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Heads up to anyone on Parole/Probation

Heads up to anyone on Parole/Probation
Are you on parole-or probation-being mandated to take a polygraph test?
It is being brought to my attention a lot of S.O’s are failing polygraph test-having their parole or probation violated-sent back to prison/jail!

Let me recommend you visit https://antipolygraph.org/ they have the best free info of how to navigate a polygraph test to your advantage.

If you fail a polygraph tests here is a legal counter action to stop your parole officer from violating you.
Go on Microsoft word- find legal documents- once you have this legal plead form, type in the name of the judge- court in your town- then type in the name of the polygraph company that failed you- state you are filing a $100.000 lawsuit against this polygraph company for gross negligence, once you have the lawsuit filled out, take it to the court house-file it!
Side note: you can ask legal aid for help

Understand a polygraph test is not admissible as legal evidence in a court of law-if the lawsuit gets In front of the judge, he will have to dismiss the polygraph tests results –then your parole officer can’t use it against you as a reason to violate you!

I have filed a few of these types of lawsuit for S.O who’s parole officers tried to violate them for failing a polygraph test, on both occasions the parole officers said drop the law suit- they stop violations of parole proceedings.

Be glad to help out any way I can.
Anthony Jones

P.S Keep a copy of this you never know when a polygraph tests may pop up in your life?



Thanks... Doesn't this action just cause the PO to find other ways to violate you? I thought that when they violated you it was for a number of things....

Understand the only one who can send you back to prison/jail is the judge, this can only happen if the PO can prove to the judge that you violated your parol/probation rules-or he feels you may reoffend again.

PO use a a failed polygraph test as a reason to give to the judge to violate you, but if you file a lawsuit against the polygrapf tests company then the PO can't use a failed polygraph tests results against you.
hey check the link out-learn all you can about polygraph test.

It's not the judge who sends you back, it's the DOC. That's why my boyfriend is in prison right now. His judge wants him released but yet still he sits. Oh, and all the charges his po brought against him were dropped, yet he's still in there waiting on an appeal.
Group Founderwisconsinrsol

Actually it depends on which state you are in or system. In Wisconsin the DOC has to file with the judge to get you sent back they can't just send you back to prison they can only hold you for 45 days or something like that before they have to either release you or file the revocation paperwork.

In other systems it could be the DOC or some other method of getting revocated that is defined in the statutes of each state.

In WI a polygraph can't get you revoked but it can be a condition of your supervision and other privileges can be taken away such as later curfews. It is usually used from what I have seen as a litmus test for a person and those that already have personality issues that should be treated but aren't due to lack of insurance and other monetary means fail regularly because polygraphs are a mind screw on top of all the physical things that they keep track of. Even with the 'control' questions.

Some POs I have noticed end up with severe personality conflicts with their offenders and to me even that can cause failure of polygraphs when the offender feels like it wouldn't matter if they passed OR failed, it would be a fail to the PO.

The site is a good one and suggested when the subjects come up.

Sorry go alone that I did spicily that I was referring to a person who is on state/county probation-not on parole

Understand the state-county probation government agencies are a cash cow for the polygraph industry being they have been run out of the courts!

How would you like to have a business where a state government agency forces someone to pay for your services-if the person can’t pay for your services then the state probation government agency will pay it?

Unbeknownst to the most American who have never been convicted of an offense-have been placed on probation, is that when a person is placed on probation they become a cash cow for the court system-probation-others agencies who get in on the money party the probationer has to pay.

A person convicted of a minor infraction of Megan’s law-is now a sex offender -placed on probation is usually fined $3000-orderd to pay the court cost of $2800-probation -their administration fees of $150 a month-mandated to pay $50 a month for the GPS tracking ankle bracelet-then pay $1000 for an mental assessment-pay $35 a week to go to rehab classes.

When a sex offender does not have the have the money to pay for all these fees-fines, being he has a difficult time finding a job.

Then when probation sees that the person on probation is not going to break any laws- will never be in a position to have the money t pay all of the fines-fees-out-will soon be out of their control when their probation ends- the fees-fines can now only be turned over to a collection agency, then the decision is made to send this person to prison-extract money from the tax payers, understand the state gets close to $50.000 from the taxpayers to house someone in prison for a year[ In CA.], this is a much better financial situation for the state-probation,

when a S.O on probation can Not pay for the a polygraph test, usually around $300, then the state/county probation government agency will pay for a polygraph test, this is a green light to the polygraph company that a person needs to fail a polygraph tests, which allows the state probation government agency to use this info as reason to present to the judge that this person needs to go to prison.

Filing a lawsuit of gross negligence against the polygraph company, puts the whole incestuous relationship between the polygraph companies-the State-probation under a microscope; the polygraph company will easily have to shell out over $5,000 to $10.000 in legal fees to defend themselves in court-they know they will lose!

From what I am seeing-my own experiences helping SO’s filing these lawsuits against the polygraph companies, probation officers [not a PO officers] always comes back with a abandon the lawsuit-endeavors to not get in trouble with the law- they will not recommend to the judge to violate your probation due to failing a polygraph test.

Side note: a 4’Th#Tier is in the works, that will soon be staring MR.-MRS. America in the face with a weird polygraph test to determine if they are latent child molesters!

Can you please help me. I failed my test and not sure what to expect...

My question is if your on probation u took 2 polygraph test already and passed and they make u do a 3rd one and u fail that can they automatically arrest u right then and there?

I'm curious because my bf had a 3rd one done today and I hope he passes because I'm afraid he will end up in jail. If he does fail :'(

There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding these situations.

When an offender is granted probation, he is still serving his court mandated sentence, but he is serving it in the community and not in prison. He is still legally under the custody of the DOC or BOP.

The court sets the rules for probation, but the PO enforces the orders from the court; and, of course, the judge is the final decider in any court decision.

The PO does not make the rules of probation; he only enforces them. POs do have a great amount of leeway on the rules and how they are interpreted, but in the end, the court---the judge---has the final say.

If a probationer does something to break the rules of probation, and the PO feels as if it is warranted, he will petition the court for a probation revocation hearing. After all, the probationer is entitled to due process in such matters. At the revocation hearing the judge will make the final decision if the probationer should be sent back to prison. The judge does not always agree with the PO.

In my experiences, I have never---not once---seen a probationer sent back to prison on the basis of a failed polygraph unless he admitted to a new crime such as robbing a bank during the polygraph examination.

Most of the time when a probationer or parolee fails a polygraph, the PO just tightens up on him or takes away some of his privileges, but he does not try to revoke him; the PO may place the probationer under a curfew or curtail his privileges in the case of a failed polygraph.

Now if the probationer failed dozens of polygraph examinations and was generally not following the rules of probation, then yes, he can be revoked, but not on the basis of a few failed polygraphs.

The advice given by the starter of this thread-----“Go on Microsoft word- find legal documents- once you have this legal plead form, type in the name of the judge- court in your town- then type in the name of the polygraph company that failed you- state you are filing a $100.000 lawsuit against this polygraph company for gross negligence, once you have the lawsuit filled out, take it to the court house-file it!” is just craziness and not practical. Filing a lawsuit against a polygraph company is utter foolishness and nonsense.

So, anonymous96, if your BF has passed two previous polygraphs, but fails the third one, no, he will not go back to prison.

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