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Hurts to chew

I started noticing at the beginning of the summer here that my jaw would get achy somewhat while eating.
Since then it has gotten much worse. I ate one cracker today (triscuit) which are generally chewier....and that was it for me. It caused to much pain in my jaw to have another.
Does anyone else notice jaw pain?



Temporomandibular joint ("TMJ") issues are very common with fibromyalgia - not sure why. Others will doubtless have more info, but I'm here, saw your post, and this is what I know - sorry it's not more.

Yes some of us have tmj. I think mine was the result of clinching my teeth because of the pain. My teeth were in bad shape so I had them all pulled the last one in jan. I'm still waiting for my jaw to recover it is slowly getting better.

Hope you don't have to do anything as drastic as this and you feel better soon.

yes, sometimes my jaw gets tired while chewing... like I've been chewing all day and my jaw muscles are tired... weird and annoying. I think it's TMJ, the dentist told me I had it years ago but it seems to slowly get worse over the years. wish i was more helpful..

I get that often, I wondered whether I was grinding my teeth when I'm asleep??
Can't offer any suggestions for relief but am very hopeful someone else can
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