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Ruptured Cyst, what to do?

Yesterday morning while I was in bed. My dog, Skippy came up to the side of the bed. I went to pet him and scratch his ears. I felt a hard lump in his mane. I got out of bed and went into the living room where the dog had taken off to. I got down on my knees and started looking for this hard substance. What I found was alot of dried up blood. Well... So called my sister and she came over with her dog medical supply to check this out.

Both of us on the floor scissors in one hand, warm water and an antibiotic soap (Surgical soap) We cut and cleaned the wound up the best we could. It was quite pussy. Called the vet, got an appointment and took him in. We thought it was hot spots but the vet told us it was a cyst that ruptured. Part of the cyst was still in the wound. and it would have to work it out on its own. She shaved a large area around it and told me to put some polysporin on it when I got home. No collar for him right now so he doesn't go outside unless either huby or I are out there. Don't need trouble. This morning he seems to be on the mend. Wound is still open but doesn't look as nasty.

Has anyone else had this situation and what did you do for it?

Would love your input,

Hugs Nancy



i hope skippy gets better soon.:) how did your dog get a cyst? i did not know that dogs could get a cyst because of there fur.

my dog has an ear infection in both ears he has to take a pill twice a day and some ear drop stuff(i can't rember the names). he had them for a long time with out us knowing tell he went to the groomers 2 days ago. one ear looks better but the other one looks like it will take a week or so to heal.
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