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husband never wrong

once again, he isn\'t wrong.. not outright saying that.. but not apologizing either. i think i\'m going to erupt.

he came home from work with his co-worker today and a 12pack of beer.
1. we agreed no alcohol for a while

i love his friend, but husband didn\'t warn me ahead of time and the buddy was here until his fiance picked him up.

so i was pissed.

i told him (he could see i was pissed).. about my complaints and he says \"woah, you are overreacting\".. \"blowing it way out of proportion\".. WHAT?! the point is, can\'t he say.. sorry i didn\'t ask, or sorry i had a beer, i know that upset you.

it came up again just a minute ago. i said it again and he just looked at me stunned. tells me to calm down.. i told him how its become a habit of him not being wrong. i asked him to apologize.. he says \"i guess so\".





yes! but men think SO differently. i know that the movie FIREPROOF is what helps us remember what is the most important. its not going to automatically save your marriage, but its a great reminder. women need love, and men need respect. in case you havent seen, i would get it and watch. just watch with an open mind:)

There are some who would say... at least he came home.
I'm not telling you that. What is clear is your boundaries and his don't mesh. Or perhaps you have no defined them to him. Your boundary should be, he has to give you 30 minutes warning that he is bringing someone home with you... or you are leaving for the evening. Or, you are staying in your bedroom, not fixing dinner... whatever you decide.
The part about bringing beer home... what is the consequence you set for that?
If you don't approve of him drinking, or drinking at home, or around you... or what is the boundary you have imposed?

You are married to my husband!
What's worse, a year ago he moved in a vagrant he knew in high school just to have a drinking buddy after we agreed to not drink for awhile
Every time he does something totally insensitive and I get mad, he says Im overreacting.
Why is it so common to overlook the needs and wants of your woman, who they promise to cherish?
I get it!
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