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Therapy Thursday check-in:-)

And that's $85 please... Seriously, this no-therapy thing is saving me money. I can afford my new prescription reading glasses! Not that I'm glad, but...

Anyway, today is about just finding funny things to laugh about... That's the therapy. Find your favorite comedian on YouTube or Netflix. Re-watch the fail videos where every single skateboarder cracks his own nuts and seems surprised to discover gravity works (Hubby loves those, it's weird). Give catnip to cats and just watch the show. (Don'te ven need to be *your* cats, btw!)

Or, in my case, watch and wonder as a squirrel digs up a square foot of yard in search of a nut that isn't there. (Or if it was, someone ate it.) He was very methodical, for a rodent. All I initially saw was this gray fluffy squirrel tail sticking out of the periwinkle. Moving about fluffy and gray in the sea of green and the dainty pale blossoms like some odd parody of a shark fin in water. Or a submarine periscope. In any case, old Skippy the Squirrel there did *not* succeed, and abandoned the search. Still gave me a good grin.

Just... laugh. Evne if you can't laugh out loud from pain or coughs (Ida, I forbid your chest to hrut, tell it I said so) or b/c some twit is nearby and will look at you oddly (I mention no spouses, but I lash my puma tail at any who dare tread on the toes of our Fibro friends....) or b/c you are just too da*n tired to manage a laugh aloud.... Find a smile/grin/laugh today.

BBCAnimalsTalkVideo  (Best if you like British humor)


And now, all the bad dumb facepalming jokes I could find, b/c Hubby loves these:

---the last thing my grandpa said to me before he kicked the bucket was.... "How far do you think I can kick a bucket?"

---the vulture tried to board his flight with two dead raccoons, but the stewardess reminded him that there's a one carrion limit. (*cringe*)

---(From Hubby's Sunday School days): "ANd the Lord said to John 'Come forth', but John came fifth, and only got a toaster". (This cracks up Hubby for reasons that I really don't grasp.)

---How do you find a needle in a haystack? Set the hay on fire. (Hubby snort-laughed when he said this just now. OMG. He's twelve!)

---Why can't you solve murders in West Virginia? (OK, I am taking this as dictation from my husband, blame him, not me, oh crap...) All the DNA matches. (I'm gonna kill him. I have family in West Virginia._)


OK, I am *not* doing this anymore. Seriously... I ask him for good one-liners for the Fibro check-in, he's Mr. Funny until *now*?! I mean, c'mon, not even the really old tired one about "My mother had a personal chef. Dinty Moore." (You have to be a certain age to get that one, anyway...)


Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day! Get your Shamrock Shakes while you can! (McDonald's, mint, milkshake-ish, the only time of year I go there, don't ask.) Prepare for people to claim they're Irish enough to celebrate a holiday that the US makes a much bigger deal of than Ireland, as an excuse to get drunk, act more idiotic than usual, and dye everything green. Or, y'know, just shrug and say, "I think Great-Gran from Dublin will understand if I just get on with my life...." (True, btw, about my great-gran from Dublin. I think she was kicked out of Ireland, to be honest. Woman had the morals of a.... uh.... OK, what am I going to end up insulting?... OK, she had morals, but they were negotiable after a few drinks. There. I managed to be accurate and not terribly graphic. For once.)

History today was all gore and gunk, which is typical, but this one stood out: In 1871, the US state of Delaware established the first fertilizer law. (?!) Yep, they mandated accurate labeling, under the statutes about state chemists and licensing thereof. So you knew what you were getting. This sounds minor, but was a huge step forward for consumer protection and agriculture, as it meant you knew you were using fertilizer appropriate for the crops. Interesting to note, Delaware's biggest industry these days is being a really great place for banks to headquarter b/c of the regulatory and tax and incorporation laws. Like, you can basically incorporate there with a blink of an eye, operate anywhere else in the US, and it's all good. Weird, but true.


Off to phone Mom and make sure she takes her antibiotics and so on. She wouldn't go to the doc, no no no, until her eardrum was nearly ready to rupture from infection. Niiiiiice. Then, we get there, and the doc was sitting in her office, at the computer, I *asw* her, at appointment time.... 25 minutes later, I tell Hubby, loudly, "Give me your phone! I'm calling 911 for Mom! She needs help!" and suddenly.... Doctor appears! I introduced myself as "the attack daughter". *evilgrin* And then more soup for mom. And and and the usuals, y'all know how it goes.

Blessings, hugs, cuddles, and may your day be *easy*!



Morning everyone. I made it through the day yesterday, and that's about all I got. But I didn't come home to a disaster or a cat in need of foreign body surgery. Not sure what happened, but she ate last night and this morning and kept everything down. And today is another day of windchills barely above zero.. I'm so sick of the wind, I haven't been able to run outside in over 2 weeks and I think I'm goinf to die of boredom on the treadmill soon. But I probably will take your advice Leo, and give the cats catnip later. It's always tortie is an angry drunk, tries to beat the shit out of the other two (more like bitch slapping, she doesn't actually hurt them and tjey don't care, they just walk away). Hugs to everyone

Miki, making it through is a good day to me:-) LOL on the tortie. My neighbor's trio are hilarious. The tabby does the flop-and-love-the-world routine, the orange cat gets all cranky, and the gray eats it all, then sleeps for hours. I've actually had a cat who didn't react to catnip, but only one.... THe funniest for me remains a feral we rescued from Death Row at the pound. First he had his Happy Drunk. Then he was Floppy Drunk. THen he got th emunchies. IT was sooooo funny to see him suddenly stop his happy-floppy and run to the food bowl like, "Yeah! Munchies!"....

Laughing would be good for all of us. I'll need to find something later. It is true that laughter is good medicine.

Leo, that's great what you did at the doctors office. I lost it once at a pediatric surgeons office years ago, they knew exactly how I felt. My mom lost her hearing in one ear from its rupture. Glad you got her to go. I hope your day is easy.

I don't know what's going on with me. I'm so stiff this morning and geez the pain is...perfectly awful. I wish I had someone to take care of me, but I'm a big girl now so that falls on myself.

Yesterday, I couldn't take dealing with the pantry moths one more second so I cleaned out the cupboards yet again. I think I found the source. They like to hide in the crevasses of my nice plastic organizational system. So all clean, trashed the ruined food, and changing how the pantry functions.

I'm hanging out in bed for a bit. I do have to run son to class later and visit the library while I'm out.

On a positive note, my daughter called me yesterday! She works so much, I don't hear from her much. So nice to hear her voice. She's a bit of sunshine in my day, always has been.

Hugs to all. Have a good day.

Morning Leo,
I do need a laugh today so kiitos for your suggestion! I'm also on a heap of antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection...I wonder if me an your Mom hang out in the same places? I know a lot of guys that like to see other guys get kicked in or fall on their nuts. It's never done much for me, I can feel their pain. :-)

I had a tough night last night. I got home last night and my Mom was very sick....confused and unable to walk. With help from Gin, I was able to get her in a transfer chair and then into a car...all the time thinking that I should have called an ambulance. Anyway..after about 5 hours they admitted her without really knowing what's wrong. I'm trying to be optimistic and think that she should be ok after they figure this thing out and treat it. Oh, all of her vitals and tests were coming back normal enough so far....we all know how that goes. JUST FIND SOMETHING. To make a long story longer, poor Spartacus has to grow up today and spend most of the day alone for the first time. I gave him a horn and other chew stuff....I have to figure out how to visit my Mom and take care of the dog and work and go to my therapist appointment...hmmmmmmm Gin is working 12.5 hours today with another 1.5 hours of driving so I'm on my own.
Speaking of brother has had some severe swelling on one side down there which will lead to it's removal on Friday. They haven't found any cancer yet but they will test it more after the surgery. He is the one that is turning 60 and I'm suppose to go to Vegas with next Wed. (another thing I found out yesterday). He did say he's going but I have to wonder if I'll be able to with potentially a new patient (mom). It'll all come out in the wash. Life has been tough lately but it will get better, and all that.

Joke, joke...hmmmmmmm lets lighten this up:
A person was in an interview and asked what was their greatest weakness?
The person answered "honesty".
The interviewer said: "I don't think honesty is a weakness."
To which the interviewee answered "I don't give a f#&k what you think."

Happy Saint Urho's day!


Morning Leo - Very cold here today but the sun is shining.

If anyone would like a laugh, try late night host James Cordens crosswalk production of Beauty and the Beast. He does it on a crosswalk outside the studio between traffic lights. It is hilarious. The faces of the drivers are priceless.

I do relate to the cold but we are finally going to be getting warmer..of course will pay the price with a wintery mix. It may even creep into the low 40's here for a couple of days!

I'm very sorry to hear that you are hurting so bad. Hopefully that'll ease up as the day goes on! Sending you healing ((((hugs))))

Bobbii, that's going around, that hurt-so-bad-why.... Gentle purrs.
Fantod, hope your day continues sunny and *warming*
Kel, that's too much poopoo on one platter. Take it slow and easy, okay?

We started out cold and sunny but are suppose to end up warmer and snowy/rainy/sleety....We got it all! :-)

I'm out of it today. Pressed the "send" button before I was finished.

I spent an hour with the surgeon's PA yesterday. The implant looks great. We formulated two plans to try and fix my current problems. When you have joint replacement, you are restricted for 90 days afterwards from taking supplements, vitamins and some medication unless your doctor says otherwise. I am going back on my anti inflammatory and a supplement called Curamin which is also an anti inflammatory and pain killer. She added 1mg of Ativan at night in hopes that I will sleep. That is Plan A. Plan B is to put me in for a surgical block to I can't feel my knee/lower leg or back and continue Plan A. Trying Plan A for a few days to see if things will settle down. I should know by next week if the surgical block has to be done. This PA is fabulous. She is very adept at dealing with people that have multiple drug sensitivities. And a really good listener.

Leo - Good for you! I was all set to holler myself yesterday if they kept me waiting at the surgeons office. I've sat there for as long as three hours which is horrible. Sorry that your Mom is so sick. Hopefully, she will feel much better soon.

Miki - Glad to hear that your cat did not nibble on anything in your absence. Hang in there, the weather should improve soon.

Bobbii - Pantry moths are horrible. My Mom had them. We ended tearing her kitchen apart to find the source. So glad that your daughter called for a chat. Have a decent day.

Kel - I'm sorry to hear about your Mom and brother! You've got a lot going on right now. Just remember to look after yourself first or you will be no good to anyone. Hugs!

Still feeling pretty groggy but going to haul my carcass out of bed and try to accomplish something. I may take myself out to lunch just for something to do. Later Peeps.

Here is a link to the crosswalk version of Beauty and the Beast:

Leo, totally understand the frustration with that doctor. I had my GI doctor come into my appt. 30 minutes late b/c he brought donuts to the office and was eating outside the damn door talking with his staff. I finally stuck my head out and asked if I had the appt. time wrong. So rude. We watched some funny animal videos on youtube last night for a good laugh. I hope your mom gets over the infection soon.

Miki, I think the treadmill is boring too, but it's better than nothing. I hope your weather improves so you can go running outside.

Bobbi, the pain is overwhelming when it's that awful. I hope it eases up and you get some relief. I'm glad you talked with your daughter yesterday.

Kel, I sure hope they figure out what was wrong with your mother. That's always scary and unsettling, and then frustrating when they say she's fine.

Fantod, I will definitely look that funny video up. Thanks! I hope that knee isn't giving you too much trouble this morning.

Today is my Friday. I'm taking off tomorrow for the girls springbreak. I think we are going to do laser tag, for anyone that hasn't done this, it is a blast. I use to take my niece and nephew before I had kids. Addison is a little nervous about it, so if she decides not to do it they have a video arcade room and mini golf. The pain is bad, the anxiety and depression are never far, but I have my sermons and scriptures ready to lift me up. I hope everyone has a good day.

Hi Leo, and all. Hope your mom feels better soon. I'm sure it's hard on your nerves if she won't take her meds. My laugh for today is some of the stuff I'm putting together in boxes for our move. This morning was Christmas cookie cutters, cookie tins, a crock pot, and old VHS tapes. Quite a combo. At this point, I don't care. I need to finish the office in the basement. I just keep randomly going from room to room like I'm lost.

miki, your cats sound so funny. I never gave my Siamese catnip. Now I wish I would have.

Bobbii, sorry for the stiffness and pain, and moths. Ick. Dirty buggers. Glad your daughter called. That always makes me happy too.

Oh dear, Kel. Sorry your mom is so sick and that you have so much going on. Could she have a bad kidney infection? I used to see elderly come to the ER confused, and it was oftentimes a bladder or kidney infection. I hope the docs get it figured out soon.

Fantod, I'm so glad you have a good PA. It sounds like a great plan for your care.

Twin, I'm glad you are finding things to lift you up. I would sure have been mad at that pokey doctor. I once had a dr and nurse, talking outside the door that they didn't believe I was having bad right-sided abdominal pain. So he sent me home. I ended up in the ER the next day and had an emergency appendectomy.

Well, more of the same today...coughing and packing boxes. I went to the store this morning and picked up more stuff for my cough that people suggested on facebook to me. Hope it helps. I actually feel sick to my stomach from coughing so hard.

You guys have a great day. I'll try and get back here when I take another break.

Morning all,

Reeling in here after helping little Beans with a tummy ache yesterday and last night. He kept thinking it was because he ate too many croutons. LOL. If it were jelly beans, I'd agree, but croutons?
Anyways, I'm running around in my haven't had much sleep in a few days/gotta get stuff done mode which looks like a frantic maid most days, LOL. I'm hoping this pays off for a day of relaxation tomorrow and maybe all weekend. (a girl can dream, right?)

Leo, love the idea on laughing. We watch lots of Simon's Cat videos and the boys love watching the Hydrolic press channel on you tube.

Here's Simon's Cat (an oldie) but it reminds me of what happens to us at night and why we wake up in so much pain each day:

And here is one from the Hydrolic Press...something about crushing the turds out of something is fun and the end when his wife makes something out of clay....that is when the boys really laugh.
(but sometimes, the guys broken english gets good with his swearing)

Sorry to hear Leo that your mom's doc was such a challenge yesterday (probably as much as your mom was). I had a doc appointment go like that once. First time being there. Was there in plenty of time, but the front staff kept talking and by the time I got through the long line to sign in, they had the audacity to tell me I was too late for my appointment. I just walked out the door and counted my blessings. An office run like that I don't think I want them treating me.

Miki, glad to hear that there was no disaster to come home to yesterday. I love cats on catnip. Our two are lovely little drunks. And Tank, well he's always there like the big lug that he is joining in too. I think he like watching the cats get goofy.

Bobbi, sorry to hear that your so stiff this morning. I would be also after cleaning out my pantry. I'm waiting for the day where all of our food is in a little pill...and we just press a Jane Jetson button and it pops out into a full meal. I suppose I could just feed everyone those meals they use for disasters in pouches that makes you feel like an astronaut camping. But until they get cupcakes into those babies, I think I'll pass, LOL. Hope your day gets better.

Kel, wow, talk about a rough night. Wholly Smokes! I'm sorry to hear about your mom and brother and how this is possibly going to ruin your travel plans. When ever I make concrete plans, something usually tries to sabotage it (more often than not). So I try not to make plans anymore in hopes to fool fate somehow. Loved your joke. Hope today brings you something to look forward to.

Fantod, we're finally breaking out of the cold streak. Hope it finds its way to you also. And I like your plan A vs Plan B. Can you hear me cheering, Go Plan A - Not Plan B all the way over here on this side of the puter screen?

Twins, Yah for an early Friday! Those are so wonderful. And I too am like you, I love my devotionals and I just can not make it a day with out God. I love going to His word for comfort and guidance. The pslams are helping me out a lot with life right now. It's funny, when people ask "If you could meet anyone in history, who would you want to meet and why"? I always answer with King David. He just never gave up. I also like his son Solomon too and how he asked for mere wisdom. Smart fella. Anyways, I could seriously go on and on about that. So I'll stop here.

Okey dokie artichokies....I am once again playing the role of domestic queen around here. We upgraded the kiddos school computers last night and my hubs was a whirlwind of boxes and electronics and my dinning room looks like a computer junk yard that I need to straighten out.

Happy St Patrick's Eve to all...may you all have the MC1R gene (freckles and red hair)...but wait, then you get pinched a lot maybe not.

And my hellos to all who follow...

Ida, I just missed you hun. So sorry you're still coughing. Two thinks I do when it won't go away. Vicks on my feet. It's gross, but works. And then I make a homemade remedy of the following: You can take it as often as you need to and it really helps with my worst bronchitis attacks.
As for the packing of the boxes... I've had a few like that in my days. But I label everything...and what is in each box. That way I know. I over organize, I's my weakness.
Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the check in and laughs this morning Leo. Those jokes are sure corny, but they did make me giggle a little. I hope your mom is doing what she is supposed to be doing and gets better soon. You have a decent day. I would love to watch your neighbor’s trio.

Miki, your cat sounds funny. I haven’t ever seen a cat on catnip. We have really cold weather here too and a lot of snow that would make running outside interesting. I hope you can get out there soon.

I am glad you got some sunshine in your day yesterday, Bobbii. You sound like you were a ball of fire cleaning out the cabinets. That is probably why you hurt so. I, too, wish you had someone to take care of you. Take care.

Oh Kel, I love your joke. I am sorry you mom isn’t doing well. You sure have a lot going on. Praying your brothers surgery goes well and that things work out so you can go to Vegas. Just typing that, made me think…are you going to Vegas for fun or something with LK? Sorry to ask. Take care my friend. Do what you can and lean on others who are around to help you.

Hi Fantod. I hope your day goes well. I am glad your PA is good and pray plan A works. Enjoy lunch, if you get out for it.

Twin, enjoy spring break. I hope you get lifted up reading your scriptures.

Ida, I hope your cough gets better soon. Coughing and fibro don’t play well together. Good luck in getting your house packed. I sure do not envy you.

Wonder I could not imagine them telling you you were late for an appointment while they were there talking. I am not sure what I would have done in that cirucumstance. I hope your day goes well. Sounds like you have a lot to do. Praying you get the weekend off!!

I have a GYN appointment at 4 today to get hormone therapy. I have gone 6 ½ months since my hysto and now I need help. My legs continue to be bothersome and I have a lot of fatigue this week but a lot of difficulty falling and staying asleep. I told hubby that I wasn’t sure going to work out was really worth it. He seems to think this is all “muscle/workout pain”, but it isn’t. It is something different and I don’t like it. We are supposed to go tonight. We will see. I may not make it back from my appointment in time.

Wishing you all a decent day.
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