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Be safe Tuesday Check-in

Hey, all, a quick one today b/c the power will be out for a good bit. We were only hit a glancing blow of rain-ice and a crust of snow but higher elevations are effed up pretty good and to get power back to the whole section fo the grid, we gotta go dark too. No worries, it's not even cold here by comparison.

Sending everyone a safe purr:-)



Stay safe, Leo! Thanks for popping in and getting us going once again.

Bad snowstorms in southern WI, but not so much by us up here to the north.

I'm still coughing, but have a little more pep this morning, which is good, because I have 3 errands to run. Bank, Title company, and more boxes from Home Depot. I packed no boxes yesterday, so I need to get at it today. I was awake most of the night coughing. I think I will need a nap sometime today.

Talk to ya later.....

Morning Leo,
Find a good book and hunker in! Hopefully they'll be quick and get your power back on!

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the doctor yesterday. Walked up a hill to get to the truck, took a right turn, left knee collapsed and I fell onto my right hip. While laying in the slush/salt/sand mixture, I looked up and admired how beautiful the sky was...well, not really but the real reaction was wayyy to graphic. :-) Lots of pain in the right hip today which makes my sore left knee feel better somehow! So a lose/lose/win, I'll take it!
Anyway, sitting at the doc (I went in because of the pressure and headaches over the last couple of weeks) they started testing...BP: not great but not bad, temp: normal, pulse: have one....I know it's been brought up before but I almost winced every time I hears something WASN'T abnormal. Thnking that this CAN'T be right, gotta be something wrong...give me a diagnosis...give your patient some sugar!!! Classic fibro frustration...wishing to have answers. WHICH, by the way, I kinda got...sinus infection, anti-biotics.
Another interesting story, probably only to me...:-) I hadn't seen my doc since she referred me to the neurologist. She asked about my brain stuff...saying that it was kind of rare for her to see this type of thing ( I had a seizure while talking to her). She said that usually patients try to describe their seizures and it can be very hard to do...for one thing, I kind of lose my brain for awhile when having one....hard to remember when you can't think. Oh, then she asked me if I was driving...didn't seem to think I should be...mumbled something about 6 months on meds before I should drive...yada yada yada...I told her I was doing ok on meds and that I see the neurologist again next month. Going on about 3 hours of sleep and very chatty today...can you tell?? :-)

Hoping everyone has a decent day,


The sun is shining here in the frozen tundra. We even woke up to 0 degrees, which is the first time it hasn't been below zero in a few days! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

Morning all,

Not much here in Wonder-land. Quiet, peaceful, so shhhh, no one say anything to jinx it. LOL. Just listening to the boys ask "Alexa" questions about Pi-Day and every obscure mathematical equation they can muster up. LOL Time I toss out a command to play some disco music to get them to scramble. (I'm such a weird mom)

Leo, glad you came to check in and hope the power outage gets restored quickly. Stay in, stay warm and have an extra cookie you were handing out yesterday.

Kel, so sorry you took a hit yesterday on your hip. And I have that same feeling sometimes at the docs office like, you figured it out in one shot? Are you kidding me? When I got my first fibro dx (there were 3 of them so far, I just let the docs sometimes feel good about their little discoveries), I was kinda in shock. It was the doc and his assistant at the time. And the assistant came back in to talk with me to end the appointment. She commented on how I looked so shocked, and I shared that after all of the years of hearing, "It might be this or that or working diagnosis, etc" it was strange to finally have a name for it all. Looking back on it now, I wonder if they thought I was just another drug seeking patient.

Anyways, hope you rest much today, and there are not more seizures, and that the world warms up for a day or two and some little leprechaun hands over his gold and stuff all in the same week.

Ida, yikes, I idolize you so much, for dealing with all of this commotion with the move and errands to run while dealing with anxiety stuff too. Hope you get some packing done or for the love of peanut butter some little elves come to do it while you take a nap. If only Disney would send his little elves or birdies to come and help.

Okay folks, I'm off to do (get this ) NOTHING. Well, I should be grading the kiddos work, I promise I'll do that later. But for's a big ole NOTHING! Okay, maybe I'll wash the bedding too....loves me some clean sheets.

Toodles! Happy Pi Day! Pies for everyone! Peach, Pumpkin, Cherry, Apple...Banana, coconut, chocolate, german chocolate, chicken pot pie....Giordano's ch-cha-cheeesy Pizza Pie...(insert drool).

Happy Tuesdays to all who follow! Hope your day goes well too.

Good luck Leo!
I am in SO severe of pain i can hardly stand or sit. I am laying with a heated blanket right now but i have 3 appointments starting at 10 its 830 here. First one is instead of PTSD the PTSD therapist is working on self esteem and getting emoitions out thru art, Then i see my urologist, and after that i see my DBT therapist i am in so much pain i dont want to move :(
I saw my Internal med PA yesterday, working on getting nexium paid for its what i really need she said. Still hardly able to eat or drink in the mean time. I also have to go back to teh cardiologist. I keep feeling palpatiations lately and her and teh ER the other week hear and irregular heart beat. I do that appt next weds. Hope you all have low pain days, hopoing i make it thru today ok UGH

Morning's snowing already here, but not supposed to get bad until like 10 am. I've already taken my dog for a walk while we only have like 2 inches, going to do some yoga in a few and then I'll probably take her out again before we start getting up to 4 inches per hour. Going to work on training with her later, too, she's having fun with that. Last night I taught her to nod her head. Most of what I'm teaching her is useless in real life application, but it's cute and she likes it, so what the hell. Only 16 more days of exercise restriction, then we can work on some of the agility stuff I started teaching her before the heartworm and she can actually enjoy her life again.

Leo-I hope your power isn't out for too long!
Ida-Glad you're feeling better today and that most of the snow is missing you. Hope you can rest some in between errands and packing.
Kel-I agree with you on wincing when you hear tests are normal and you know something's wrong! I hope your hip feels better

Morning! Someone ordered up snowmagedon here. We have 6-8 inches and at least an inch of ice. Trees and power starting to go, but here yet. No worries, we are better equipped than most and made it that way since Hurricane Sandy.I have a pan of ziti made and pizza in the oven now. The factory where my husband works actually closed today -- unprecedented! So I have reading material and stuff to do, it will be fine! Also, we found a puppy and will pick her up Friday if all goes well.

Leo, I hope you get power back soon and you are able to enjoy some hot chocolate.

ida, take advantage of that pep before crash, especially since you didn't sleep well. I hope the packing goes good today, and you get a lot accomplished w/o a ton of pain.

kel, lol thanks for the smile this morning. I hope you're right hip gets better. It sounds painful, falling as an adult is so ugly and messy isn't it. They hurt like the dickens for sure. I had the same pressure and headaches on Lyrica, and doctors told me I was fine. I'm sorry pressure in my head that severe is not normal or good. I hope it gets resolved, I wonder if it's a side effect to the meds you take. Maybe try another brand? I know that's the last thing you want to do is play around with diff meds, but maybe you can get some relief.

Wonder, I loved your reference to us being twins yesterday. I'm praying for your anxiety. I think your kids are super lucky to have you as their mother. I hope you realize that.

Angela, your day sounds super busy. I'll be thinking about you as you rush through your day between appointments. I hope they are all beneficial to you and your day ends with a well deserved rest and a yummy piece of pie. :-)

Miki, I think it is so cute when a dog nods their head or does tricks. I'm glad you are both enjoying it. Stay warm and enjoy your snow day.

My stomach is bothering me today. I will try to stay at work, but not sure how long I want to sit and suffer. If it continues or gets worse I won't be going to marriage counseling tonight, and will be going home early. The pain and depression continue.

I hope the day improves for us all.

Stay warm and safe Leo. Thanks for checking in.

Ida, I am glad to hear you are feeling better today. Take it easy getting your errands done. I know you are feeling a time crunch, but listen to your body.

Kel, sorry you fell. You should have had the doc check you out for that too. I hope you got some meds for your sinuses. I wish you could get some rest and feel better. I do love your sense of humor though. I absolutely hate not getting help you go to the docs for.

Wonder, enjoy doing nothing. My kids think I am weird doing things like listening to disco, or breaking out in a dance when their friends are there. I too love clean sheets, especially when they have been hung on the line to dry.

Good luck at your appointments today Angela. I hope your pain lowers soon. What is DBT therapy? I hope you can get some rest after your appointments.

Miki, I love that you are working with your pup. She is so lucky. Enjoy your day off today and take care of yourself.

Enjoy your day Puppy. I will be over for some Ziti! It sounds delish.

I am working at home. We have about 8" of snow so far. My University is the ONLY one around that didn't close. Thankfully, my work allows me to work at home. However, our Governor issued a statement that all non-essential state workers stay home. Well I am a state worker, so.... I went to crossfit last night and it wasn't good. My legs are miserable today, as they were last night. I was in tears but tried to push through. Yes, I am an idiot. So my ana test came back negative - weird, I know. But my c-reative protein is still high. My Rheumy is waiting for me to have an EMG to give the diagnosis of Sjorgens. In the mean time, I wish he could prescribe some eye drops that actually work for my dry eyes.

I hope everyone has a decent day. Stay warm and safe.

Twin, we passed in the virtual hallway. I am sorry to hear your stomach is bothering you. I hope it gets better soon. If you don't go to counseling, will your hubby go alone? I hope your anxiety and depression gets better.

Oh, I sprained my ankle walking home from crossfit too. I didn't have my leg braces on because I was running late and then my hubby had our vehicle, so I walked. It is only just over a block away (a country block)!! I didn't fall to the ground, but nearly did.

Thanks everyone
BBMom DBT therapy is dialetical Behavoir therapy based of CBT but more complex heres a site that shows you more,

I seem to be in the blizzard zone. It doesn't seem too deep yet, but the wind had blown snow into the screen. I turned my heat up to 80 and have charged everything in case my power goes out. So far so good, but we had a nearly 24 HR blackout earlier this month when it was COLD. Have the low pressure soreness and headache. Hope everyone in the storm makes it though in warmth and comfort.
And everyone has as good of a day as they can.

Morning everyone - I actually got a bit of sleep last night. I made
myself stay up all day yesterday after no sleep the night before. It still took me almost 2. hours to conk out but I did it. I see the surgeon tomorrow. I hope that they will give me a sleep med and have some ideas for pain too. There is so much stuff that I can't take. This oughta be fun....

Leo - I hope your power is restored quickly.

Ida - Don't overdo if that is at all possible. You have got to get over that cold. Easy does it!

Kel - As someone who falls fairly often, I feel your pain. You should tell your orthopedist what happened. That is one of the many reasons I had to capitulate and replace my knee. I took another bad fall last year after my gallbladder debacle. Twin makes a good point that maybe your seizure med is contributing to your headaches. I hope that you feel better from both the sinus issue and the fall. Hugs!

Hi Wonder - Disco music will certainly get things moving lol. I will be joining your clean sheets brigade today. Have a good one.

AngelaJo - Sorry to hear that your pain levels,are so darn high again. Try not to worry about your heart stuff. My EKG looks like a major earthquake tremor is occurring complete with palpitations. Annoying - yes, but for the moment nothing to get upset about. Hopefully, yours is the same. Hope that you get through by our appointments OK. Hang in there.

Miki - Four inches of snow an hour is pretty impressive. I used to live in Northern Ontario so I have some familiarity with that. Stay warm and safe!

PuppyMom - I'm big on being prepared for natural disasters too. We were the only people for several blocks with a generator last week. I have a whole stash of stuff for emergencies. I hope that the storm doesn't cause you too much trouble. Tell us more about the puppy!!

Hi Twin - I had a bad day yesterday with my stomach from taking one capsule of Tylenol 3 times a day. I'm sorry that yours is acting up today. Go home and get comfy. I hope Hubby will still go to counseling. You try to get some rest. Hugs!

BBMom - I am sorry that you sprained your ankle! I can't imagine going to Cross fit. I can't even get through the normal PT regimen for my knee right now. Cross fit would probably kill me. I'm glad that you are working from home today. It would be madness to be out in those weather conditions. Stay safe and warm.

Everyone have a decent day! Shout out to everyone that follows!

Bbmom, working out always makes me hurt more. I'm glad the ANA was negative, but really I don't know how much these stupid test matter. I'm negative now but my neuropathy continues to get worse, that has to be autoimmune related. I have Sjogrens and I use to have a great human body figure that showed everything Sjogrens affected, basically everything. LOL. I'm glad you're home. No we will cancel and just resume next week if I can't handle it. Thanks, It's got to get better at this rate. :-)

This is going to have to be a quick morning all because I have an appointment with my therapist in a bit. We have our inspection today and I was mopping floors early. My hands are so bad that the left one won't open and I have to drive like this. Leo thanks for letting us know so we don't worry. Ida it is good to hear you are doing better. Just don't overdo. I will check back when I get home. Take care and stay out of the snow if you can. Blessed be.
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