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muscles deteriorating

Does anyone have muscle deterioration? In the past year, even though I have been as active as normal (less the working factor but I have been exercising like I usually do) my muscles have completely disappeared. Its like my muscles are wasting away.
My friends with MS are all convinced I have MS, I have been telling them for years I don't. when my friends saw me the other day and saw how my normal toned arms are now just soft, they started lecturing me to get another MRI.
I have had 3 MRI's of my head and spine in the last ten I was just wondering if fibro can cause muscle weakness and deterioration.



Obviously this is a physician issue that we can only guess at ...but we seem to love to guess a bit:

1. type of physical activity changes and whether it is weight bearing on the muscles that are shrinking
2. Do you find yourself noticeably weaker?
3. Have you lost weight (that can cost muscle as well at times)?
4. Hormone changes from meds, age, or diet change

That's all I've got. Obviously there are diseases that can cause muscle wasting so do please get this checked out with a physician.

I actually gained weight for the first time in my life...I am naturally thin and used to have very good natural muscle tone.
Now, I get exhausted walking up stairs, my legs often shake when holding me up.
I am sooooo much weaker. It is almost scary.
I think I should mention this to the doctor. My appointment at the environmental clinic for fibro is not for another 16 months. I will make an appointment with my pain clinic too.
I am having trouble with work outs and it really concerns me that I am just going to get weaker and weaker.

I am not in as good as shape as I was many years ago. I think mine is from not being able to exercise and be as active as I use to be and then the gaining of weight.

I don't know you age but maybe that has something to do with it then maybe not.

Sounds like something to bring up with your doctor or google or enter into one of the medical symptom checkers online.

Hope its nothing to be concerned about.

This is definitely something to get checked out if your physical activities haven't changed. Muscles that are used regularly should not be deteriorating or wasting.

I wasn't very active when I wasn't working and had some of that going on, but as soon as I started working out again the strength and muscle tone returned.

My sister is always asking me how I still have such good musculature. And I laugh and tell her that it's because I'm fat and when you carry around an extra 70 or 80 pounds, your muscles will stay all nice and poofy. I can feel great muscles all over my body, under the fat that is. I have great guns. And I don't get all that much exercise at all, which is a very big issue at the moment.
Do get to the doctor immediately and find out what is causing that. It should not be happening, especially if you are not underweight.
All the best luck in this search for answers.

I don't know your age, but if you went through menopause, I think that is one of its consequences.

I am we'll through menopause and there is no muscle wasting associated with it unless you become inactive.

Well. Damned autocorrect.
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