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Esophageal cancer is malignancy of the esophagus. There are various subtypes. Esophageal tumors usually lead to dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), pain and other symptoms, and is diagnosed with biopsy. Small and localized tumors are treated with surgery, and advanced tumors are treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or combinations.

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Esophageal Stent

I've not seen this procedure addressed here, and I am wondering if anyone has had a stent put into the esophagus, or knows someone who has had this done.

Hubby's tumor has grown (it is inoperable), and we are meeting soon with a surgeon at Jefferson Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa), to discuss his doing the work. This surgeon specializes in this procedure and comes with a glowing review, so I am not concerned about the actual insertion work.

I am wondering about the post-op results. Is the stent comfortable and does it allow ingestion of solid foods? Currently hubby is eating only nearly liquid foods. He has no pain. He is painfully thin.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.




I've heard of them using a stent sometimes with somone with EC but I didn't have one, as they knew I'd have surgery to remove most of my esophagus. I know they expect it to open it up more. You can probably do an internet search for more information. However, my husband had a stent in an artery for his heart and he did really well with it. He never knew it was even there. Perhaps this would be the same.

I was told there was something that could be sprinkled on food to help raise the caloric content. Perhaps you might ask the Dr. or Pharmacist about it. I can't recall the name, but I remember at the time that Kroger Pharmacist told me they could order it for me. It turned out I never ordered it. I think I was close to surgery time and I had extra weight (in my opinion) so I didn't use it. I know my Oncologist was adamant about me trying to keep a lot of calories coming in each day during treatment, but when you can't swallow food, it can be a challenge.

If you need me to look up the name, let me know and I'll pull out my paperwork from back then.

Hi Augusta,

I have only heard about esophageal stints. They are a form of palliate care, used when surgery has been ruled out. The purpose is to hold the esophagus open so that solid food can be eaten and provide the best possible quality of life.

I don't know about pain, but I think that it would be worth the risk for even one more big mac, slice of pizza or bucket of chicken.

Unlike Brenda, I've never had any extra weight (so not true)! Good eats has been my number one priority in life and esophageal cancer could never get it the way.

All the best to you and your husband!


Thank you, Patrick and Brenda. Your help, and that of everyone else who has given me info and support on this site, is very much appreciated.

This will be my last post here. Hubby was hospitalized yesterday and a feeding tube will be inserted today. He is very weak. We will be going into hospice care next week, so that the remaining time we have will be comfortable for him, which will make this journey easier for me, too.

I wish each and every one of you the very best. I am grateful to all of you for sharing your experiences and for being caring and kind.


Augusta, thanks for letting us know. Our Mom went to hospice the final days of her life. It was a very peaceful place and she died peacefully, as we sat by her bedside. I, always, knew if I reached that point with my cancer, it would hospice that I would want to help to keep me comfortable. I wish comfort and peace for your husband. Whether he's going to their location or them coming to yours, it should make it easier on you both. Honestly, I don't know which is worse dealing with EC or being a loved one watching your loved one go through it. Either way, it's tough. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Brenda

You are in my thoughts and prayers, my husband went in to have
a stent inserted and 3 weeks later he was gone, he never ate again
and the EC had spread to his brain as Chronic Menengitis ..
I wish your husband a peaceful transition... your next journey will
not be easy and I hope you join the Widows Group where I have found a tremendous amount of comfort and support ...
Gods Blessing to you

I am sorry Augusts. You sound like a wonderful wife. He is lucky to have you! May your days together be peaceful and loving.

God Bless,

Good wishes for you and your hubby. Stay strong for him and for yourself. Bless you both.

My husband was diagnosed with EC on March 8 of this year by the 16th he was put in the hospital because he could no longer eat or drink and a stnet was put in his esophogus. At that time the gastro. told him 50% of people have pain from the stent - hoping he wasn't one of them. Unfortunately he did and does have pain from it. he can eat though- he does need to eat carefully, make sure he fully chews everything and nothing with sharp edges such as crackers, crusty french bread. We was able to eat by the next day after it was put in.
He then went thru chemo & radiation with the goal of surgery - was all excited on June 24 that he would have the tumor and stent removed - unfortunately the cancer had spread to the omentum (sp) and into more of the stomach - they did not remove any of the esophogas or the stent. They actually put another stent over the first one. The surgeon said he could see why my husband had pain because the stent had moved from the tumor shrinking from the radiation.
Last week he went to see the surgeon again to have a drain removed and he asked again about the stent pain and last week he was told my that dr. that a stent always causes pain. That was very disheartening to hear.
The stent pain is not constant - it does depend on how he has moved.
Hope this helps.
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