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Gabapentin and Dreams

Anyone notice weird, even lucid dreams while on Gabapentin?

The only started when my doc moved the full 1800mg to bedtime. But I just couldn't function in my job taking it during the day. The crashing into walls was just too much.

I do sleep well, maybe a bit too well. It was at that 1800 mark where I got the relief, but it does make me sleepy. I don't want to drop down, but I have to be able to get up. Thankfully I basically work the equivalent of second shift. I teach 2-7 or 2-9.

I realize I"m babbling. I slept through breakfast so I need to get something in my stomach (despite the unintendedly huge dinner I had last night).



Hi KSmarks
I had bad and weird dreams when took what my Dr. reffered to as a sleeping aid Amitriptyline.
Had to stop It didn't help me to sleep when I woke many times a night losing a limb or fall off a cliff in my dreams.
I'm sorry never took gabapentin so I am not much help there.
Maybe the dose is a bit much??

Hi there ks.I went from taking Lyrica, to Neurontin.What I notice most is that I now remember my dreams,including most of the details.
I am still at a very low does.Maybe as the dose is titrated up,I will experience lucid dreaming.

I love lucid dreaming.Of course all of my dreams are pleasant,so maybe that is why I am so fond of it.

Amytriptyline did that to me. It was horrid. I've not had the problem with Gabapentin.

Hope you get some good sleep soon.


Silly question but I just had to as. Do you feel the Neurontin has helped you with remembering more when awake or less fogg days?

I love neurontin and the more good things I hear about by others makes it that much better for me.

By the way I agree with you with the remembering my dreams and by large they are mostly pleasant.

Hi Susan.Yes,I have only been on the Nerontin for a few weeks,but already notice a change.My mind seems more clear.The fog is about 50% less.

I originally changed to the Neurontin due to the high cost of the Lyrica.I was afraid the nerve pain would come back,but it seems to be working.It also causes less drowsiness.

I have two types of dreams. The PTSD kind (which suck 10000 times over) and lucid dreams when I dreams I'm up and going through my morning routine. This usually happens in the morning right about the time it's time to get up.

Tomorrow is Monday and Halloween. One the plus side, no teaching. On the minus side, kids hopped up on sugar. At least it's only four hours of manning the "craft zone". Thankfully craft = coloring door knob hangers. With my luck someone will manage to put out an eye with a crayon (I have to cut them all out).

interesting topic....

Three years ago I suffered a mild brain injury and since then had not had a single dream....

...until I started Lyrica 3 months ago. Since them I have been experiencing dreams again. Just normal silly dreams. I have been wondering why I have suddenly started to dream again.

Do you think it is due to the Lyrica???

I have only recently started taking Gabapentin for Chronic Nerve Pain & have noticed the very strange dreams. Mine are nightly & can range from mildly morbid to out-right horrific. A good example was within a week of starting it I had a dream that I woke up to my husband standing over me with a massive butcher's knife in his hand & was stabbing me to death laughing like a maniac. beside him were my 3 children (9yrs, 3 yrs & under 18 months) laughing maniacally. A week later I had a dream about me waking up to my kitten who is about 6 months old being completely gutted & in pieces all over my bed I've had others that weren't nearly as weird but those were the 2 that stuck out off the top of my head. I'm hoping that they will go away or at least get better over time. No one warned me about them & I am VERY glad that I'm not the only one experiencing them. I was beginning to feel a little crazy.
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