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Dystonia (literally, "abnormal muscle tone") is a generic term used to describe a neurological movement disorder involving involuntary, sustained muscle contractions. Dystonia may affect muscles throughout the body, in certain parts of the body, or may be confined to particular muscles or muscle groups.

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Cant take it anymore

Sick of going through hell with eye lid spasms



Sorry you are going through this. I have not officially got dystonia but had the eyelid spasms & they gave me Botox for it & I have the injections every 4 months (approximately) & they help me a lot. See if you can find out if your opthomologist/eye Dr will refer you to some one who does this. I am fortunate that I dont get black eyes after wards, the eyes can hurt a bit but worth putting up with in my opinion.
Take care.

I see a neurologist for my Dystonia and get Botox injections in my neck. When I started having eye spasms, my Dr used Botox for that also. It worked great for me. Good luck!
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