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Bladder Sling Surgery and Hip Pain

I am in the process of having the psychological evaluation for the bladder sling surgery.

My question is how to help myself recover from the surgery even with fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, and the other sorts of pain?

Any suggestions, ideas, and help is appreciated.



I wish I could help.....I'm supposed to have the same procedure done
But I'm worried about pain control. It seems a lot of people suffer after surgury because they are already on pain meds and they think that should cut it.

I hoping you get answers.

Many healing hugs!

I was told I needed that surgery too, 2 years ago. It was the result of my hsterectomy 4 years ago. I choose at this time to just use the pads and live with it. I cannot keep up the kegels-i forget. I too was afraid of another pain problem developing. Good luck to you in your decision, I'm sure you'll do what is best for you. fibrohyg
Community Leadermideyebrow

Both of you have raised the same question I have been asking.
I already use the pads and up until the edge became visible to the surface, was against any surgery.
The bladder has to be looked at due to spasms of the bladder (these make the kegels very easy to do, they help ease the spasms, lol).
What I will do is write down what happens and share it here to make it less scary for those of us who rightfully fear more pain with this type of surgery.
Thank you, and I promise, I will let you both know how the surgery goes.

Thanks sweetie......I appreciate this soooooo much!

Please tell me what bladder sling surgery is. Does it have anything to do with a dropped bladder? I believe my bladder has dropped. Thanks

I can answer this question!!!!!! Yay!!!

I just had this surgery plus two other procedures on November 11th! I also had a rectocele repair and a sacro something or another. In laymans terms, I had the bladder sling, she pulled up my vagina and tied it up (not my didn't need to by pulled up) and she repaired the muscle between my vagina and my rectum. The muscle had become weak and split which made having a BM very difficult.

The sacro and the rectocele repair caused me a lot of pain after the surgery. I had a lot of stitches in my vagina. It took a good 6 weeks for the stitches to heal and for the pain to completely go away. I missed 4 weeks of work and I went to work the 5th week for a couple of hours a day. I wasn't prepared for the amount of pain that I had. I refused narcotics and only took a strong Advil type med which really did nothing for the pain. If I had to do it over, I would take a narcotic for the first couple of days anyway.

The bladder sling part of the surgery didn't seem to be such a big deal. I just had tiny little incisions on my pubic area that healed very quickly. The worst part of that procedure was the external catheter that I had to have until the doctor was sure that I was able to empty my bladder without it. I was able to pee immediately so it was removed after 2 days but it was uncomfortable and I was glad to have it removed.

The bladder sling is wonderful!!!! I used to pee constantly because my bladder muscles are extremely weak. I couldn't hold anything in my bladder at all and I lived around worrying where the nearest bathroom was. Now I go a good 4 or 5 hours without using the bathroom. And I can sneeze without peeing my pants!

Since I had all my procedures at one time, I can't tell you how bad the pain from just a bladder sling would be but I really don't think it is anything to worry about. It's minimally invasive and you can have it done and go straight home. I think you only have to miss a couple of days if you work. I have several friends who have had it done and we all agree that it is a lifesaver!

Now that I am 8 weeks post surgery, I don't seem to have any more pain than I did before. I am still weak from just laying around for so long but I am going to slowly build my strength back up. Basically, I am back to the way I was before the surgery and not worse off.

I was also afraid of the long-term effects of surgery but now I can't even tell that I had surgery. I feel fine. So if you are thinking about a bladder sling, don't let your illness stop you. It really will improve the quality of your life!

Let me know if you have anymore questions and I will try to answer them for you!
Community Leadermideyebrow

Awesome! Horse, you answered the "fear" part of my surgery.
Sometimes, a prolapsed bladder, prolapsed uterus, dropped vagina, or whatever it is that has changed position in your lower abdomen area, will create uncomfortable and painful sensations when you least expect them.
I passed the psychological evaluation, and will be given a date for the surgery next week.
I'm actually looking forward to it now that I have shared my doubts, and received all this positive encouragement from everyone here, thank you all so much for your help!

Keep us posted about your surgery. And if you think of any of questions, just ask. You can send me a private message so I'm sure to see it. Good luck!

I've been avoiding have a conversation about all of this with my doctor as I just haven't wanted to deal with yet another diagnosis and potential procedure.

I'll be watching for an update for you mideyebrow, and horseluvin thanks so much for all the good info!
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