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Monday purr-spective Check-in

Good morning! Running late as I had to thaw out a cat's paws on my legs. Oh, cold cold cold little paws she had this morning! But she's warmed up and now home . Lil Miss strikes again! Poor thing.

So I am going to remind myself today to be glad that while I have bad stuff going on, I have a warm house and don't have to sleep  without walls and warm blankets and central heating, and I have plenty of clean water to drink and bathe in (drought notwithstanding) and enough to eat, and meds that can at least give me back some quality of life:-)

Having four cold cat paws on your legs at 7 AM can do wonders for readjusting your attitude, take that as you will.


SIL texted hubby last night. As usual, she's having some inner meltdown and read the family weekly update that their parents send out (SIL is Hubby's sis, I have no living siblings), and this week we're back to Kick The Puma. Yeah, whatever. Do it in person. Go for it. Say it to my *face*. Just once. LOL. She's very sure of herself till she runs into *me*, which is why she kicks at me. We're same age, height, but react very differentlyt o life due to very different backgrounds, and she can't get into my head just by being tall, blonde, skinny, and cute. Ladies, you know the kind of girl I mean. The ones who, by virtue of looking like some poetic ideal, have that attitude swagger. Yeah, whatever. I'm not intimidated by that. Why?? B/c I was told from birth I'm ugly. Having someone try to compete with me in looks, I just say, "Yeah, you win, okay, so now what?" and that leaves SIL especially unarmed. Not disarmecd, tho' that applies also, I suspect. Weird, but that's her dynamic on Planet What-the-what.


Congratulations to San Francisco's NFL team, winning their first game of the season! They beat the NY Giants. (Cleveland remains without wins so far this season.)

Today in 1789, Benajamin Franklin is credited with writing, in a letter to a friend, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." That remains the origin story for the folk wisdom of "nothing is sure but death and taxes". It's probably accurate, for a nice change in history.

Interesting note. If you present people with sayings from Ben Franklin, the BIble and Shakespeare, most peopl ehave no idea that they're not all from the BIble. I mean, I do, but I had to read every flipping damn thing Shax ever wrote. And, in that case, the Jacobean English is similar to that of the old King James Bible. How you confuse Ben Franklin with the BIble, I dunno, but again, all that Catholic school stuff. I've gotten into it with good bible-thumpers when they start quoting how the bible says (XYZ) and I'm all, "Uh, no, that's actually Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act Two" or "Ben Franklin, from Poor Richard's Almanac", and no, I'm not a smart-ass, I just prefer accurate citations. It's a nerd thing y'know? (And, btw, nowhere does the bible say God helps those who help themselves *verbatim*. In fact, it's an adage dating back to pre-Christian times... "The gods favor those who help their own cause" is one rendition. Shows up in Aesop's Fables, and a variation of thephrase is found in the Quran. The exact phrase "God helps those who help themselves" shows up in a political text in the late 1600s, and was modified by Ben Franklin for "Poor Richard's Almanac"... One of the earliest renditions is record in Euripides, I think.... SO figure back about 3000 years.)

Interesting to note, some are deeply offended by that phrase b/c it's seen as a denial of their particular religious doctrine. Myself, I'm just thinkiing Ben Franklin would've made a fortune today if he wrote bumper stickers.

In 1805, a Viennese butcher came up with a recipe and called it the Frankfurter.  Basically, the term frankfurter came to mean any long thing pork-beef sausage that can be parboiled for eating, and variations on the recipe are found across Germany and Austria. One reason attirbuted to the name Frankfurter in the 1805 variation is that the butcher in question came from Frankfurt, Germany. IN any case, in the US, it's one of many terms for "hot dog". There are also variations on the sausage recipe that have other names, depending on region and so forth, in Europe. None resemble the weird thing Americans call a "hot dog" (or frankfurter).

We owe the term "hot dog" to 19th-century college complaints about food. You guessed it. The sausages in the dining halls were so awful that they were nicknamed "dog sausage" or "hot dog (fill in body part)", and the term "hot dog" became American slang ever since.


May you have a merry Monday:-)



Good Morning Leo. I really just don't understand why they won't let her sleep in your house or something. It breaks my heart to hear of animals being left out like that; in my mind it is cruelty. I wish I had the money to have a big farm and adopt all the little ones like that to give them a nice warm, safe, healthy place to stay. Note to self, win the lottery.... As for SIL, she needs to go take a long walk off of a short bridge. I agree that there is just no time for such stupidity in this short life. I also enjoyed the lesson today. I have a thing with quotes as well, also a nerd thing.

As for me I'm dealing with pain today through my arms and hands but thankful that it should be a light day at the office and that i got so much accomplished over the weekend. Just realized Maggie has a vet appointment tonight that I will need to pay for (I've remembered the appointment for the last week, don't know why it slipped my mind that I would have to pay for it... duh!). So of course, sudden anxiety! Wahoo! Damn it. I've noticed I've been increasingly clumsy and getting foggy over the last week or so. Hoping it's just that I've been doing a lot and not a flare-up coming on. Time will tell I suppose. As Leo said, at least I have access to meds and comforting care unlike so many.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Morning Leo...your SIL seems like a tool. Actually, not even seems like, she just is. Your neighbors too...poor kitties. My old cat went outside, even in the cold, but he could get on top of the garage and cry at my bedroom window to come in, even if it was 2 am. He lived to 17 1/2 like that...and we tried to avoid letting him out when it was really cold or snowing or whatever, but he always wanted to go out. His favorite place in the house was under the wood stove in the winter, somehow he never got burned. Anyway..hope you have a good day despite your hubbys crazy sister

I barely slept last night, despite being pretty much unable to keep my eyes open. Over the weekend my dad was being kind of a jerk...he started by asking what my bf does for work again, and how much he makes (I'm not even sure exactly but I know he makes pretty good money). The point was that he mentioned that he drives a very old truck and can't afford to put snow tires on it when we were over there last weekend. I told my dad that he moved across the country, took a trip back to TN for a week, replaced all 4 tires and the radiator in his truck recently and has rent and stuff to pay for...he got all defensive when I told him how judgmental that sounded. Even my mom was on my side. It annoyed me though...he's getting way more judgemental and his filter is pretty much gone...could potentially be the onset of dementia or something (Alzheimer's runs in both sides of my family), but if I say anything it won't go well, nor will it change anything. Just makes dealing with them harder, and I worry that he's going to say something to my boyfriends face someday.

Miki I'm sorry your Dad is being so difficult with the bf and that you're not getting any sleep still. It sucks when you're laying there and your brain just won't stop. I really hope that the routine of the week is able to help!

Just caught up on the weekend some.

Leo, I'm sorry about your rib! Can a chiropractor help with that? Can anything?

Twin, I would really like to say a few words to your husband and then follow Blue and give him a good smack! I really wish he would understand that in providing you more support he would be able to relate to you more and you would have more to give him emotionally. But no, that doesn't seem to be happening. I'm sorry.

Blue, I do understand where you are coming from with the emotional roller coaster. I'm sorry the PTSD had to rear its ugly head and then everything just spiraled. I hope you are able to take care of and comfort you today.

Ida, I hope you have thawed out some. That sounds like a lot of time in the cold!

A big shout out to Wonder, BBall and Fantod. I'm sorry I couldn't read it all in detail but you have all been in my thoughts.

Miki, sorry your dad has to just.... *argh* on your behalf.
Maynard, sometimes it slips in on its own again, someties not, and I never can go to chiros anymore. They don't know how to treat me with the scarring/issues I have, but my physio rehab doc can do magic.

Everyone else... (Ida, Packers won! Yay!).... big hugs. Hubby woke with a headache, no surprise, so I'm off to babysit, ahem, Hubby-sit....

Morning Leo,
Great history lesson today! I do love some of the stuff that Ben wrote. He would have been an interesting person to meet. We had a Samoyed many years ago that refused to live in the house...if we made her stay in she would scratch at the doors/windows, cry and bark..even at -30. We finally propped open the porch door and created a bed for her and had a small heater running all the time. She lived to nearly 19...they called her the miracle dog.

Sorry to hear that you are so sore today. Is it the weather causing pain? We were at near zero the other day and will swing to nearly 40 tomorrow. Chance of rain/snow and freezing rain over the next few days. All of these weather swings cause some pretty severe pain.

It sounds like your Dad can be a pain. Mine was also a tell it like it is kinda guy. Not that he was always right but he believed that he was! :-) I'm sure your dad means well.

Not a lot of good stuff to report here really..except that I'm getting excited about the long trip to Hawaii in a few weeks. It'll be the furthest away from home that I've been...finally growing up in my mid 50's! :-) Life is hectic, painful and stressful but we all have to keep on keeping on.

Sending healing hugs,


Since the migraine is gone my sinuses i can feel big time. Ready for DBT group and dont get picked up for over an hour yet. Having a cheat break fast sugars really good so having a double fudge cup cake with a cup of coffee hey i got my period do NOT get in my way of chocolate LOL And omg am i cramping :( I am in a lot of pain and have a knot in my back. It is a bit better than last night though, was good to sleep in my own bed. Do not feel like goign to group so miserable but i miss so much already.

Leo, your SIL drives me nuts, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with her. Thank God those kitties have you for warmth and love. I hope you have a good day and you don't let anything your SIL says stick in your head.

Maynard, I do silly things like that with your vet appointment, and then it's like oh I need money for that, lol. I hope it goes good and it doesn't break the bank for you. Thanks for your support, I wish somebody could talk some sense into my husband he seems to think the worse about me.

Miki, I hate when I can't keep my eyes open and then I can't sleep at night, that's so frustrating! I'm sorry your dad was getting to you. And I hate to say it but all of my grandparents were super blunt and did make comments to visitors faces, no holding back when your old and wise. I hope your day at work goes good.

I started a bad sinus headache last night and as usual it has gone into a migraine. My right eye is pulsating and I'm leaving now to go to my mom's ultrasound to check for breast cancer. I have prayed so much over this that I feel worn out. I stayed pretty busy over the weekend like normal, but I got all my baking done and food prepped. The girls found a friend back behind our house that is in Addison's class. They just moved in our neighborhood 2 months ago so they had her and her younger sister come over and play for 2 hours yesterday. 4 girls screaming and talking nonstop, enough said. :-)

I hope everyone has a good day, I'll check back later.

Yay group was cancelled about half hour ago so i can stay home and rest, everyone cancelled but me!

Kel, yes, the weather swings play a huge part for me. I'm good with just cold because I can layer but the swings kill me. Hawaii sounds amazing! So glad you have that trip to look forward to and to take!

I also realized that the fog and a distraction this morning caused me to forget my meds. Not good. My hands are now so swollen and red! Oof.

Angela I'm sorry you are in so much pain today. I'm glad you get to stay home and rest.

Twin, I'm glad your girls had fun and you got your baking done. A migraine in a noisy hospital sounds horrible! I hope you can find some relief before it gets worse.

Good morning! Leo, that’s terrible about Lil Miss. I’m so glad you’re there to warm her up, but shame on her owners. So sorry to hear SIL is at it again. She’s such a miserable person.

Maynard, I hope your pain gets better throughout the day, and the vet appointment goes well and isn’t too costly.

Miki, it sounds like you rarely get a good night’s sleep. I really hope you can get some good rest soon. Sorry to hear about your parents. It’s too bad they have to be like that.

Kel, I couldn’t handle that cold. Yuck. I’m sure you’re used to it though. That’s exciting going to Hawaii. Hope you get to see Blue there. That’s really something great to look forward to.

AngelaJo, so glad that your migraine is gone. I hope the sinus infection is gone soon. Have a good time at the DBT group. Oh well, I just read it was cancelled. That’s funny that everyone cancelled but you. At least you can rest at home today.

Twin, I hope your migraine goes away soon. It would be nice if your girls could go to their new friend’s house and give you some peace and quiet. I read about your muscle issues. I hope the ultrasound shows something that they can fix, but it doesn’t sound good. I had a co-worker who had a problem and things fell. She waited too long and it was worse, so hopefully they can catch it soon before it gets bad, if that's what's wrong. I really hope someone can do something soon to help you.

Blue, I read that you were going to Rock & Brews and that it is owned by KISS. I just love them. Did you get a pulled pork sandwich? I hope that things have calmed down for you and that you are doing well today.

I’m pretty exhausted. I had a busy weekend, but I did get the trimming done in the front yard. I had two big bushes to trim that I had to use a ladder to get to the top of. I also had things growing, and not all in my yard, but I don’t want them to grow to trees so I trimmed those too. Thank goodness I have an electric hedge trimmer. It’s a lifesaver. I couldn’t move on Sunday until I soaked in a very hot bath, then I felt better. I started my period today. I haven’t had one in about 5 years or so, so it’s pretty traumatic. Lol It’s another slow day at work and I’m freezing. It’s been 65 and 66 degrees in my office and I’m getting tired of it. They say they’re working on the heating but nothing ever changes. Oh well, another day in paradise. I hope everyone has a good day.


Aloha, everyone.

Leo, who the heck told you you were ugly?! You are beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But I do understand in a way... my father told me I was an ugly baby. Your SIL reminds me of my SIL (youngest bro's wife)... she thinks she's the Queen Bee. But really she's rotten inside, just hollow where there's supposed to be a human heart, so she goes through life faking it. And since your SIL is rotten on the inside, you've got one huge thing up on her. I'm glad the neighborhood kitties have you to care for them!

Yes, I did make it to Rock & Brews and got their sandwich. The waitress messed up and charged me for it, though, saying she didn't know I was a vet. I showed her my veterans ID and when I ordered I *did* point to the poster on the wall w/ the veterans day special. So I don't know how that could be confusing.... perhaps my being a female threw her off. Believe it or not, most civilians assume "veterans" = male and are thrown off when I tell them it's ME not my husband. But after my husband saw the charges and pointed to my ID, she apologized, cancelled the charge to our card and rang it up again minus the pulled pork sandwich.

Yes, the PTSD has calmed down. My mood is a little better.

I fell asleep watching a movie last night and forgot to ice my knees... and I think we're heading into the rainy season now because it rains every night, so my knees are sore and stiff this AM. All of last week was gray and drizzly and then yesterday we finally got a sunny day and my husband didn't want to go to the beach, only wanted to sleep all day. So I pulled out a lounge chair off the porch into the yard and laid in the sun. It was nice and brightened my dark mood from all week. I can understand a little where he was coming from, we -especially I, did a ton of running around this past week. It was nice to actually relax for once.

I got a notice that Medicare wants to charge me a monthly penalty! It has something to do with my signing up with Humana because I needed a drug plan (we don't have a VA pharmacy here and it has created some problems for filling new meds). Anyway, I wanted to call them last week, but they were closed to observe Veterans day on Friday. I also need to call the Honolulu VA because a Rx from 2 weeks ago never got filled!!

Hubby changed my battery. I also picked up some more shoe boxes for kids (Samaritan's purse Christmas child) and am hoping to sneak out later to get some more items to fill them.

Maynard, I hope the vet appt goes well. Yeah those bills can be frightening. Sometimes I think I need to go ahead and buy pet insurance.

Miki, sorry sleep evaded you again..... have you tried any OTC remedies for it? I'm sorry about your dad being a jerk. I hope he calms down.

Kel, LOL you're a funny guy. Well, growing up at 50 is better than never growing up at all ;). I'm looking forward to your visit!

Angela, sorry about the cramps :(. Glad group is cancelled and you can stay home and relax! Yay, migraine is gone.

Twin, really cool about the girls friend and her sister :). I like when I discover that someone I know lives in our neighborhood or is moving here... it just makes things convenient (and less lonely). I'm really sorry about that sinus headache that is now a migraine AND you have to deal with mom's ulstrasound. Praying!

Susan, your office is freezing! For me in Hawaii, that's bundle up weather. In fact I even put an electric blanket on... it's on low but still. Yeah yeah go ahead an laugh. Still not good for your fibro. I hope they hurry up and fix the heating.

My mother does not have cancer. They did a 3d mammogram before the ultrasound and couldn't find any spots. Praise God!!

Blue, we are so much a like with this cold weather. I freeze with the a/c on and it doesn't have to be that cold inside. Thanks for the prayers they paid off. Plus my headache has eased enough to look at my computer and not wish I was lying down or dead. LOL. Darn Medicare, I'm sorry you got that notice in the mail. I'm glad you got a donut and a free sandwich for Veterans day. :-)

Angela, I'm very glad group was cancelled since you feel so bad. I hope that cupcake was super yummy and worth the cheat day. I'm so glad I don't have periods.

Susan, that is weird you got a period after that long, I don't have them either, I would be freaking out if it started out of nowhere. :-( And that is too cold to work in. I wish you could get a note from the doctor I just can't handle that. I sure hope they get it fixed, we had one boiler out at work so my hands froze last week, but today I feel much better so I think ours was fixed over the weekend, thank God. I need to recruit you to my house for some yard work. We have a forest behind our house that I hate. I don't know how you get out there and do all of that.

Kel, I really wish I could join you and your wife on your trip to Hawaii. It will be here before you know it. I hope you have a good day at work and everything else gets better.

Twins, that's awesome news! Hooray! Yeah, too bad you're not coming over on that cruise with Kel. That would be cool!

Good afternoon all.

Leo, your SIL. Ugh. She is a huge pain, that's for sure. Don't give her stupid words a second thought. Thanks for check-in. Glad you could warm up LilMiss.

Big hello to Maynard, Miki, Kel, Angela, twin, Susan, Blue, and all who follow. I am unable to type much because the arthritis in my hands is so bad today. I had to go to town and could barely grip the steering wheel. My hands have never hurt this much. I have been have trouble opening my water bottle lately, or just plain gripping anything. The doctor seemed to have no ideas for me when I saw him last.

Time to stop. Take care, all my pals.

I am without computer and dug out our antique iPad. Muxh purrs to all. LOL, Shadow warmed hismpaws on me too... So glad for the good news Twin, but cannot reply to everyone, so sorry, iPad is a glitcjy apos,,,
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