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Endometriosis is a common medical condition where the tissue lining the uterus is found outside of the uterus, typically affecting other organs in the pelvis. The condition can lead to serious health problems, primarily pain and infertility. A major symptom of endometriosis is pain, mostly in the lower abdomen, lower back, and pelvic area.

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Hi there,
Does Mirena hurt to get it put in or taken out? Does it work well? What's it feel like?




I have never heard of this? What is it for and what does it do?


I have had a mirena put in and yes it does hurt like a friggen son of a bitch, especially if you are like me and haven't had a child yet. I was told to take some advil/IB beforehand to ease the pain-the didn't do anything. Don't want to scare you but it feels like someone is taking vice grips one at a time to each of your tubes. Once the gripping is done, I felt instant cramping and was sick to my stomach. After the initial insertion though it's fine and you can't feel it, unless it get moves or wasn't put in right-which never happened with me.

If you are coming up for a lap, I would suggest you get it insert then when you are out and all drugged up.

*Does it work well?*
For me, it didn't seem to make a difference for my endo pain, but that doesn't mean that it won't work for you. My body is just special ed and nothing hormone wise works for it. I had mine in for about a year and a half and for the first 10 months probably, I still had a period. Once I had my second lap my periods stop coming and I started spotting a bit when I should have been having a period.

The idea of Mirena is that the hormones are localized and the endo pain and endo be should alleviated some because the hormones are not traveling throughout your whole body. Personally, what I think is that if you get it put in right after a lap there's a better chance of it helping out, it's the same idea of the pill.

*Does it hurt to be taken out*
Got mine taken out during my third lap so I didn't feel a thing. A friend of mine had hers taken out at the doctors office(she's doesn't have any kids either) and said that it was quick and pain less.

*What does it feel like?*
Doesn't feel like anything once it's put it or at least it shouldn't. If you can feel it or your partner can, get your doctor to check if it's positioned properly.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask me anything else about it, I'll tell you what I can

I had a really bad experience with this, it's a very expensive IUD too. GOod Luck.

hi ya yip i agree with sher1978 i didnt get told that if had not had a child that you could experience false labour........ they kindly didnt tell me that. merina for me was pure total agnoy every day i had it in for 8 months then was having another op and told them to take it out as i had had four yip thats right four false labours in eight months for all the mothers out there you know what labour feels like imagine it in my shoes has never had a kid within space of two hours stomach bloated (huge) like having a baby, my husband said i looked like i was ready to drop and oucccccccccccccccccccchhhhh
the pain was friggin unbearable it actual felt like something was coming out ready or not even tho there was nothing to come out i would go sit on the loo just to be safe. horrible horrible mecanism. but thats only what happened to me it may work fine and dandy for you but at least know you may be a little more aware than me. good luck hun let me know how you get on xxx

Oh Wow! I was just going to post this question because that is one of the options my doc offered me. I declined b/c I don't do well on hormones, I am 40 and would still like one last attempt to have a brother or sister for my son. Personally, if I was much younger and had both ovaries (I only have one) and knew I could get pregnant without Fertility help (we did A LOT to get my beautiful son here) I would probably try it. Right now where I am in life, I just want to try to preserve what I do have left. I am hoping to have the doc clean up with the lap and see what happens naturally for 6 months. If nothing, we are thrilled where we are. I have no interest in getting a hysterectomy at all. It's been 4 years and too many hormones shots and treatments later before I started to have endo pain again. So, I am hoping I will have the same experience again.

Let us know what you decide to do!

Thanks for the comments. In Australia where I am it only costs $30 and I had a script from the doctor so I think it gets covered by the government or something.

I have been told that if I want to go with it I just bring it to the surgery and if they find endo to be very severe then they will put it in but if its not too severe then leave it out. When I initially read up about it I was instantly turned off as the idea of having something inside me for 5 years in a place which is out of reach kind of worries me. But then I saw a photo on the internet that showed it to be a really small thing and supposed to be all bendy and soft.

I don't know. I asked my naturopath and she was hesitant to say but she kind of said that if it were her then she would try one thing at a time to see what works. ie. if the laparoscopy works well but I have cramping from the mirena I wont be able to tell if the lap did anything. My naturopath has put me on a program of foods and vitamins to take that are anti-inflamatory.

I can see good and bad sides to it, still thinking really. I can't make up my mind! Obviously I should decide now as the best time to do it is at the surgery.

shit matea $30 thats so cheap here in new zealand its $500. they put it in me against my wishes, (and i have heard alot of this happening). im am sooooooo pleased not to have it in any more. i still have endo pains tho. i am now on norimin an it seems to be easing some of the pain but not all but still early days. please let me know on what you decide
take care
witchiepo xxx

Hi all,
Just letting you know that I have decided not to get the Mirena for now. My reasons are that I want to try without it and follow a good diet and exercise regime with lots of natural therapies and chinese medicine first.

Secondly I read a fact sheet from a Queensland Govt website and I read through the list of items that said Mirena MAY NOT be suitable for and I ticked myself off against a couple of those things so I am not convinced that it is right for me.

Even the US Mirena company website says that it is recommended only for women who have had a child. So, that's not me...it also says on the fact sheet that it is more suitable for women approaching menopause..and that's not me.

I think that as its only my first Laparoscopy and it seems that many people in this group have had quite a few, then if I end up having quite bad endo then I will always have the opportunity to put it in at a later laparoscopy wont I!

Also I can't say that I have had the opportunity to fully ask all the questions about it to my doctor either so that is probably a good enough reason to delay getting it put in.

I am still interested to hear people's experiences still so please do share! thanks.

Also I found some previous postings on this too ppl might want to check them out, just use the search box.

I was looking around on different websites with postings about Mirena and there are some horror stories. I want to add though that it is probably more likely that people who have had problems would post something on websites like that dont you think? People who have had good experiences are probably less likely to be posting something cos they probably just forget about it and wouldn't think to post anything on a website.

I read one lady had it pierce the walls of her uterus and it ended up in her abdominal cavity near her hip and then had to have an operation to get it removed! One lady was saying that there should be a class action or something against the company because it is so bad...

It is possible that these bad cases you can read probably fall into the small percentage range of people that have problems with it. But you can never know that you wont be unlucky and fall into that range too!

My thinking is better the devil you know. I know what the pain I am having now is like but I don't know what the Mirena might be like and there is the risk that the side effects could even be worse than the pain I have now...

I think I will move to China and get lots of cheap accupunture if the pain goes on all my life like some say it does!!! :-)


I have had a Mirena for just over 12 months now. Mine was put in during surgery so have no idea what it felt liek going in conscious.

I was told it would not be comfortable afterward as I have not yet had children so my uterus is small. But this was my 2nd lap for severe stage IV extensive endo. My specialist is having a lot of sucess with it in their endo patients and it is really my last option to try and preserve fertility.

I was prepared for the pain but it was cartainly painful at times for a few months while it settled. From my experience with endo I ahve a very high pain tolerance but only remember one really bad day that I swear I was in labour. On all fours back end swaying through what felt like contractions. (This was also not long after a huge 5 hour surgery including a 5inch bowel resection so my body was dealing with a lot). Apart from this one time i found my pain was quite easily contorlled with standard supermaket anti-inflams.

My endo is not pefect but i am a lot better than before my surgery and can not say any of the pain i now experience is due to the Mirena.

I had a friend get one the same day as me in surgery and she stopped bleeding totally after one month! I have taken a lot longer and am still experiencing variable degrees of spotting. I am really trying to persevere with that side of it.

I was aprehensive about having it fitted but trusted my surgeon based on his vast knoweldge and experience. I would say i am plased with my choice.

Do read up on it and talk to your doctor. I think you are correct in saying you can wait until after the operation to decide as it is your first one and you do not yet know what you are dealing with.

You could decide that if your endo is severe that they put it in during surgery to avoid the unpleassnt experience some have described while being conscious. Or wait and discuss after the surgery.

Good on for for wanting to give the natural stuff a go! Just be aware that best practice treatment for endo is good surgery (endo specialist surgeon who does excision not just burning - do you know what your specialist does? PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are an endo specialist. Best chance of them removing it all and avoiding it recurring), appropriate medical treatment individual to age of patient and situation and then all the good stuff we can do ourselves nutrition, exercise etc. Check out the NZENDO site!

Best of luck.

Fire away if you have any questions.
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