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April 6, 2011 Good Morning

TARTAN DAY = on this date in 1320, the Scotts declared itself a kingdom, rather than a feudal land controlled by England's Kings, and litfted the excommunication of Robert the Bruce.

You see, in 1306 Robert the Bruce killed John Comyn on the altar in Greyfriars Church, Dumfries. The Pope then excommunicated Robert and declared that Scottland was ruled by Edward 1 of England.

Anyone who saw the movie Braveheart, understand a small bit of Scottish history. Although the movie was pure Hollywood, it did give the basic idea of the English wanting the land, fighting the Scotts, and basically murdering and plundering. The Scotts were pushed too far, as is always the case eventually, and they rebelled.

Fast Forward to New York City, NY In 1982 and New York City Mayor Ed Koch gave permission for a parade/cele3bration to mark the 200th Anniversary of the repeal of the Act of Proscription of 1747 (the law forbidding Scots to wear tartan, because of Clan affiliation over National affiliation)

So, don your best Kilt or wear your Tartan ribbons and celebrate.
Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me, but once again, I survived. YEA! Now if I could only sleep through the night, I would be a happy girl.

I went to my sister's house to plan M's wedding shower and we got it all done. Now I just have to put it all together and pull it off LOL

Today, I have Yoga class in the morning and Body Combat (Martial arts) in the evening. Then later tonight, my daughter R is coming over and we are going to put together Wedding Invitations and shower invitations.

Then I am sure I will want to pass out and hopefully be more tired than painful and sleep through the night.

Wish me luck.

I hope you find 100 reasons to smile today and Dance
Today's Trivia Question:



-Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei all share the southeast Asian island of Borneo. Borneo is the third-largest island in the World



Hello Dee, I don't have the answer's to the questions,usually don't lol.
You sure have a full day ahead of you.I will pray for you,that like you said hopefully you will be so tired and have very little pain or none at all and be able to get a peaceful nights rest.

Hugs and Prayer's to you :)

Thank you Lucky. I can use all the help that I can get.

I got this today in an e-mail and just have to share it. It made me literally laugh out loud.



Morning D and ladies,

Okay....yawn, I made it through yesterday. Class in Am....hands on in the afternoon.

I let this girl do a scalp massage and a shampoo/blow out. She was very rough with her hands. Thankfully, no one recommends these things anymore!
I finally had to say something (that I had a muscle condition) and she eased up quite a bit. But even when she was shampooing my hair, as soon as she would turn on the water, I found myself breathing again. No one will do that today to me! Boy I feel like a wimp.

I also learned how to do some pretty cool updos though...and today I want practice them.

Today Andypants is sporting some red eyes. Possible pink eye...but it could be allergies too....only the day will tell.

Now I'm off to school....more stores are building.

Hug for today...

Oh and D....I believe a baby porcupine's name would be Porky.

LOVE the Ass references!

Have fun WonderWoman, Come September you will have to jump into your invisible plane and come out here to do our hair for the wedding.

Love you

Good Morning, D and All!

D, as usual, you have me ROFL this morning....and a history lesson too! I did see the movie, and understand the reason for the rebellion a bit better now!

Today I hope to finish repacking the new camper....almost done, just a few things left. I'm aching like crazy from all the carrying, lifting, and climbing, but its all good, cuz I'm so excited....can't wait to go on our first trip later this month!

Unfortunately, this afternoon is office work time....paying bills, etc....eeewww! Not so much fun!

Word of the Day: CLAIRVOYANT: 1. able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception *2. of or relating to the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses

D, glad the planning went well, and hope you enjoy your workouts today.....get some rest this evening and tonight, and I hope the pain eases, my friend! (I think a baby porcupine should be called a pin cushion!)

Lucky, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wonder, have fun today with the styling and updos!

HUGS to all from down south :)

Hello everyone,
I am in pain this morning, I ran out of my muscle relaxers and don't want to get it filled until I can get a script for the 20 mg ones instead of the 10 mg ones. So tonight after my Doctor's appt it's off to the pharmacy to pick up scripts. I am kind of excited about getting my pain patches back so I can feel half way "normal" I got my feelings hurt yesterday by a co-worker, further increasing my resolve to just stay in my cubicle and away from everyone else in this ofice untuil I retire or have to go on disability. I did go ahead and pay off my Nintendo3DS- it has 3D graphics without the 3D glasses. It's really cool.

D- good moning honey. I hope you make it through your running without bringing a flare on. Just try to rest as often as possible. I can't imagine trying to plan two weddings at once. One would be enough for me. LOL I hope you have fun at your yoga and body contact classes today.

Lucky64- good morning. I hope you have a good day.

Wonder- I still think it is a wonderful thing you are doing. I hope your classes go well. I hope Mr andypants gets better soon and that it is just allergies.

Cajun- good luck with repacking your new camper. Where are you going on your first trip? I hope you have loads of fun.

Love and gentle hugs to all

Good Morning D and to All:)

Yes, definitely have me laughing and learning! Now if I could only retain information, it's starting to get really embarrassing!

Yesterday was a day of recovery and today I am doing much better - I guess I am learning:) I was supposed to have a park date with a good friend today, but it is my turn to have a sick child - hopefully just a cold- and the weather doesn't look like it would've cooperated anyways!

Oh - it has to be a porkibaby!

D - have fun with the invitations - you have a full day today - I will hope and pray for a night of fabulous sleep for you
Lucky - hugs to you - have a good day
Wonder - hooray for your first day - my stylist used to have an assistant who would massage and I would hold my breathe the entire time - had no idea why anyone thought that was a good thing! torture - lol - hope it's just an allergy - crossing fingers - I took the sick child this week, you don't get to have one, ok?
Cajun - almost done - yeah - and a trip planned!! makes it all worth it:) rest soon!
Andrea - today is the day - hope your appt goes well - things will look better when you feel better

Many hugs!!

Thanks for the reminder of Tartan Day! I forgot to wear my kilt - YES, I do wear one.

I'll have to put a reminder on my calendar for next year!

Good afternoon D and all! I got up early but have been cleaning and trying to catch up with you guys from the past few days.Thanks for the History lesson D.I loved the Movie Braveheart.I'm glad to hear the shower is all planed.How exciting!!Wow, Yoga and Body Combat?Holy Cow you're going to be in shape!!I hope you're able to get some sleep soon!Lucky,don't feel bad...I usually only get 1 out of 100 answers,LOL.Have fun at School Wonder!Cajun,where are you going on your trip?I hope you get some rest!Andrea,I so relieved to hear you're finally getting your meds tonight!I don't know how you did it,working everyday without your meds!Wonder and Lovesleep hope the babes heal fast!It's amazing the more daylight we have the better I feel.I got a new exhaust for my car yesterday,did a little craft shopping and went to visit my mom.I'm so glad she's back from her winter trip!She was gone fron the middle of Dec to March.Now I can go visit her anytime.She is about 25 miles away on a lake.Can't wait to bring her flowers and plants.Then I stopped to visit a good friend of mine.It was so nice to get out of the house!!I got all my dishes done this am.All I have left is to spot mop little muddy doggie feet prints.I'm gonna finish a rug I croched and start a new one.My sister is going to meet me at school today with my little nephew.He's going to spend the night and go to school with my son in the morning.He's my little honey bunny.I go through withdrawls when i don't get to see him!LOLHe's too cute!Wishing you all a good day!!Love and (((HUGS))) Tori

DH's family is Scots, they are very into their heritage, even tho' their clan was "evil" and sided with the English! (Hey, it got them a castle at one point.) But DH wore his clan's tartan today --- his tie for work.

And just as I think I have an hour to myself, I hear my mother's voice. Oy. Gotta go, all, but I am thinking of you and hoping you have all had a fabulous day!

Just stopping by really quick to say hi! Not feeling too great today, just need some rest! D-hope that yoga and your body combat goes well and that you can get some sleep soon!

Hope everyone has a good night!
deleted_user D,this song is for you!! My brother and I use to dive around the house to this song when we were little,practicing Kung Foo!LOL

The only reason I know this is because it is in one of my daughter's books "If you were born a kitten" (a children's book) LOL!

A baby porcupine is a porcupette! :)
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