy on me, so who cares if it rains to boot? It's a good cause. Like my May walk for Fibro awareness.

I'd say 1/3 of people march to have selfies to post on Facebook, to be honest....
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