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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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Therapeutic Thursday Check-in

Hey, all! I have no therapy today! YAY! That stuff wears me out, mentally. I mean, brain drain like someone just asked me ot recite every constant I needed to know 25 years ago for chem lab. Or, worse, all the muscles in the human body for anatomy. (You think 200 bones are  bad? Eek.)  PTSD therapy is hard stuff to live, b/c you're digging into stuff you'd sonoer never smell again.

So today is no pain group therapy day, yay! :-) The group oleader is out of town. No stuck around grumpy people in a small room the day after PTSD therapy!


So for Therapeutic Thursday...


Gotta shut the bathroom door and fake constipation so you can quietly read a book a while? Go for it!

Need to just cry and not excuse it? Put on a sad song and pretend that's the "cause", and screw the world!

Got pain and need to rest? Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, say you're balancing a checkbook or osmething, and go take a nap!

Yes, those are lies.

But it's to save your sanity.


OK, my laptop i sdoing weird things because it's always running tons of CPU and memory for "service host diagnostic policy service". WTH is that? Why do I need it? Why has it never acted up before this week? Will my inquiring mind ever know? Dunno, but I'm "in queue" with the tech guru to hve this taken in on a moment's notice, soooo....

THERAPY THURSDAY images, courtesy a google search.... I love to click through images, it's soothing, speak of therapy....

BLessings to all before this laptop becomes a Frisbee!




Morning Leo, I'm glad that you get a reprieve from therapy today. I wish I had that, but I need to ask her to send some authorization form to my doctor because apparently insurance only covers like 12 sessions without a referral from a doctor. And if I can't get that backdated I'll owe something like $500 for sessions I've already gone to without knowing they weren't covered. I can barely afford the $20 copay for the next few weeks so that would be really bad. At least I didn't have to work today. It's 22 degrees out and I needed the extra 90 minutes of sleep. Now I have to go look up my car insurance bill, I got the new policy paperwork but it says I owe them 2 months worth of money, and I'm hoping that was just because they sent the packet out before they got the check I mailed last week. It is going down for next year at least, $17 per month adds up. Anyway..hope everyone has a good day

Morning all,

Leo, Yah for no therapy today! Back when I was taking the kids 5days/week to various speech/OT appointments and such, I'd be doing the happy dance of joy joy if I ever got a day off.
Enjoy your day and I hope you get your computer stuff worked out.

Miki, I'm betting your docs office will backdate a letter to get things pushed through for you. And way to go on saving $$$ on auto insurance. I've been with the same company since I've been 16yrs old. It's a loyalty thing now for me. They were so good to me during my accident, I won't steer away to save a few bucks now. Same goes for our garbage company. If I forget to place the cans out, they will come up and get them. We've been offered many other places, but the savings is not worth the money if I'm forgetful.

Working on day two here of little to no sleep. Not me this time, but more so little Beans....he's not sleeping well. He struggles with this from time to time and now that the holidays are upon us and we are packing things, it's a lot of change that triggers his insomnia also.

And I'm working on that whole, turn my cheek things with my hubsters Mom. More family drama that didn't need to happen and I'll leave it at that because this cheek is still bruised pretty bad from the "slap in the face" she left me with last night. At this point, only my hubby is heading to Thanksgiving for his side while I work on this forgiving her again thing. It's been close to 8yrs now since she pulled her last stunt on us. Hot chocolate....(Leo, I'm addicted) I want some hot chocolate STAT!!!

(Leo, btw, I've been sampling teas, because I just like them....but last night was a honey vanilla chamomile to try and calm myself after I got off the phone with my MIL, and I felt like I was sipping on as much as I'm trying this tea stuff, hot chocolate is the only fix-my-tude drink I can find).

Hope everyone has a great day today. Leo, toss me a SIL story....misery loves company.

Leo, relaxing images, yes! I have pictures of my trip for that. Instantly takes me back to how I felt while there. I’d hate to be stuck in a room with whiners. That would put me on edge for hours.

Miki, I hate dealing with insurance. They will probably backdate it. They know what it’s like dealing with insurance.

Wonder, MIL must have really set in on you. Mine makes me crazy sometimes but she’s never mean. I love teas, except chamomile. Hot chocolate rules! Now I want some!

I woke to dreadful rib pain, like I’ve been punched in the side. And I’m sneezing, which just makes everything so much worse. The rib pain has been so much worse with this colder weather. And it’s not even winter yet! It’s going to be a long one if this is what I’m going to deal with!

Started my Christmas gift lists. I’m getting movie tickets for all of the kids. Working on a clever way to package the gift card. I can’t think of anything for my dad. Last year I splurged on bed sheets for them. This year I have no ideas. He’s really hard to buy for because he gets what he wants when he wants it.

I’m seriously considering a house cleaner. It’s so hard on my ribs and back anymore. But I don’t know if I can let someone deal with this while I’m around. I especially need help with the bathrooms.

Housework, laundry, and shopping to do. Off I go.

Almost 3pm and i been trying to sign in since about 7am UGH JUST got it to cooperate! I woke up with a cold praying it doesnt turn into more plus my period came on . Feeling miserable and painful all around. I am going to go curl up with my electric blanket but wanted to check in!

Hi. I finally was able to log on. Good old DS strikes again.

Leo, no therapy is fine. I have my ptsd therapy tomorrow. That will be enough. Hope your laptop is fixable. Maybe mine is too. I'm just not emotionally up to calling in and trying to get it to work. I just have no energy. Hope your day has been going well.

Miki, I hope your insurance gets straightened out. You have too much money needing to go out lately.

Wonder. So sorry about how your MIL treated you. You don't deserve any of that. Enjoy the hot chocolate.

Bobbii, sorry your ribs are hurting. Having a house keeper is a wonderful thing. I had one in Michigan. The bathrooms are the worst. Doing floors is the worst for me, so my husband does those. I would say you need help of some kind.

Angela, sorry for your pain. I'm glad you were able to get logged on.

I have done nothing today. It's been my first lazy day in I can't remember how long.

I've been listening to Christmas music on Pandora, and also watching my favorite shows. I even took a nap. Dinner is in the crockpot. As I said before, I have no energy. I really feel awful from being this tired.

My hubby leaves for Florida on Sunday morning. There shouldn't be too many folks on the road when I take him to the airport at 5:30am.

Just enjoying some pumpkin spice coffee and Murder, She Wrote. Take care, everyone. I may do some coloring next.

I asked DS again about if/when any fixes. Again, no replies. Had 17 tries to log back in today. Yeesh. Much love to all. We're not surrendering!

I also had trouble logging in today and it's now 4:12 p.m. I sent a message to them about it. I would login and then nothing. I'm doing okay today. I only had one complaint call at work and then the rest of the day I've been reading a book. I'm real tired and glad that today is my Friday and I have a three-day weekend. Miki, I hope your insurance gets worked out. Wonder, good luck with the MIL. I hope everyone is having a good day, whether you can logon or not.


Apparently DS ate my post after 10 tries during the day to get on the board. Arctic cold, rain and wind here. My feet are horrible. I keep telling myself that this is not forever but the pain from swelling is wearing me down. Did what I could in terms of chores. Feet up on the back of the couch for the duration. Hugs to all.

Hi Fan, Susan, and Leo. Looks like people are finally slowly able to join check-in again. It's tough when we can't get together.

Glad for an easy day at work, Susan. Fantod, keep those feet up.

No, Leo. No surrendering here. We all need each other too much.

Opens door and peeks in. YES DS let me in! Wow I really have to work hard to get in here. Leo I am glad you are having a no therapy day. I went to my therapist yesterday and she told me that I need to do ....... I was exhausted by the time the hour was over. I am recovering from the pneumonia. I am still fighting for any energy and have to do neb treatments regularly. Ida I hope your day of watching tv and relaxing will help. Wonder I had a major problem with my MIL for two years. She would come in our home and tell me what a failure I was at house keeping, cooking, and mothering. After a couple years of crying and feeling like I would never be accepted I decided to change how I responded to her. I responded to her judgements with "That's an interesting point of view. Here at our house and in our marriage we do things differently and like the way we do. I don't foresee changing how we do things as they work just fine for us. But thank you for your opinion." She huffed the first time I did it and walked away. But over the next year I found her withholding her Opinion more and more. I grew to love her and she me.
Fantod I am sorry to hear that your feet are still giving you so much pain. I hope that you can find something that will calm them down soon.
Susan it is always a good day when you can read at work. Enjoy the quiet.
Ok now I just wore myself out. I hope everyone has a quiet evening.

Hi friends.

Wow , DS really needs to get their crap together. I wonder if other groups on DS have the same multiple problems. I started a new thread yesterday and it wasnt accepted. #$^&^$&

It has been very cold and windy here today. Went out and finally got a flu shot and yes my arm hurts. Now I cant get warm again. Dinner is in the oven and after I eat and digest I am diving in my bed under all my blankets and hibernating for the night.

I had to make some necessary phone calls after I got home and the end results had me wondering how are all these people so stupid and keep their jobs. Do companies just not train their employees anymore? Learn as you go kinda thing. And why do companies insist on hiring people who cant speak understandable english in the USA as customer service representatives? That didnt happen today and I am not saying people who cant speak good english are stupid , the companies sure are though. UGH More calls tomorrow - UGH. I dont have patience for these things.

Have a good night everyone
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