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So I go to the GI Dr today and check in at the front desk.  They have clipboards sitting out for all to see  for each patient with not only your med list, allergies, and medical history , but also your DOB, address, name, and phone number etc.  So I said to the gal, those  clipboards should be flipped over or a piece of plain paper over the top.  So she turns the next patients clipboard over and slams it down and and her tone is angry and mean and says I am busy.  I told her not to get snippy with me , she says I am not , I am busy .  I say yes you are and I dont care that you are busy , it is called patient privacy , have you heard of HIPPA?  I walked away , but really I wanted to slap her upside the head.  Instead I had a chat with the office manager and reported this witch.   Unbelievable.



I'd be livid! That is a blatant violation of HIPPA. I would report this doctors office to your insurance company too. Have these people never heard of identity theft!!??

Oh my Lord.... I'm with Fantod, not just Hippa, what about ID left?? Or someone with a history of armed burglary breaking into your house because they got your info off the chart?? Good for you for reporting her!

One word: HIPAA! Go you! Report that malefactor and good grief!

I certainly agree with the others here. The law was violated and taking it to the office manager is going to result in a slap on the wrist and nothing further will be done. But you can address the staff's tone with you.

I would also advise the office manager that you will be addressing this further by reporting it to the proper authorities. and that you expect the results in writing as to how they will handle this matter in the future. As your information was placed in jeopardy when you went in. And that you will need this information in the even that your personal identity is compromised.

I get that people are busy, but in this day in age, that is the lousiest excuse under the sun. That just told me that this person cares nothing about your safety and your personal information.

Hit them in the stones Milily!
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