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Savella coupons

I am taking Savella and it cost me $45 with my prescription card. I was at the doctor today and he was going to give me a coupon, but he didn' t have any extra.

Is there a website that I would be able to print a coupon to help me with my copay, so that will help with the cost? This is an expensive copay and plus the other meds I have to take.




I have the two week titration pack, but haven't started it yet. How are you doing on Savella?


I have been on it for a year. I don't know if it really helps with my stress as I have a lot of stress....being a stepmom to wicked

But, what it did help me do is lose the 30 pounds I gained from Celexa. For the first two weeks, I had to force myself to eat because it took my appetite away. So, that is what I noticed, otherwise I had no other side effects.

Oh yeah...I am not so rum/dum like I was on, that is a good thing. Let me know how it goes when you start taking it.

$45 a month is a lot for a prescription and I was telling the doctor today...he told me about the coupons....but they were out. I may call their office to see if they have coupons when I have a refill.

Maybe check online with the drug manufacturer or at your pharmacy to see if they have any also.

Yes, check online. Sometimes coupons are not valid if you have insurance coverage.

I have a high deductible so my insurance does not pay anything until I pay my deductible (5,000.00)so I pay 112.22 a month for mine.
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