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sore, burning skin?

Any one get this weird feeling. Where your skin is sore to the touch, even clothes irritate it? It feels like it is burning right under the surface? My leg is like that right now...when it gets warm it gets a little red but it is not swollen or discoloured or injured...just driving me nuts.
I thought the pinched nerve in my lower back was causing it but it has now worked itself out for the most part and the burning pain in my thigh persists and feels like it is spreading....
I found others online who had this too, one thought it might be liked to FM others have no answers nor do their doctors.
Any info would be helpful...I can't sleep it is driving me batty.



I get that sensation mainly on the outside of my thumb. To me it is a "skin-fell-asleep" feeling when it is touch, not unlike what it is like when u run into a nettle plant. I also get feelings sometimes like my skin is bruised with just even a light touch. Example: you're in the shower, u scrub somewhere and ouch! that hurts, you look for a bruise but there is nothing there. Hope this helps!!

I get this as well when I am having a flare of pain. Its called allodynia.

hi maika,yes I have had this for several years.I can not tolerate having clothing or bed linens touch my skin.The Lyrica has made it more tolerable,but it is still irritating.


You described it perfect. I get it on the bottoms of my feet,up the backs of my legs, and hips. It comes and goes, but when it is here it stays 3 to 7 days. For me ice packs make it tolerable.

Jsuz1-I didn't know it had a name Thanks!


It's horrible! My feet are burning as I type.... I get it on my upper shoulders too.
So I can truly say, "I can feel your pain!"
Hope you get cooling relief!

I'm not sure if what you're talking about is what I call burning/skin sensitivity. I get it on my entire body, sometimes starts gradually in one spot and spreads to the rest sometimes out of the blue its everywhere. My scalp Burns, my hair touching the back of my neck makes me wanna shave my hair. I even had to take my bra off at work not that long ago. Due to this, I've been wearing baggy soft fabric, clothes that barely touches my skin. My bras are mostly for show, they are very aft cottony and don't really provide support. Anything even barely touching my body for any length of time, feels like its cutting into me.
I rip my clothes off before I even get into the house, apnea really bad days, i take some of them off as soon as i leave work. Even air fogging it kills me, shower if its warmer than Luke warm, sun. If its warm outside, above 65-70 degrees. My arms face legs turn red, i also have a red rash on my arms and legs but that i contribute more to arthritis. I could go on forever since i had this for as long as i remember. It sort of feels like bad sunburn or Burt skin.

That's the superficial skin burning/sensitivity. I also get severe deep muscle and joint pain that involves stinging burning that goes deep almost to the bone. Sharp stabbing burning pain in the muscles. My hands and feet hurt like that horribly, burn like that, even the to of my tinge, my eyes, and my throat are like that. Its hard to describe. My chest bone and ribcage have that kind of pain, too. My abdomen muscles, just above the belly button. Thighs, groin, pubic area hurt with that type of pain.My buttocks, hip, knees, collar bones, back.shoulders. Pretty much each muscle, joint even bones. I also get really bad chills and goosebumps with that. There is a huge difference in the deep burning pain and the skin burning/sensitivity.

I consider them both fibro pain, and it seems like nerve type pain to me. I find this the most difficult to deal with, and the hardest to to find relief from. I've spent countless nights and days crying and trying to escape from it. There's no comfortable position, every part of my body is affected so its horrible. I've spent many nights sobbing uncontrollably. The deep pain of course is more painful than the sensitivity burning, they both can be temporarily relieved by a cold compress or ice pack, but you can't put ice packs on your whole body. Actually, sometimes the burning in hands and feet feels like the freezing burn, like when you step outside barefoot into a foot of snow or lie down in the snow with no clothes on.

Honestly, as bad as my arthritis pain, back pain, or even the most localized fibro pain get, I'd rather have those than the burning because you can relieve those with ice, heat or some meds or tropicals even if for few minutes, and you can find a position that will get you off it. Not with the burning.

For skin sensitivity, i found a few tricks, i got seatbelt covers so it doesn't feel like seatbels are cutting into me. Lose slothing, flowing, so nothing touches your body in the same spot for prolonged period of tome. Even the insideshurt/burn like that and its not heartburn.

I am happy to say that since seeing a new doc back in may, i have been having some relief with the burning pain and the skin sensitivity. I was on gabapentin since December but it didn't really help with pain, only at the very beginning and slightly.

I was taking 600mg 3x a day. My current doctor said that it was the wrong dosing. He has me taking 3600mg (6 of the 600mg pills) all at once at bedtime. He says that it causes sleep and since during sleep endorphins(spelling) the body's natural painkillers are released and pain is relieved.

I have to tell you, he was right. With the sleep part and the pain part. I was getting significant relief with the deep burning muscle and joint pain as well as the skin sensitivity. It also helped with a lot of the tingling, the goosebumps, and other weird stuff like pins and needles, electric shock, etc. Then, the weather got crazy hot and humid, the stress at work got really high and one of my coworkers had a heart attack and I took it Jon myself to help him out. He didn't have paid time off left and couldn't afford to take a leave, so I practically did both of our work. I'd get everything done before he would get there.

I was in excruciating pain, exhausted but figured my illness wasn't gonna kill me and i don't have kids but a heart attack could kill him and he had a 1&3 year Oldsmobile and an adult son who lives with him. Even though, i don't regret helping him, I just can't do it. I am on a short sick leave to put myself back in shape. My doc knew to pull me away from work was the only way for me to stop "killing myself" i go back to work on Wednesday, hopefully and I'm gonna do things differently.

The doctor doubled my pain meds, told to relax and pace myself, continue pt, etc.

Anyway, the burning pain and the skin sensitivity both are much better at times again. They still get bad either one or the other but I think its a big improvement. All the other pain is better too, sometimes. Between the meds or if i forget it gets worse of course. I try not to take all 4 times, but i know i have to. Stick with. Stay ahead of the pain, so to speak. Once it gets out of control its much harder to shut it up.

Anyway, i hope this helps and that you find something that works for you.

Good luck.

Sorry if this ramble doesn't make much sense, its late, I'm on my phone on-screen keyboard and i have my Cpap mask on so i can't really see that great.

Have a great weekend.

Thank you for wrighting this post. As now I know I'm not the only one that gets this burning and brused feeling. yes I do have it to. very uncomfortable. won't it be wonderful as the bible says in Isaiah 33:24 " no resident will say I am sick" have a great day.

Yep, me too. Mine is in my shoulders, upper back, and back of neck, but my eyes also feel as if they are burning. I always think it is the nerves are inflamed. And it is soooo hard cause when its there, I can't get any relief even lying in bed. And I don't want anyone to even touch me to give me comfort.

i've had the same thing for years. but since i've been on lyrica and lamictal and valium for depression i haven't had nearly as much trouble. also, the leg jerking that drove me crazy has slowed way down.
hope this helps.

I'm not sure that's the same as what I experience because mine doesn't feel like "under the surface of the skin" like you said, and I don't notice mine unless my clothing is hitting it just right or someone touches my skin. It feels like bruised, sunburned, and almost like I used sandpaper to exfoliate. It's on my upper arms and upper legs. Weird- like from the knee up and from the elbow up. Dr doesn't know why.

But I CAN say that the PA who came in to see me initially before the rheumy squeezed my upper thigh and said, "Does THIS hurt?" I almost slapped him. LOL I'm like, "I JUST TOLD YOU THAT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST TOUCH HURTS!!" What part of that didn't he get, I wonder? ;o) I haven't found anything that helps except when I was on Savella for 3 months and then it lost it's efficacy :o(

omg i get this every where what the hell is it and dose any thing help ugh
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