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TGIFriday For Crying Out Loud Check-in

And good morning! Feel like singing "At Last", just b/c of yesterday's log-in issues hitting so many of us. I continue to pester/persist with DS, not that I get more than form letters in return sort of thing, but for crying out loud, I can't give up.

Meanwhile, freeze warnings are up for tonight here, and everyone is freaking out. Yes, a freeze in November. Oh no! (OK, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, that might be a bit odd, but maybe not. Depends, right?)


In 1775, the US Marines were organized. While they were later disbanded and then re-formed, today is celebrated as the birthday of the US Marine Corps. Semper fi!

In 1917, over 40 suffragists were arrested outside the White House, for their activism and activities to get women the vote. Like many other suffragettes (women who wanted to vote), they encountered police abuse, public scorn, and prison. Interesing to note, it was considered okay to let black men vote, but not any women, decades before the 1920 amendment to the US COnstitution that granted women the right to vote. Misogyny trumped racism. Hmm. At any rate, if you are in the US and vote, and are female, thank the women who --- nameless or known --- picketed, marched, wrote letters, and were attacked and/or sent to jail. And vote!

Technically, *some* women in the UK had the right to vote in 1918, but had to be 30 and householders and and and.... General women's suffrage didn't hit the UK till 1928.

New Zealand granted the right to vote to women in 1893, and Australia in 1902. The Mother Country (England) was a wee bit slow off the mark there.

Canada started granting the right to vote to women in 1916, on a province-by-province basis. It took Quebec until 1940 to get there, lagging 18 years behind even Prince Edward Island (1922), the second latest to the party. Huh. I had no idea Quebec lagged that far behind.

Today in 1969, "Sesame Street" made its debut on PBS (US's PUblic Broadcasting System). And we've all been hooked ever since:-) Yes, I still watch it. Tho' I despise Elmo. Sorry, I don't wanna tickle-ye-Elmo. 

Acclaimed actors Alan Arkin (Catch-22) and Raul Julia (Kiss of the Spiderwoman on stage, and Gomez Addams in the Addams Family films) both got their start on Sesame Street. Stockard Channing, who got her big break in the film "Grease", did guest bits on Sesame Street before she was a star.

What's really interesting is that being a guest star on Sesame Street is a big deal for established stars/celebs/athletes. E.g., Olympic medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, singer/dancer Paula Abdul, UK actor Patrick Stewart, you name it. It's kinda fun to realize that just about anybody you can imagine (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robin Williams, singer Travis Tritt) has been on Sesame Street.


And on that brief note, before my laptop or DS glitch, I'm off. The tech guru hasn't gotten to me yet. I can take it in (that is, Hubby can) when my turn comes. Eventually. *sigh*

Have a Fun Friday:-)



Morning Leo. We're already feeling the cold weather...the high temp was like 39, but that was at 4 am and the temperature is going to plummet over the course of the day. It's also really windy...I drive a Honda Fit, and I was getting blown all over the highway on my way to work today. I hope they get to your laptop soon.

Today is going to be a long one I think... I was o emotionally drained after therapy yesterday, but then I couldn't sleep well and kept having nightmares. I'm going out with my bf for Greek food after work but I'm going to try to not stay out late

Morning Leo - I figured that I'd give DS a whirl early to see if I could actually log on and leave a reply. We had snow here last night which really upset everyone. It didn't stick but it is freaking cold outside. Naturally, I have an appointment and need to leave here shortly.

Feeling slightly less anxious today probably because my feet are tolerable at the moment. I don't expect that to last long. I did get some decent sleep last night which always helps.

I hope that you can get your computer in to be fixed soon. I will check back later after my appointment. Later peeps!

Good morning.

I’ve been struggling with my period which is lasting way too long, and a cold that I’ve had since Tuesday night. The cold has been draining what little energy I have; it seems to be settling into my chest and it’s just making it harder to get a good deep breath. I wish I could be at home resting—if this gets any worse, I’ll visit an Urgent Care to try to stave off bronchitis.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. I’m looking forward to it—I have a chance to spend it at our church hall with friends (yay, no cooking!) and then I shall happily hibernate the day after Thanksgiving. I worked various retail jobs years ago—including one season at Best Buy, and I don’t care what they’re giving away. If you like to shop the day after Thanksgiving, enjoy it! But I’ll be at home under the blankets, padding around in pajamas all day. And I’ll actually get paid for those two days.

All I have to do is make it through today, and then I can rest. But sometimes, that last mile is the toughest.

Wish you all a great day. I could not log in yesterday—this site drives me crazy sometimes.

Happy Friday!

Leo, Looking forward to honoring Veterans tomorrow. The Vets I have loved in my life are all gone now, but I still think of them and honor them. My heart has really grown for all service men/women. And I was so happy to see our president honoring Vietnam Veterans in a 50th anniversary proclamation in my news feed this morning. My dad served in Vietnam, Navy Air. Agent orange accelerated his life and I only get to see him on this side of the ground now. And knowing how horribly the men were treated when they came back home, just crushes my heart. So to see this proclamation today felt really good. These men deserved better treatment.

As for the cold weather....we going to try to hit 27 today but it's feeling like 16. I'm sure up by Kel its much worse. At least down here we don't have snow on the ground.

Miki, nothing like getting whipped around while driving to work to wake a girl up! Hope the winds die down and you enjoy your datenight tonight.

Fantod, Gotta love that sleep! I've been getting by on little to no sleep, that last nights 5hrs felt so good. (sick, huh?)
Hope your feet continue to feel better and the cold temps turn to warmth soon. We're supposed t be hitting 45 next week again. Might be our last hurrah.

Zombie, I hope your cold starts to tapper off and you can just relax this weekend after a week like you've had, you deserve it girl!

Thanksgiving is going to be here at our place, but just us and my mom, sis and niece. We are just doing hot turkey sammiches and a few sides. Nothing spectacular. With mom being sick, my brother bailing because he and my nephew want to shop, and us just makes sense to keep it low key.
And I rented SecondHand Lions to watch for our movie. Love that movie.
Next week we have my MIL coming to town, and dinner at a restaurant. Thankfully we're not hosting her here now.

I'm so happy it's Friday here, it's been a long week for us. Going to head out and try to pack up the garage this weekend and get rid of our paint cans at the county drop off. Our driveway is done, but still can't drive on it. The road is supposed to be laid next week. I think this is going on 3 months now....I'm ready to be able to just use our street and driveway like normal folks again.

Hope everyone has a good Friday today and stays warm and stuffs.

Good morning. It’s cold here, too.

Leo, I can’t believe you still haven’t had the computer fixed. That’s one long queue. Stay warm!

Miki, I’m sorry you were plagued with nightmares. I hope you get better sleep tonight.

Fantod, be careful out there. I hope your feet don’t rebel too much afterwards.

ZK, I will join you in pjs and the couch after thanksgiving. I will need to take my son to work but I can do that. No shopping here.

Wonder, are you parking on the street or in your yard? I hate when things like that disrupt life.

I’m off to an appointment then a meeting. Lots of driving. My car warms quickly, thankfully, and then it stays very warm. So wearing a coat gets hot quick. Often I just throw one in the back so I have it just in case.

I decided to give the kids stuffed animals I will crochet to hold their gift cards. I always make something and I should be able to get those done quickly, as long as my hands hold out.

Stay warm! I hate that I have to go out today.

Good morning friends, I couldn't log on yesterday but I did read everyone's post.

Leo, I'm glad you got a day off from Therapy yesterday and I hope today treats you well. Try to stay warm and I bet you'll have several furry visitors with the colder temps coming.

Miki, I'm glad you got the day off yesterday and I hope today goes great at work. I love Greek food, enjoy dinner with your BF.

Fantod, Bundle up and stay warm for your appointment. I sure hope your feet start getting better soon.

Zombie, I say leave work early and go to urgent care. If your sick your sick and you shouldn't have to struggle at work like that. I hope you get over it fast and it doesn't worsen. I'm with you, I can't believe Thanksgiving is only 2 wks away. I need to figure out what I'm making for my moms. I hope your day goes by fast.

Wonder, I wish our Veterans were taken better care of when they came home. For everything they have done for us, I can't believe they aren't automatically on our radar to help them deal with coming back and getting them through the nightmares of what they had to endure. It breaks my heart. Be careful picking up the garage and stay warm. I could not live there that is too cold.

Well I can't complain about my morning, the girls did pretty good and then the bus was late so all of the neighbor kids pilled in my Jeep to stay warm. The neighbor said it sounded like we were having a party in the Jeep. I hated the noise so much, but the smiling faces and pure joy from these kids as they laughed and played around was priceless.

I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

Hi Bobbii, Nope, no more street parking allowed on our street due to the bike trail for strangers. (makes no sense, but I'm glad we're moving away from this town). As for parking, my hubster is parking at a near by business (we called and checked in with them if it was okay- otherwise we'd have to park a block away). And my car is up at my mom's. I figured let her use the car since I couldn't for a couple of weeks. If I need anything the stores deliver otherwise I wait until after my hubby gets home.

But it's only been like this for the last couple of weeks. Doubled our driveway...all cement, it's nice.

Those little animals you plan to make I bet are going to be adorable. I can't crochet yet, but I do love drawing out my own designs to embroider onto floursack dish towels. And I made my grams a set of sheets with ribbon embroidery when she was around. She was a funny duck and said that they were too nice to use. (this coming from the lady who had plastic on everything so she didn't have to dust it, LOL).

Enjoy your warm car today. I'm the same way with getting too warm in the car....coat is in back...heated seats do just fine.

What is sleep??? I could NOT unwind last night and now have a migraine because of it. Waiting for dad to pick me up, they pick my nephew up in marquette tonight and are going early to go shopping first so i am dog sitting and then just spending the night since they wont get home till after 10 pm and then i can spend time with my nephew tomorrow. I am hurting horribly and will curl up with an elec throw and the dogs at my parents house today and making homemade chicken soup.

Twins, I remember those days. When I'd take the boys to their bus stop their friend would get out and climb all over our car too. I'd open the sunroof for them and they all three would sit up there and try to spot the bus coming. (meanwhile I held onto their shoes. LOL. I'm a cool mom, but not a dumb one.
Glad the kids had a great time this morning. Bet you made some fun memories through all of that noise.

Angjela, your day curling up with the dogs sounds heavenly to me. When Tank tries, to cuddle up he steam rolls me.

Happy late morning to all.

Thanks, Leo for check-in and sticking up for us with DS.

Hi to everyone else. I have to leave soon for ptsd therapy. She is starting something new today. Oh yay.

This morning I got most of my Christmas shopping done. Just a few things left to pick up. Also got my hair cut and stopped at Hobby Lobby for thanksgiving cookie cutters. I got their last set. My granddaughter and I are going to make pie and she can cut out the crust to make it pretty like Angela does.

Hope you all have a good day. It's only 17 degrees here today and it snowed this morning. After my appointment, it's pajammas and hot coffee.

Stilllll in queue. Feel like I'm waiting for a chance at good concert tickets or something.....

Much hugs to everyone. Yep, it's gonna be windy-cold here, but not too bad. And I have the porch prepped for the furry ones. Nice of DS to let me drop by. Now to see how many errors I get if I post even a short reply in general?

Aloha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES! Semper Fi, do or die!

It's tradition on the Marine Corps birthday to have a drink and stuff your face with cake! I'm supposed to call one of my younger brothers who also served in the Marines and we're supposed to do a shot of wine together (because I can't drink a whole glass and liquor is too strong lol). So, I encourage all of you even if you haven't served in the Marines, please join me in honoring this tradition today :). Please have a drink and eat cake with me :) <3.

Vent warning. So I get 2 holidays in row this time of year, yup. Today's the Marine Corp birthday and tomorrow's Veterans Day. And I got into a fight with my husband yesterday because he asked to me PICK ONE and "maybe we'll do something on one of those days"! Uh, excuse me? I was majorly offended. Sorry but, these are MY holidays, not his. He's a civilian, the decision isn't up to him on what to do or not do. You don't TELL me to PICK one (and forget the other). You ask me what I feel like doing. Better yet, google what kind of events are happening today and tomorrow and invite me to a couple. A-HOLE.

We had a similar problem last year. I had to get my own d*mn cake and on veterans day when I asked him to go out with me to look for participating restaurants (there aren't that many who do in Hawaii) he acted like I was burdening him. Anyway, in the future I should just make plans on these days without him. :(

I don't know why he married a Marine if he doesn't like anything Marine Corps about me... other than the fact he gets to brag to people that he married one.

Mom had her colonoscopy yesterday. It was a crazy weird day. It took a lot longer for the anesthesia to wear off and she was slurring in the truck on the way home, pointed to a place she thought was KFC and said she'd like some chicken (but there wasn't any KFC). I found out the culprit was fentynal! Why do these idiots give a strong narcotic for a colonoscopy? They did the same thing to me back in June and I was sick for a week. A few hours later she finally started feeling better.

But after I dropped her home, I went 5 mins down the road to meet a friend and my truck died in the middle of the road. Lucky it did start back up and I made it home. Sheesh! My husband went and got a new battery on his way home from work, we think that's the problem.

Leo, I'm so thankful for the women who got us our voting rights. Not just voting rights but all the other things we can do. Back in the 70s women in the Marines were only allowed admin positions. In Sep 2017 the Marines have graduated their 1st female infantry officer. We've come a long way.

I'm sorry for everyone who is cold and or got snow. Feels like this season came up too fast. Sending Hawaiian breezes and sunny warmth your way.

PS. Veteran's Day info tidbit (while we're on the subject of women):
Even though women served a brief 2 yrs during WW1, women were not given the right to serve until president Truman signed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act in 1948.

Wonder, and one of the boys is autistic and has never spoke to me before, normally he would just stare at me if I said anything to him. He sat up front with me and talked away. I was so happy he felt comfortable enough to do that. Definitely some great memories made this morning. :-)

Bobbi, I still have a little snowman that a former coworker crochet for me, and I love it. I think your Christmas idea is perfect. I hope you get to crash when you get home, you have a busy day. I wish your rib pain would ease up, it is going to be a long winter for sure.

Angela, I hope you have fun with your nephew this weekend, but also get to rest.

Blue, I see your husband still cares about numero uno first, what a butt. I'm sorry he said that to you, you definitely deserve to celebrate both, I thank you for your service. Women have come a long way praise God. And Thank God your mom is doing better, a week is a long time to get back to normal.

I forgot to mention my GI function test showed my muscles aren't working very good. I need to do PT for the pelvic floor muscles and I made an appointment with my OBGYN. I called the nurse to tell her the GI doctor wanted to do PT and nothing else and she was not happy. She is going to do an ultrasound to see what is going on in there, she already mentioned in past visits that something has dropped and we may need to sew it back up, I'm nervous and worried about all of this. Why aren't my muscles working! It's just scary.

Twins, I can't believe the horrible news you got..... and how terrifying that must be. I've been hoping for a break for you, you're long overdue. I pray the surgery and PT goes well and things begin to feel better for you after that. Hugs and tons of cake and chocolate for you!

I'm in a really rotten mood today. I guess I don't feel like I matter after everything I do around here. Physically and mentally feeling rotten. Sorry for not replying to everyone... just know I'm thinking of you all today.
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